Between the Inbreath and the Outbreath - The Emerging New Consciousness

We certainly are living in an extraordinary time, in these weeks and days as we move towards the Lion's Gate energies in August. Right now, as we are poised between the Lunar and Solar eclipses and the activation and balancing of new Light Codes for the Planet, we are all feeling the deep level of energy change in some way.

In my own case, I have just been feeling plain weird on all levels, and also unable to really gather thoughts and threads together, which is unusual for me as writing is what I do best generally. But, I thought I would throw out the question about how people were experiencing these energies to the group on my Facebook page, and I was astonished at what came back. Over 100 people responded, and my Page analysis triumphantly let me know that I had engaged my audience 98.5 percent. everyone was agreed that there is something major happening and that we are all feeling it. One of the responses included the description of the "inbreath and the outbreath" which I think perfectly describes that place of "hovering anticipation" that we are experiencing now.

What also struck me was the diversity of reactions to the "hiatus". Some were eagerly anticipating major change, others fearing what that might mean, and some saying that nothing was changing in the outer world. So, that brought me to consider what I thought might happen after the August shifts. Perhaps nothing in the external world, as yet, but the inner changes are huge and immense and urgent.

Let me explain my perceptions in this way. This week-end I am going to be with the children in our Starchild Children's Foundation Youth Leadership Camp, that is being sponsored by my German publisher, Amra Verlag and my German readership who have contributed one euro for every copy of the Indigo book sold. We are arranging a week-end of activities and speakers, and my topic as a speaker is the environment and our relationship to it. In preparation, I watched Leonardo di Caprio's movie "The 11th Hour". I was struck by the way in which di Caprio was able to take the debate on Climate change further than Al Gore by introducing the idea of solutions and sustainablity, but I was also struck by the way that, despite challenging the perception that we are superior to nature and suggesting that we need nature and are part of it, there was still no real perception of how much a part of the "All" we really are. We are still seen as a species that has no other purpose than to survive!

So, here is where the huge shift is coming, and where I see the rising of the New Earth and a new Civilization at this time. Not only are we part of the Earth and of Nature, we ARE the Earth and Nature. Can we see ourselves as the incarnation of the Earth herself? Can we see ourselves as expressions of the Planetary intelligence? If we can begin to understand that the Spirit within the Earth is "calling us forth" in order to express the life purpose of the Planet, we can begin to perceive ourselves differently.

Indeed, we are Human Angels, Spirits in Human form, but we have been called here to express the energy of the Planet and to evolve with her and within her. So, after millions of years of evolution and trying out different forms of life, the Planetary intelligence selected the Human form as the most viable for the Project of manifesting a biological life form that could seed the Golden Galaxy of the Future. Those of you who know Ronna Herman's pioneering work with Archangel Michael will recognize the terms. Indeed, there are now six billion of us on the Planet because we are needed to carry out the next phase of the Divine Plan to seed the Galaxy with Biological Life forms with Cosmic intelligence. So, as we have created a "neurological" network of communication around the Planet, we have become a Global organism reflecting the Earth's purpose to manifest a species of biological life that could be co-creators in this Cosmic project. We have become a conscious species that is aware of its Divinity and aware of its capacity to create. We are, each one of us, necessary and needed at this time.

And yes, the huge shift we are making is how to co-create a sustainable future for the generations that will come and that will expand the Divine Plan into the Galaxy. We are rediscovering the Biosphere and the seeds that we will need to create more Golden Planets when we have completed our work with this "New Earth" that is being birthed right now. It is certainly a huge challenge that we are facing, and the exponential raising of consciousness is helping us to face up to these changes and responsibilities.

Like many of you, I have episodes of intense anxiety and stress, seemingly for no reason, and I get spaced out and I get tired. Yes, all the familiar symptoms. But I have come to recognize that at these times, the Earth is processing through me and feeling through me. The Earth is in this crucial process of dying and rebirthing herself through us. Each one of us is part of this Organism and each one of us is contributing to the work of the whole.

Can we accept that all six billion of us are important? I asked Archangel Michael if it were really true that everyone was important. Indeed, he likened humanity to snowflakes in a snow storm, each one individual and beautiful in itself, and each one forming a part of the whole. But, I asked, is there a purpose in a snow storm, or is it just "snow". According to Michael, each beautiful snowflake is an expression of the Divine energy at that time and is created according to the resonance with the Divine Intelligence as expressed through nature, and indeed each snowflake has a purpose in this symphony of divine and planetary expression. And so, each human that is born is likewise an expression of the Divine will in some form and serves a purpose in the expression of the Divine Intelligence and Plan for the Earth as part of the Earth's intelligence at that time.

Indeed, it will take a shift of perception for many of us to accept that the Earth is not only comfortable with 6 billion of us, but that she has purposefully sent forth 6 billion of us to facilitate the quantum leap in our evolution into a Cosmic species capable of populating the Galaxy and co-creating in the Galaxy, and that each one of us is an expression of that desire and purpose.

And also, it will take a huge shift of perception to accept that not only is it possible to create a sustainable future based on Love and Life itself, but that we can indeed do it because that is what we are here for. The anxiety arises in us as the Earth gives us a little inner shove to remind us that we are not just here to work and consume resouces, but also to co-create a new way of life for the generations that will come.

And so, the Diamond Children are arriving to assist us in our creation of a New Earth with a Cosmic Consciousness and responsibility. We are learning how to voyage in the Dreamtime or Cosmic Consciousness through indigenous techniques and through experiences such as the Diamond Light Journey. And we are awakening to our work on the Planet as part of the Planetary consciousness, expressing Love through Creation. We are rediscovering the Biosphere that is our home and our Being. We are rediscovering the Beauty of Who we Are and the life that we life. We are rising to meet the challenges of our time with Compassion and Grace. There is room and space for all of us. The Earth knows that we are capable of designing a future that will sustain us all, that is why she sent us forth, to express that desire and that design. Like beautiful snowflakes, we are each one of us expressing an aspect of the Divine Plan just by being who we Are in our Divine Perfection. When we can see that, we will truly have entered a "New Earth"!

And so, as we move towards the Solar Eclipses that will come, I wish you all Joy and Peace, knowing that we are all doing what we came to do as far as we are capable and according to our gifts and talents. And that we are all Beautiful Souls that are Beloved of the Earth as we partner her in the creation of the changes, which are in effect an expression of her Being and an expression of the Divine Plan. It is indeed a most wonderful time to be alive and to be part of this ongoing creation called Earth.



MaryO 18th July 2009 3:22 am

Thank you Celia.
I have only been reading SpiritLibrary for a short while and feel as though I may be too late for all these things. I have no mentor or spiritual support group and my family do not share my new beliefs. So many who comment here seem to have so much wisdom and insight that I feel almost clueless. The past few days I have been reading Crimson Circle, the posts of 2000, and it made me feel that I have so much to learn and so little time. Is it even possible for me to catch up? I really want to be a part of this new era. Your message today has given me courage.
Blessings to you
Mary from South Africa


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