Earthlog: A Power Surge on the Network and The Passing of Benazir Bhutto

Yesterday was quite a day. After the Peace of Christmas, the chaos of yesterday was in marked contrast!

People reported "symptoms" ranging from extreme tiredness and inability to wake up, to overstimulation and bouncing off the walls. For myself, I had a headache, but that might have been because our Server crashed and I spent most of the day trying to get the website back up again. With the help of Starchild's German Computer Angel called Oliver. Oliver knows how to work with the Ukrainians who service the ISP, they talk techno speak together, and Oliver gets far more done than I can as I try to explain what is wrong in ordinary English. Thank You, Oliver!

Anyway, I started to feel dizzy and spacey, and went to bed early. When I got up to go to the bathroom, I was staggering around like I was drunk. I woke up with my Light Body vibrating and buzzing...and finally realized that there was something up in the Cosmic realms.

So, I went off to the Spaceweather site to see what was going on "out there" to cause such energy movements in the Light Body. Well, no sun spots and no solar flares or magnetic storms, that part is quiet. But, there is a Comet approaching Earth, and it will make its "fly past" on the 1st of January - the 1:1:1. Here is an image of Comet Tuttle, that I borrowed from



So, it seems like we will be having a Cosmic visitor to help us to celebrate the coming of the New Year and a New Cycle of Creation and Transformation.

The best way to work with this energy is to stay grounded. Don't try to do too much, eat regularly and drink fresh water. Listen to your body, but also try to stay calm and centered.

We are Moving through the Gateway of the New...the 1:1:1!

It will be a Great year as we begin to Manifest the New Earth!


The Passing of Benazir Bhutto

So...the chaotic energy and the surges manifest in events that will change the shape of Earth's manifest destiny.

The loss to the Planet of the first woman to lead a Muslim country is no small event. She was a Brave and Beautiful woman and a Fearless Leader. She will be missed.

How will this event affect the Planet's unfolding path. We have yet to see. I have been told by Archangel Michael that the events unfolding in Pakistan are crucial to the evolution of the Planet.

We can only hold our own Inner Peace and keep our confidence in the Manifestation of the New Earth.

All is in Divine Order and All is as it Should Be.

I am reminded that one of the medieval beliefs about the appearance of a Comet in the sky was that it portended the death of a King or Leader, and that this death would bring great change in its wake.....

Here are some lines sent to me by Elizabeth Feisst from a poem that she wrote herself, and which she dedicates to Benazir Bhutto:



Peace it comes not from a gun, it is an inner call
To have and hold from this day forth, it is within us all

For freedom too, it's the result of such sweet inner peace
Let's take a hold and be so bold, it's time for such release

The dove, the symbol of that love and peace for us to be
It's gentleness of hope and joy flies in our sanctuary

This sanctuary the sacred place with gentle flame of light
Within ourselves this flame of hope is ever burning bright

Let's shine our light of peace and joy forever to mankind
The truth that sets us free from all the chaos let us find

Let's end the past of war and hate and join the march of love
Tis onward, upward, t'wards the light that's shining from above

To light the way to bring us all to one in harmony
With olive branch and love for all there's peace so let it be

May her soul pass into the Light...... and may the Light illunimate the Earth!



Mariù 27th December 2007 6:51 pm

I did feel the surge today and yes the spaciness too...have to ground again! :roll:

Poe 28th December 2007 9:20 am

To be honest I thought it was a bad omen when she died and I guess I was right because I didn't know about her death until a few days after that day. Now that I think back to it I did feel different. Some days I could not sleep or might sleep all day in the middle of the day and I guess this caused it. This woman really wanted peace and love for her country even more the world but I feel this is also the beginning of a spiritual change and we will evolve spiritually.

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