Creative Peace or Anger and Despair?

Yesterday I had to write something for the work that I am going to be doing in Toronto, in Canada, in August of this year. Here some of what I wrote:

"Peace is not just the absence of conflict, it is so much more. It is a profound state of consciousness that expresses compassion, love and unity through creativity. In order to move beyond conflict in our lives and globally, we need to enter into this state of creativity, harmony and peace."

This seems especially important as we move through this difficult year of new choices and new beginnings. As I look at the media news I see evidence of deep depair and anger. Yesterday, in Japan, a man in his twenties went on a rampage randomly killed people in a city suburb. This is not simply a Japanese phenomenon, it relates to similar incidents in other countries, where young people seek violent ways to express their anger at the seeming pointlessness and struggle of their lives, whether it be through shooting bystanders in schools or malls in the USA or Europe, or the xenophobic violence that has plagued my own country recently.

And so it seems that we are being overwhelmed with anger and despair at the way we warming, food lack, high energy prices, unemployment...and so it goes on. Much of these stresses and strains relate to the fact that Planet Earth has changed irrevocably and we have become a Planet of cities with all the problems that go with high density living in modern cities in the 21st century. We seem to be locked into a struggle for our very survival, and we don't feel as though we are winning. The Ascension process is making us more aware, but not necessarily giving us the tools to handle this new stage of our evolution. We have healed ourselves and our inner child, but we still feel unhappy and lonely. We have seen "The Secret" and we have used all the techniques, but we still don't seem to have enough in our lives.

And so, I will suggest, that in the next phase we need to enter into this new consciousness of Creative Peace. We have to accept that we have chosen, as a Collective, to create and inhabit cities, and we have to find ways to make living in our cities a way to live in Paradise. When I worked with Archangel Michael in Brazil with the Golden Flame of Abundance and the Paradise Codes in Amazonia, it became clear to me that "Paradise" is a state in which all things are in Balance and Co-exist in a flow of energy and joy. In our cities, this cannot be said to be true. We have created these vast areas where we live together, but we have yet to discover how to create that flow between ourselves and others and between ourselves and nataure that will constitute Paradise consciousness.

It will not just happen one day, it will happen when we, as a Collective, make that choice. It will happen when we, as Lightworkers, wake up sufficiently to become conscious of where we are putting out energy. Whether we are fearing and hoping for great destruction of our cities in "natural" disasters, or whether we are moving into Creative Peace and beginning to dream a new dream for our cities. Awakening the "Paradise Codes" for our cities so that we can create a flow and a balance that will bring meaning and light back to the lives of people who live in cities. We cannot all live in small towns and tropical islands, the majority of us live in big cities and it is here that we will create Paradise.

Now, as I was looking through the media yesterday, I also came on an article entitled "Eco-architecture not ego-architecture". It was about the ex-mayor of the Brazilian city of Curitiba, Jaime Lerner, and his experiences in bringing positive change to Curitiba. Now this caught my eye, because I was just recently in Brazil and I was impressed with the energy and the vision of the Brazilian people. Angela, who organized our Brazilian workshop, is from Curitiba, and she is a very positive "can do" person. In fact she was amazing. We decided at the last minute to visit Foz do Iguacu, and Angela had about 5 weeks to organize a workshop in another city, find the venue, make the arrangements and find the people to attend. As you can see from the images in last month's Earth Log, it was wonderful, so it seems that the people in Curitiba are on to something maybe....

So, here are some positive words of wisdom from Jaime Lerner in Brazil:

"Curitiba is not a paradise. We have all the problems that most Latin American cities have. We have slums. We have the same difficulties, but the big difference is the respect given by people due to the quality of the services which are provided.

We are coming to understand that to change a city you need political will. Secondly, you need a good strategy. Then you need solidarity and a feeling of co-responsibility.

"I'll give you an example of co-responsibility. When I was governor, we had to clean the bays. In our state we proposed to the fishermen the equation of co-responsibility. We said : "If you catch the fish, the fish belong to you. If you catch the garbage we are going to pay you. The more you fish garbage, the more money you will have." The more they cleaned the bay, they more fish they had. That's a win-win solution.

"After working in cities for nearly 40 years I am telling you that every city can improve its quality of life in less than three years, no matter the scale or the financial conditions. All you have to do is build a good equation. Creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget.

I would say there are three key issues that are important, not only for the city itself but for the whole of mankind. One is the problem of mobility. Another is the problem of sustainability. The other is social diversity and co-existence.

We are afraid now of climate change and the question of sustainability. There is a feeling that we are all terminal patients and there is nothing we can do. But there are lots of things we can do. I have been in meetings all over the world about new materials, green buildings, new sources of energy, recycling - they are important but they are not enough. When we realized that 75 percent of carbon emissions come from the cities we realized we had to work on the concept of the cities.


A city is a structure of living and working together. I have realized after all these years that a city that has a good quality of life attracts jobs. People don't want to invest in places if there is no quality of life.

Everything (in Curitiba) started with the children. We started to teach the children in every school over six months, how to separate the garbage and the children teach their parents. So that's why the city of Curitiba since 1989, for almost 20 years, has had the highest rate of separation of garbage in the world, at 70 percent. Everything starts with the children. I'm obsessed with the idea of how to make the children understand their own city, becasue if they understand their city, they will respect it better.


Every city need to change in some way. My feeling with mega-cities is that they are losing time. We are living here, working there, taking leisure time in other places. One of the reasons I am proud of my city is around 80 percent of people are living in diverse neighbourhoods. If you want a human city, mix urban functions, mix incomes, mix ages. This is good for co-existence, for social diversity and it reduces violence. We realize that the city is what brings solidaity. Cities are not problems, they are solutions.

Quality of life and diversity is beautiful. I would say that a city that is committed to its future, in which the people are most important, is a beautiful city. We have to chaneg from "ego-architecture" to "eco-architecture"....

So, at this time of change and choice and new beginnings, I think we have to be awake enough to move through the "illusion" that we are all "terminal patients" as Lerner puts it, and see that we have the ability to create something different. We can only do this if we release the fear and anger and the doom and gloom, and begin to create positive solutions from positive energies and beliefs about our future on this Fifth Dimensional Planet.

We can do it for our Children.

We can do it with our Children.

We can start today by making the choice to move into a state of Creative Peace and Harmony and Love.

It is our Choice.


viv 10th June 2008 9:58 am

GOD BLESS & THANK YOU SO MUCH! People really need the hope & to feel empowered nowadays. It's time for the lightworkers to shine with love & wisdom!


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