Authenticity, Passion and Defining yourself through Creative Choice

At this time when the planet Venus enters into its transit of the Sun, we are indeed feeling the dance of energies as a need to be true to ourselves and to define our authentic self through our passions and through our choices. The dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine creates a magnetic "pull" of energy that urges us to bring our inner flames into alignment and to create through absolute authenticity to Who we Are at this time.

The problem, as I am experiencing it in my own life and as I see it in others, is that the old energy patterns keep arising and trying to pull us back into dramas and illusions that really have no place in the Fifth Dimensional Consciousness. It seems really hard to keep focussed on the New Earth and the Higher Energies of Unconditional Love and Peace, when all around us the stress and tension of the old as it falls apart seems to claim our focus and attention.

Archangel Michael is aware of the hard work that Lightworkers are doing right now to lift the Collective Consciousness fully out of the old energy and into the New Energy of Oneness. And so, he has shared with me that in this year of 2008, the Indigo "Mission Activation" will enter its next phase. The Indigo children who incarnated in the 1970s came as a soul group with the express purpose of "driving" the Transformation of the Planet into a Fifth Dimensional Paradise Home. Now, these beings are in their late twenties and thirties, and they stand poised to enter into mainstream society and lift the energy through their Passion and Commitment to a new way of life. Even now, Indigo adults are being guided towards the places where they can best serve the Planet and her evolution by being true to themselves and their vision for life.

This takes Lightworkers and as Indigos, as both groups work together, we have to keep choosing and defining, choosing what we are and how we will live our lives. We cannot allow others to define that for us, and we cannot expect others to define what our lives will be for us. At this time, the Golden Twin Flame energy needs to burn strong and true within us, so that we can be our authentic selves. And we will hear the voice of our authentic self when we listen to that voice in the Heart and we follow its guidance.

You might ask, what is my authentic self? ....and Michael would say that your authentic self is that light at the core of your being that expresses Love and Creativity, and that came to the Planet with the express aim of assisting in creating the New Dream for Planet Earth. That is, in effect, what all souls come to earth to achieve, it is just that most forget and become unconscious of Who they Are. Now, as we awaken and become Conscious, we can return to an awareness of why we are here, and we can discover that through our Passions. Your soul will tell you why you are here and what you need to do to express that. Each of us has a unique set of gifts and talents that we can contribute, and each of us can work with others to ensure that those gifts and talents are expressed to the full in the work of Co-creating and Dreaming. At this time, it is good to go within and dream a little, ask your soul to show you why you are here, and then make the choices for your life that reflect your awareness of that knowledge of self.

I can share with you my own experiences recently. When I came back from my recent trip to South America, I was so joyful to be home. I think anyone who is away from home for a while recognizes this feeling of "home". I really enjoyed my trip and the people that I worked with, but I felt this deep joy at being back in my own space with my own people. And I thought to myself, yes, Africa is my passion, with all its problems and issues, it is the passion of my heart. And then, you know what, a little voice in my heart said, no, the Planet is your passion! And I realized that the voice was right. Africa is familiar and I have heart roots here, but in truth my passion lies with Planet Earth and all her people. My passion is for Peace and Love, and for Children, that they might inherit an Earth filled with Peace and Love, and so the work that I do is a reflection of my passions. And, I do need to keep reminding myself that this is Who I AM, and this is why I am here, so that I do not fall into illusions and old patterns of separation that are so strong at the moment. They are strong because we are working to finally release them, and with help of the Indigos, this will be the year of the "big push" or the "big lift", as we finally see Earth's consciousness lifting into the Higher Dimensions.

So, I thought I would like to share with you some new images of some of the things that make me passionate about Who I Am right now. The first one is thr group of Children that I work with in the Starchild Global Children of Africa project. The picture is taken in our Organic Vegetable Garden. The children are posing for their picture with Wilma, our Community Co-ordinator, and "Boetie" who works in the garden on a part time basis:


This is just such an "African" township image, complete with washing on the fence! Now, here is a picture of new life in our garden! A new crop of tomatoes is starting to flourish!







Because food and the scarcity of food in the World and in Africa is such a big issue right now, we did an art class with the children on the idea of food. We asked them to talk about how food is grown in the ground and what is needed to grow food. We then asked them to draw a picture that included the three stages of food growth, planting seeds, caring for the plants, and the harvest. Next week they are going to make pictures of food in abundance for Africa. Here are the images as the small heads are bent in concentration, dreaming a dream of abundance for Africa and making it a reality in their works of art!





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