Clarity and Compassion After the 9:9:9

In the wake of the powerful September 9th transitions, we seem to be once moving through some turbulent and unstable energy. It is almost as though there needs to be a "settling" process as the powerful new waves of light are adjusted into our "spectrum" of reality. In the wake of this process, we may find ourselves feeling as though we don't quite know where we are or what is happening around us.

We are truly in a new space and place, and many of us are experiencing feelings of strangeness and unfamiliarity. You may feel as though you do not know this place that was once so familiar. Or,you may feel that you don't know how to go on as everything seems so different and "alien" to you.

Well, the point of being "awake" is that you are aware of life in all its many facets and features. And when life flows, as it is meant to, then endings and beginnings are a part of the grand flow. We say good-bye even as we open the door to the new adventures and the new opportunities. And, giving ourselves permission to feel these energies on a deep level is part of the process. Sometimes we may feel deep and intense joy and bliss, other times we may feel despair and anxiety. But we are feeling, and we are being present in our own lives. And, at times like this, it is good to have the trust that all will be well becasue we are being guided and led by our higher energies and guidance. It is good to trust that we will have the energy and the inspiration to guide us out of any places of discomfort and into new places of joy and peace. For, we are now all learning how to be creators of our own reality.

One of the most challenging aspects of the new Diamond Light with which we live, is the absolute clarity of intention and action that is demanded of us in our lives and our interactions with others. I am finding that everything that is not in clarity and alignment with higher good is immediately brought to my attention and I am having to deal with these things, whether I like to or not. It is so important now that we speak our truth and that we live our truth, and that we are totally clear about what we want and where we are going in life. If we do not, we will be drawn into the creations of others who have clearer intentions, and we may find ourselves in places that we do not want to be.

Another effect of the Diamond light is the effect is has on relationships. Only those that are clear and in alignment with the highest good will survive. Those that are based on neediness and manipulation are very quickly being shown up for what they are. And so, clarity of personal intention is also necessary within relationships and within the way we express ourselves to others. Because so many relationships are based on emotional neediness and manipulation, many people are finding that their relationships are no longer working or are in difficulty at this time.

Yes, it is not easy, and we are needing to draw on all our strength and resources and skills as we set about creating this new reality of Heaven on Earth. We are having to learn who we are and to be vwery clear about how we express who we are. We are having to accept that we are part of the flow and change that is life and that we are always growing and changing and that nothing stays the same in life.

On the level of change, as Archangel Michael mentioned earlier, we are in a stage of our transformation where we are rethinking not only our economic system, but also our health system. Last night, I watched Jane Burgermeister's interview with Project Camelot (which is available on You Tube and which is worth a watch). Burgermeister is taking on the pharmaceutical industry over contaminated vaccines, and is warning people about the dangers of any mass immunization program planned for the northern hemisphere in the fall and winter months. I think her fears are justified, and I think it is time that we woke up and stopped consuming all that we are fed by the medical/pharmaceutical corporations about our health. It only makes sense that good health is not something that you get with the jab of a needle. Our bodies were designed to deal with micro-organisms and we have a good defense system. But, if that system is rendered inactive by having toxic waste injected straight into the bloodstream, then we are, of course, in trouble. There is no conclusive medical proof that mass immunization will do anything about swine flu, and very convincing evidence that it may prove extremely harmful. In fact, many medical people are coming forward and saying just this, encouraging people not to just blindly accept any form of mass coercion around the topic of immunization. It seems unlikely that it will come to this, but the fact that people are awake and aware will bring pressure for changes and the acceptance that health care is an individual matter and that our bodies are our own and that we have the right to say no to having alien material forced into our veins.

Whatever we may think of her, there is no doubt that Jane Burgermeister is a courageous individual. I think that courage and compassion are the two qualities that are so important now. Courage gives us the power to stand up for what we believe, and compassion makes us aware that we are all One and that we are responsible for the welfare of the whole, and not just for ourselves. It is these same qualities of courage and compassion that I found today when I visited one of the projects that our Starchild Children's Foundation supports here in Cape Town. This is a house for disabled children, run by a lovely angel called Thea. In South Africa the state support for these children is minimal to non-existent, and Thea runs a privately sponsored home. It is a "home",a house where the 15 children live as a family. They are cared for seven days a week, 24 hours a day by a team of 10 caregivers who work in 12 hour shifts. Here is a picture of me taken with Thea and some of the children on my visit today:

little angels

Because children are children and they all like a treat, we sponsored them a special lunch of hot dogs and fries. Not the healthiest, I know, but the kids loved it! We are also working on putting in a vegetable garden for them so that they will have healthy food available to them. Here some of the caregivers help to feed the children at lunch time:

little angels2

Working with the Starchild Children's Foundation is always an occasion to see the real needs of others and to appreciate the gifts that I have in my own life. Good health is a wonderful gift that many of us take for granted, and yet so many people do not have it in this time and place. Those who are unable to care for themselves must rely on the love and compassion of us who can to care for them.

At times like these, I am aware of the loving and compassionate energy of Kwan Yin and Mary Magdalene, as the Divine Feminine enfolds us all in its loving embrace. The care and love and grace of the great godesses shines through the people who offer themselves in the service of others!

And, now for some happy energy as we move into the New Earth. I will be going to Brazil to work in November, and I am so looking forward to being back there again! One of our readers, Kathryn from the USA sent me this video, and I just loved it! It has all the energy and vibrance that I enjoy about Brazil. The video was made in Rio de Janeiro, and you can even see a quick clip of the Christ the Redeemer statue in one of the Rio...and the energy of Love and Music and Song......and.....hey Rio...I'm coming...soon...... It's called "Say Hey..I love you" and it unfortunately is one of those that cannot be embedded, so please follow the link to You Tube!

Click here for video


Ria 17th September 2009 7:53 am

:smitten: Aah, Dear Celia...that was absolutely wonderful, truthful,uplifting and inspirational. Thank you so much for this post. I was beginning to get rather depressed by some of the melodrama that is being posted on here lately. So let's have more of this positivity. Blessings xxx


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