Chaos and Form - The Flower of Love and the Patterns of Becoming

Well, here I am in Buenos Aires. I like this city, and having been here several times before, it almost feels like home from home. My Spanish is improving and I can get around without too much difficulty. But, this time truly feels different. For one thing, Buenos Aires is in the grip of an historic heat wave, with searing and muggy days and storms at night. Yesterday, there was also a strike on the subways at rush hour, and several strikes and demonstrations are on the go. The chaos factor hit me on arrival at the airport. The flight was wonderful (kudos to Air Malaysia one of my favorite airlines), but the journey from Ezeiza to where I am staying was, well, interesting. There was a demonstration on the highway, and so we had to take a long circuitous route through heavy traffic and heat.


So, what am I doing here. I am offering a workshop on the Divine Feminine energy, and the opening of the Rose Stargate and the Rose Grid for the New Earth. For me, the question initially was why here, in this chaos. The answers were interesting. Firstly, I was told by Mary Magdalene that I was sent to Argentina to do the first Sacred Rose group meditation because Argentina is led by a woman. Now I know that Cristina Fernandez is not very popular at the moment, as the ills of the country are laid at her door, but she is a woman and one who tries to keep connected to her femininity. So, she represents a different energy or vibration to male leadership. It is a pity that our tendency in the western world is to be non-supportive of our leaders in general. Anyway, the second reason is precisely the Chaos factor itself.

Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene are now in the process of assisting with the grounding of the Rose Grid on the Earth. It was explained to me that Chaos and Form are the normal processes of change and transformation, and that they are accelerated right now as we move into higher and finer vibrations. I was told to think of a kaleidoscope, where the original pattern breaks down into a chaotic swirl of color before the new pattern takes shape. So, here in Argentina, where there is a great spiritual awakening happening right now, the chaos is a reflection of that moment when the pattern collapses into a swirl before it reforms into something new. What that new pattern will be is determined by the strength of the intention that goes into the Creative process by those who are aware enough to be cocreators of a New Reality.

Now, this is an "inevitable" process, and it goes together with growth and expansion, for when you are ready to grow into a new pattern of being, then your old one breaks down allowing the new one to begin to form. Many of us get "stuck" at this point. We take this personally and start to analyse what went wrong and what we are doing wrong. Why are we blocked? we ask, why is nothing working out for us, individually and as a collective? Then we move into "woundology", to quote Caroline Myss, and start to look for what is wrong with us to cause this breakdown. So much time is taken up with "healing the wounds" that we fail to move into the next vital step of holding our energy with intention as the new pattern forms and we rise up the spirals of light to a higher and finer vibration of Love expressing itself as form. The new pattern of light takes form.

Of course, if we spend too much time on the "wounded" process, then that becomes our intention and we proceed to create another wounded pattern and we may not rise into the higher patterns of light that await us, until we are ready to give up the "wounded" self and embrace our Perfection and Divinity. Rising into a New Pattern of Light is a gift and a blessing. If we can accept the breakdown into swirling chaos with a strong nerve and a steady heart, and an optimistic outlook coupled with a strong intention, then we will indeed ride the waves of energy until we emerge into our new pattern of light.


So, here I am in Buenos Aires with the work of creating a new pattern of Light, both personally and on the Collective level. On Sunday, we will create a group energy that will formulate a new pattern based on what I call the "Flower of Love" or the "Sacred Rose". This pattern will be the signature of the Rose Grid and the base pattern for a new social and communal way of life on the New Earth. We will be guided primarily by Mary Magdalene as the Feminine Christ energy, and Archangel Michael.

I am truly looking foward to this event and sharing the energy with all of you. These are blessed times and chaos and form are vital parts of the creative process. Can we celebrate the chaos as part of creation and can we guide the energies through our creative intention? We are all Masters of Light and Creators.....we can do this when we accept that we are here to experience our inner Divinity as Master Creators and Weavers of Light.



alise from finland 30th October 2009 4:44 pm

Thanks again!!!!

It´s just like that...I have felt this week that I´ve stucked ALL of my old wounds, hurts and emotions...They have come back to me all together at the same time!!! Ugh...I´ve been so :''( sad and sick...

But as Celia said it; Let´s forget old "wounded knees" and celebrate the new ones!!!!! Maybe we´ll get the new knees without wounds :smitten:

alise from finland 1st November 2009 6:22 pm

Hi Sissi and many many thanks!

It was so nice to get comforting words from you (and from Norway which I love a lot).
I read Sarah Biermanns latest message and...BANG:) that is it! (It was just the same day I had very strong "back-slap" with those old emotions...). Her message is helpful. I have found many Spirit Library -messages helpful and necessary when I have read them. Good timing, you know;)
:), it is true that Rasmus is not my cup of tea, but I watched the video and it was GOOD. It reminded me of my old, strong dream I´ve written down. I saw it about 15 years ago and I still remember it brightly. I was walking underground to the cellar towards an old thick and mysterious door. I had a key in my hand. It was really special moment when I opened the door and had courage to look inside. Behind the door was an enormous "Secret Garden". I looked it for a while and then shut the door. I was so happy to see it and know that it is there. That some day I need to go there. I think this is the time;)
And yes, thanks to remind me about the totem animal. Mine is bear.


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