Earthlog: 1:1:1: Welcome to the Fifth Dimension...We are One Family, One People, One Planet

OK, so we have spent most of the last cycle working with the Fifth-dimensional energies, and some days we do well and some days we have slipped back into old Third-dimensional patterns. But, from this day, the 1:1:1, we can be certain that we will really need to work with all the Higher Dimensional living skills that we have developed. From now on, the planet will be evolving within her new Fifth Dimensional Matrix, and we will need to be able to live in harmony with this energy signature!

And this new energy signature requires us to be able to move beyond dualistic belief systems and into a perception of Oneness and Unity. We are One Family and One Planet. If I have to look back at my own life, I would say that the biggest change I have seen has been the movement from a perception of huge distances and separate nations, to a perception of One Planet that is in constant connection and movement. At this point, I suppose I do have an unusual job, but like many people, my working day involves speaking to people all around the world using modern technology. I understand at least six languages, and I can interact with people of many different cultures. I am becoming a New Earth citizen of the Planet.

I have met many Lightworkers in the last year, who have just become "travellers". They have an urge, or they are guided, to move to other places on the planet, or just to adventure and move. We are learning to move out of our narrow perceptions of Who We Are, based on nationality and race, and to begin to see ourselves as citizens of One Planet.

And in this movement and connection, we discover that we are very much the same, and that we are also unique and individual, and that these differences can be exciting.

And our work is to Weave Heart Light and to create Peace and Harmony and Love!

Well, we are not there yet, but we are just starting out. We are the "seed-bearers" of the New Consiousness, those who will help to birth the New Earth. That is why I have chosen, as the new "Earth Log" logo, Jean-Luc Bozzoli's beautiful painting of the Earth-child, as the Earth births her new Self. What an exciting adventure awaits us we manifest this new reality.


Of course, it may take longer than we think. I used to think that we were just going to step into this "ready made" wonderful reality, but like most us, I have come to realize that we are working to create this new reality. The work we did in the last cycle of personal and planetary transformation was absolutely crucial to the whole process. It is why most of us chose to be here at this time, to assist with this process. And I know that it is going to be much easier from now on. The hard part is behind us, we have made the inner shifts and we are learning how to be Conscious Creators. We know how it is done, it is just a matter of making Miracles and Magic a way of life!

In this coming year, we will be working to hold the Balance and to keep that Balance. Once we can hold and maintain our inner balance, we can create in a Balanced way. Creating with and in Balance means that our manifestations will be clear and pure and immediate, for nothing will block their progressions through the spirals of Light into manifest form!








One of the skills of Fifth-dimensional living is to be able to step out of linear time and into a feeling of the spirals and circles of light that create "natural time". It is linear time and linear thinking that traps us in the concept of "age", and that creates fear and anxiety. The intense anxiety that many of us felt as we transformed was a result of the mind trying to resist the changes and to hold on to what is familiar and known. And of course, what is most familiar is the progression of time along a linear path, from beginning to end. Now, in this Fifth-dimensional reality perception, we see that time is infinite and that it spirals on forever, moving into new and different spirals of unfolding light called "experience".

When we can align with this spiral movement, we will feel more relaxed and will feel more open to the idea that we have plenty of time for our experiences, rather than the mad rush most people feel as they gallop down the linear timeline from birth to death at great speed. Linear time creates stress, Spiral time created Peace and Relaxation and Joy. It is the natural rhythm of the Divine Pulse of Creative Light.

The image I have included here was taken in Namibia, in Africa, just recently. It is a time exposure photograph, showing the passage of the stars around the pole star. You can see quite clearly that the Earth moves through spirals, one day being one spiral of starlight! What a beautiful way to feel the passage of waves of light that form the time experience! What a beautiful way to experience the Fifth Dimension!

And so, on this First Day of this New Cycle or Spiral of Light called "time", I would like to share with you, once again, Cheryl Hutton's beautiful song that captures the essence of the Fifth Dimension. "To Be One".

Please Click Here to Hear "To Be One".

PS. We "birthed" our new baby today...."Starchild Iberoamerica" for Spanish speakers!


quarksire 2nd January 2008 11:38 pm

:smile: wow I cans't believe that no one has commented after so many views? Fifth Dimensional Matrix:) and jest how kewl is that :)...pert kewl I think:)..for.....Higher Dimensional living skills is what most of the folks i know need very much to focus on in these new days ahead:) 2008 to make it great:)and true perception is a major key player in how it all werks out fer each individual because of thier own set of circumstances, it is jest sad that mis-perceptions will dis-allow many from being able to comprehend, let alone see the werld with a new mind and new light:)exciting this new year will be i hope for u:) I have been reading u for bout a year now and well have even posted much of ur stuff that is 2 kewl fer skewl on my blog:)....of course with a link to ur werld:) and credit where it is due:)....thanks for all of the enlightening posts and impacting statements...fer u are a very conscious creator" and i applaud u ...again thanks:)and so very true said by u:)... Linear time creates stress, Spiral time created Peace and Relaxation and Joy............again thanks celia:) ur stuff:)...all so enlightening:) always...peace and namaste'..quarksire....aka mike:)

Buryl Payne 22nd April 2008 2:47 pm

I'm glad you're thinking along that line. I have ideas on 5th dimensional consciousness myself. They provide a new way of describing alternate universes based on probability theory. It makes life more interesting when we learn how to move to and fro. Your work inspires me to start posting my ideas on my website;

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:20 am

Hello to all,

I have been working with karma for a number of years, clearing karmic contracts and releasing them from the karmic blueprint for myself and my clients. In February this year I was called (channelled the request) to go to Ireland, visit the sacred sites and “bring in the information that was yet to come through.” I procrastinated and did not go. It was made easy for me to go to the sacred sites as requested at the summer solstice on June 20th, 2008. In all karma clearing sessions I did after the 24th of June I was guided to do a 3 dimensional decoding and deprogramming of the entire karmic blueprint. “Normally” I would deal with specific contracts and issues of the soul and or the contract of “highest priority”. Needless to say, I was surprised to be able release all karma, but did as I was requested. (Total releasement is done in 3 sessions, one for each dimensional level ). After about 6 or 7 of these decoding sessions in a row, I asked on July 2nd, 2008, while in session with a regular client, what this meant. This is the information I received.

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:51 am

I was shown on the right hand side of my screen of vision, several people in white muslin, cotton robes with their backs to me looking up at what I recognized as what I call the dimensional tower. A place where you may move through 12 or more dimensional levels. It appears in my vision almost parfait like in the layers of light that make up this access area. Much like an elevator, you may rise up and move through the dimensional levels. The words “These people are ready for ascension” were suddenly spoken to me as I observed the group standing, facing the tower. I realized one of them was me and then I saw some of my clients there. My first thought was “death?” I was then told, “No, you may be on the Earth, but not of the Earth, ascending while in the flesh”. Then the words “We call these people the faithful” were spoken. I was told “They remained faithful in their hearts, in the face of all the pain and suffering in this world, they still had faith in love and light, in the God/Goddess Creator source of all that is. (The Islamic version of the faithful, is described as havi

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:53 am

Islamic version of the faithful, is described as having even “just one atom of faith in their hearts”) That is all it took. I then asked, “How does this relate to clearing karma, decoding, etc.?” They asked me if I remembered the weighing of the hearts in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I said yes, the deceased went before 42 judges in the afterlife and their hearts were weighed against the feather of the Goddess Maat. On the sarcophagus of the Egyptians was sometimes printed:

“Oh, my heart, which I had from my Mother, please do not stand up as a witness against me.” The mother, of course, a metaphoric symbol of nuturing and caring, of divine love, the “weighing” and building of character.

I was then told between June 21st and June 24th the hearts of all of us were weighed and evaluated for “Goodness and faith”. They said it only took one earnest prayer of faith to be in the group of the faithful. (See:

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:54 am

Suddenly, dramatically, a large earthquake type crack appeared down the center of my vision and a large chasm formed and to my right were still the people, the faithful. On the left hand side of my vision I saw those standing on that (left) side of the chasm and I heard the words “The chasm, the abyss, the bottomless pit, the black hole”. Those on the left were darker and angry as they fell down lower in the hole, turning on each other. There in the hole, I saw the Lords of Karma standing around the perimeter of their space. I said “Oh, my, those people have fallen down in the hole, how can we help them?” I was told, “Do not concern yourself with them.” I said “But they need help”… I was told, “Then pray for them”. They said to me, “These people, (in the hole) especially the ones who had all the advantages, money, education and could have risen to the highest form of a human being, instead they lied, stole, maimed and even killed, especially them, as the ropes of karma that bound them was tightened. I said again “How does this affect karma”? I was told the people on the rig

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:54 am

the faithful, by virtue of free will had been released from the “program of karma”. Then I saw the cords between the faithful, binding them to each other through karma, good or bad, fell to the ground and whipped across the chasm and slapped on the people in the hole. I was then told “Those in the hole would suffer their karma as it was increased and multiplied for them now”. Tenfold? Evidently karma, a program, as I was told later, is a way of “handling things”. I was also informed later, (about those in the hole), “Nothing real is ever threatened (A Course in Miracles), this is their choice for themselves". "As they become denser, like a black hole, (as above, so below) they will implode and become denser, still". I was ordered then, “Bring in the Archangels”. So I asked Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and could not think of Raphael, a mental block, and could only say Sandalphon. Then I was told, “Now bring in Raphael”. Raphael went into the center of the other four Archangels to anchor the space for healing. Later I learned Sandalphon is the prophet Elijah, who became an Archan

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:55 am

Archangel. So of all the hundreds of angels, it made sense the Earth (former human) Archangel Sandalphon would want to be present for the sessions releasing the karmic blueprint. Next I witnessed a woman, Mother Earth, as she walked out into the vision crying for all the injustices of earth. This wailing woman came out, crying for all the pain and suffering of the innocents, of wars, starving, no compassion, killing of each other, defacing the Earth and so forth.

Scenes of starving children, those that wished to be born and were not able to come in and those that came in , suffering in their lives here. I saw mistreated animals, elementals and pictures of nature and the Spirit of Earth’s great pain and suffering. I saw people with incredible wealth saying “Let those black people die, they are useless to us”. I saw Native American Indians praying to a small plant for the fruit it gave, and then the Indians were slaughtered, throats cut. I saw to large groups in an ancient war, running toward each other with hatred in their eyes, to kill each other. I heard the words “Holy w

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:56 am

I heard the words “Holy war”. As the woman cried for all the injustices of Earth, I also cried and then started the karmic blueprint decoding and removal for my client, as requested.

Below is the information I gathered about the Archangels and their parts in this.

Michael: holds the space of divine grace for the essence of human spirit.

Deliverer of the faithful, angel of righteousness, mercy, and repentance.

Member of the order of virtues such as, love, truth, purity, charity and so forth.

Gabriel: Prince of justice, angel of mercy, death, revelation, and vengeance.

Gabriel anchored the divine presence of Universal Goodness, God/Goddess on this planet. Also the karmic enforcer, rendering atonement for past injustices, especially when visited upon spiritual innocents, whether they are human, animal, nature spirits, or elementals.

Uriel: Prince of light, angel of salvation, alchemy, transmutation, dna etc.

Raphael: Angel of light, love and joy. Angel of healing, knowledge and science.

Sandalphon: Angel of Sec

Ginger 15th October 2008 10:57 am

Sandalphon: Angel of Security, glory, prayer, embryos and tears. Sandalphon is the “human” angel, he is Elijah, the one the Jewish wait for at Passover. The other human turned angel is Enoch, he became Metatron. (Makes sense Sandalphon preceded the wailing woman as angel of tears and embryos).

On September 29th, 2008 I was again summoned to assist in the ascension and releasement of those waiting in the place, called by some, Purgatory.

I asked, how could this be and almost none of us be aware of it? They answered, “I come as a thief in the night, you will know not the hour, nor the day.” Also, I asked, how many are in the group of the faithful, ready to ascend? The answer was 31.8% of the population of Earth.

I asked when the next big, obvious to everyone, event would take place and was told 2 ½ to 3 ½ years.

Ginger 23rd October 2008 10:13 pm


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