Changes - Creating Sacred Spaces with the New Rose Energy Grids

Well, at this time, all I can feel is that we are indeed experiencing major shifts and changes. No , the World is not going to end in 2012, despite what Hollywood would like us to think! But, we are indeed experiencing an ending and a new beginning. And this time it is a major shift that is affecting us all, including those of us who are part of the Lightworker Family, or Conscious Family of Light. There has been a tendency in the past for us to think of ourselves as somehow different because we were awake, and that we were separate from what was happening to the rest of the world. But, with the shifts we have come to see that we are All part of the same Global Family, and that what happens to the planet affects all of us as things grow and change.

Probably the most significant shift has come in this year. Up until 2008, our work was to awaken others and provide a bridging space for that awakening. In the period of 2007-2008, critical mass was achieved. This meant that there were now enough awakened beings on the Planet to allow for the required shift of Consciousness. The awakening process is now proceeding at an accelerated rate every day as more and more people awaken and make the “crossing” to new states of awareness and interconnected that allows for 5th Dimensional living. The work for us as Family of Light is now to create Sacred Spaces and to fill these with Light and Love and a strong sense of the Sacred. The Sacred Rose grids that have been activated around the Planet will support the creation of such Sacred Spaces.

This requires a major change of pace and thinking for us as Lightworkers. In the past ten years, everyone who awakened and connected with a sense of soul mission was drawn to become a healer, and their aspiration was to start a center as a focus for this work. But, because of our culture’s focus on economics and money, many of these places became business centers whose purpose is to make money. And, because we are so focussed on money, we began to correlate business success with spiritual validation. It is so not! The last year of my life has been spent confronting the unpleasant reality that I had become an object of money making for others rather than a person who could hold sacred space, as I saw myself and as I wanted to be. This is not anyone’s “fault”, but just something related to the way economics works and the way in which economics and spirituality have become a bit muddled...well a lot muddled.

I am going to talk about myself, because that is what I always do on the Earth Logs, and I have always seen my experiences as a way of focussing energies for my readers and working with the flow. So, please don’t see this as a judgment of anyone or a request for money (please don’t send money!!!!). At this point, I am very very tired, and the money situation is low. I had a very hard financial year and I feel daunted at the task of having to get all motivated to somehow “earn some more”. I feel like I have done more than my fair share. At this point, I have people being aggressive about money, as in why do I charge so much, and others who think I make huge amounts of money and want to somehow join in. The truth is, 90 percent of what I do, I do for free. So the 10 percent that I do for money has to carry my life and finance all the needs of Starchild. So, definitely I am doing something wrong, very wrong.

And it is not about working out how to make more! It is about changing the way that I think. If people see value in me only for what I can sell to them of myself and for how much money they can make from me, the ten percent piece, then it is up to me to focus on the ninety percent and to see value in myself and my work for things other than money. I am a creator of Sacred Spaces. The work that I do is not to sell anyone anything or to heal anyone, since that is not my business or my purpose. I am here now to honor the Earth and to create Sacred Spaces that will be a reflection of the energies of Higher Consciousness and the New Earth.

So, the question would be, what is a Sacred Space and how do you create one? I think that everywhere is Sacred Space, we have just forgotten how to make our Spaces a reflection of our Sacred Essence. And so, under the energy of the Rose, we are remembering how to do this again. I have been interested to follow the journey of a friend who has just moved from rural Canada to Toronto and is dealing with big city culture shock. When I was talking to her, Spirit reminded me that God is in everything. Yes, it is easier to find God in beautiful spaces in Nature, but it is equally possible to find God and the Divine in downtown Toronto, and in any big city anywhere. In fact, our new work as Family of Light is to find and create or activate the Sacred wherever we are, wherever we find ourselves, and not to seek it outside of ourselves. The Kingdom of God is within us...and always was!

So, I perceive a time when maybe some of those Centers that were set up on the business/economics model will become Sacred Spaces. When they will transition from business centers and alternative medical facilities and bookshops and lecture halls and become Sacred Spaces. That is not to say that there is not a place for such businesses and such therapies in our world. I have several wonderful therapists who are part of my life’s journey, but I do not see them as spiritual teachers or co-creators of Sacred Space. They are technicians and people with vocations who are expressing themselves through their wonderful work and expressing a new approach to life, but they are not keepers of the Sacred Flames and energies. They are not keepers of Sacred Spaces in general. It has always been interesting to me that the only time in the Bible were Jesus is recorded to have been angry was when he threw the money lenders out of the Temple, telling them that they were defiling the house of his father. I wonder how he would feel about the “business” of spirituality these days? Probably like I felt after my experience this year in a South American city which will remained unidentified. I did a three hour intensive seminar for 30 people which was filmed by one group of people for their website and recorded by another for her radio program, both without any prior consent, and I was then taken to a hotel room and handed 20 dollars by the “organizer” and left to make my own way ”home”, which was in the next country. I certainly won’t be going back there any time soon.

So, how would such a Sacred Space run. On gratitude and respect, most probably. Those who experienced the energy held in such Sacred Spaces would feel motivated to contribute towards the maintenance of those Spaces where they felt the living power of the Divine and the Sacred in their lives. It would be a demonstration of Gratitude and Respect for what they received and indeed, for what they were helping to create, by sharing their Light and Energy with those who were called to hold the Light in these Sac red Spaces. And, as Spirit has shown me, these Sacred Spaces that will arise under the Rose Grid, will connect and form a network of Sacred Energies that will be the new and living “Sacred Sites” of the New Earth Rose. And we will start to energize these Sacred Spaces with the power that we now only find in the ancient Sacred Sites. In the New Earth we all have the power to be channels or bearers of the power of the Divine and to work together to create Sacred Space. Why do we spend large amounts of money to journey to places where we can experience ancient Sacred energy and do so little to create that energy in our own lives?

We can all hold and energize Sacred Space in our lives. In most homes, the TV set forms the focus of Living Space. What would it be like if that were replaced with an altar to honor the Divine energies and this became the focus of the home? In my own home I have a TV set, but my Home altar is the first thing that people see as they enter the door, together with my antique porcelain Kwan Yin and fresh flowers and candles. My home is a Sacred Space.

And, I believe that a Sacred Space can be held in virtual space as well. I have always regarded my website as a Sacred Space, and my Facebook page too. They function as Sacred Spaces, where people can share in the energies and the Light and connect with each other.

A Sacred Space is a Creative Space, where people can come together to share and to dream and to express Gratitude and Joy and Love. And the power of the energy can be shared with the Community for the benefit of all. In the last year, I have experienced incredible exploitation and aggression from people who run “centers” and “networks” on the business model, and in reality that is not their “fault”, it is the nature of business to make a “profit”. But, I will also need to say that I have experienced the immense joy of working with people who have created the most beautiful Sacred Spaces and who have been generous and loving to me, as they work with the New Earth energies and create Sacred Spaces for others.

In Buenos Aires I have had the privilege to work twice in a center that holds Sacred Space. It is a small center, but it has large airy rooms with windows that look onto green gardens. The house is half family home, half center, as the friend who runs the center lives in half of the house, and I think that this is part of the energy that the center holds. Family life happens all around, with children and friends and dogs in the kitchen and a large fridge that fills and empties very rapidly. The center provides space for seminars, sound work, yoga classes, etc, and there is always something happening. The overlap can be quite funny, as several times I have had to greet complete strangers in my bathrobe on the journey from bathroom to bedroom, down the passage. No one seems to mind! It all just flows together and is a wonderful and warm and loving energy that is held around my friend’s dedication to her Sacred Space. In Brazil, I also experienced a beautiful Sacred Space just outside Sao Paulo, called Espaco Arco Iris (Rainbow Sacred Space). It belongs to a lovely Japanese Brazilian woman who has created a natural space using Eastern principles of Balance together with the richness of South American natural life. There are two “temples” in the grounds of the center, and the energy is very powerful and very much Sacred Rose energy. It was such a privilege for me to work in the beautiful Sacred Spaces created by these people, and to experience the Compassion and Generosity that both of them carry in their every day lives as bearers of the energy of the Goddess and the Sacred Rose.

So, here I am back home and creating Sacred Space in my own home as well. It was interesting for me that both of the Sacred Centers I mentioned above were in or close to big cities. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in South America, and Buenos Aires is pretty enormous too. Sacred energy can live anywhere, and needs to live everywhere, especially in our Hearts. We are the manifestation points of the Sacred energy as it expresses itself in us and through us. This is what it means to be awakened and to express our Inner Divinity. This will be the topic of the work that I will be doing in 2010 as I share Global Sacred Space and the energy of the Sacred with All of You in the coming year of the Rose as Mary Magdalene calls it.

I look forward to sharing Sacred Space with all of you in our beautiful New Earth. I look forward to sharing with you the Temple of the Sacred Rose....that Sacred Space within that expresses the Christ Light and our Inner Divinity!


LoveBeing 19th November 2009 5:35 am



kiminspired 19th November 2009 7:46 am

Thank you Celia for stating your purpose so plainly. It so resonated with my heart, and I recognized that I too am a creator of sacred spaces-always have been! With that clear focus, I know, in my deep knowing place, that I am connecting with my soul family and together we are creating our vision of sacred space, our unique contribution towards the manifestation of the new earth! How incredibly exciting and wonderful life is for all of us!

Many blessings!


alise from finland 19th November 2009 2:36 pm

:smitten: Wonderful message.
Thank you Celia! You inspire and strengthen us with your words!

angelk 19th November 2009 2:49 pm

Thank you for sharing your love and light!


Alegria 19th November 2009 8:06 pm

Thank you, Celia, for speaking your mind, and for your honesty. I too have been feeling much the same. The emails with messages I used to love receiving from so many "light workers" are now filled with Marketing Hype, buy this, get that for free, Oh, and I love the "Join and Pay Me Monthly for Your Enlightenment. Guaranteed !" Straight out of the marketing "gurus" spam that we all get so much of. It just makes me cringe and while it has a place for some it is not for me. I made a decision just this week. I am not going to buy any more information from any one, except those of the Highest Integrity. Central to the Knowledge of this time is WE have the answers Within and that is where I AM going to be looking for those answers from now on! I do hope to meet you in the future as I honor your Integrity. Much Love and well wishes for your Prosperity.


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