Becoming a Diamond Mirror

I am now in the closing days of my time in South America. It has been a powerful time, with the new energies flooding the Planet and being especially powerful here in Latin America as the energies of awakening begin to stir in the ancient lands of the Maya, the Aztecs and the Incas. I was guided to call this year's work "The Harmony of One", and we have indeed been working with the most pristine and radiant energies of the Diamond Light. But, of course, when a new energy as powerful as this one comes in, then it also tends to reveal and illuminate all the is not light. And so, at times, I have felt that I have also been living the "disharmony of many" in this time.

Yes, as we allow this Diamond Light to enter into our Light Bodies and transform us into Cosmic Light Beings, we become powerful mirrors or reflectors of the White Source Light. Everything around us is illuminated and made plain and clear. No, this is not comfortable. Confronting your illusions and delusions can be a very painful process, even for those of us who have been "working on ourselves" for years. We are now having to deal with the very last vestiges of illusion that keep us from becoming Masters of Light and awakening fully to our Cosmic Selves as Co-Creators with Spirit as we birth the New Earth.

So, we may find that at this time we feel that we are entering a very deep chaos in our lives. But, this is merely the illumination of the Diamond Light. As things become clear, you will be guided to make the choices that will lead you into intense and deep Peace and Harmony. In our work in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, we developed a group meditation process called the "Diamond Light Journey" in which people were guided to find a deep inner peace and rebirth through sharing the Diamond Light as a Group. The gift of the Diamond Light is that you will be guided through the chaos and into the intense Peace and Harmony of the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

This is indeed the moment just before the Dawn...and the Light is getting stronger all the time.

So, now to the two reasons why I am glad that I took Spanish lessons. Well, of course it was mostly so that I could understand what was going on in my work in South America. But, of course, you never think of situations where it may be very necessary. While I was here in Buenos Aires, I managed to get a fish bone stuck in my throat and needed to go into a clinic to have it removed under anaesthetic. Now I haven't been near a hospital or a clinic for more than 15 years, and especially not one where the language is, well, foreign to me. I had a good friend to come with me and translate all the paperwork, and the travel insurance paid the costs, but when you get wheeled into the operating theatre it is just you and an anaethetist and a doctor who only speak Spanish! And of course, me needing to make quite sure that they knew that I was there for an "espina en la garganta" (bone in the throat) and was not there to have my appendix out or anything else! Anyway, they were very good to me and all went well, and I was home the same day.

And so, the next reason for being glad to be able to understand Spanish is a wonderful movie that someone gave to me here in Argentina. It was made in Mexico and is called "Creer es Crear" which means "To Believe is to Create". I prefer to translate it as "Intention is Creation". The Movie is about the arrival of Humanity at the level of Cosmic Consciousness with the assistance of the Mayans and the Christ Consciousness. It is such a beautiful and gentle movie and the energy is clear and radiant, and connects the viewer with the rising New Earth energies of Awakening in Mexico and Latin America. As far as I know, it is only available in Spanish at this stage. I believe there is also a I will see if I can find that information for anyone who also speaks Spanish and would like more information.

Ok, someone on my Facebook page just sent me the website link for the Movie, and there is information in English as well :



AndyElliott118 15th May 2009 6:27 pm

Gracias por el "link" a la pelicula - I've bookmarked it to check out later, it looks great.
Blessings upon you!


Lady_Seeta 9th June 2009 11:37 pm

hi, its amazing how the energies are working. I feel like if I was walking in the clouds. I am very sleepy and I started to have acne on my bottoms, and I have NEVER had acne in my life. Im 31 years old. My guides are keeping me alive. I feel that they have something really special to give to me in a some weeks. I live in Mexico so if you want to come along and visit you are very welcome. I live in Cozumel, Mexico. I need guidance someone that has experienced the same as me at the moment. I practice Yoga and do exerecise.

Blessings and thank you
Lady Seeta


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