Earthlog April 23rd

Right now, Earth is inside a Solar Wind and is experiencing geomagnetic storm conditions. This means that the energy is pretty intense, and you may be feeling the effects of that in your daily life. I know I have - this morning I went to our busy shopping mall and we had to evacuate for a bomb scare. So, there I was with thousands of people all running for our cars as the sirens wailed, and trying to get away as fast as we could. Ah well- modern life! I came home and sat in my peaceful garden and allowed the soft energies of nature to do their work.

I have been in Europe for two weeks this month, and so I have been experiencing the Earth from the Northern hemisphere instead of my usual Southern "perch". Well, there it is Spring, and new life is blossoming forth, a little early this year. But it seems with all the other excitements that accompany the great changes, the Elemental energies are just as excited and can't wait to get to work at creating the new season.

Here is an image I took of the sunset at Almere Haven, where I stayed. The sunsets in the Netherlands are certainly spectacular and filled with light and color. The images I took of the setting sun certainly showed the power of the transformed sun as it weaves its new energy patterns into our Solar System. Like everything in the Galaxy, the sun has ascended to its new dimensional "home" and is radiating its new codes and messages to us here on the Earth.

The increased light that is coming to our planet is not only creating the "awakening" and transformation that many people are experiencing, it is also raising the temperature of the planet. More light equals more heat. This has meant climate change and warmer weather. Eventually, it will reshape our Earth in new and positive ways, as we move towards warmer weather generally and a more temperate climate for the entire planet. But this will be a slow process as the Earth adjusts and balances into her new dimensional form as a Paradise home for her children.

And now, along the lines of change, here are some "number games" from a discussion I had with Archangel Michael last night. Many people are gearing up for what they call the 777 energy of the 7th of July 2007. Actually, to be a purist, this energy is a 779, since 2007 adds up to a 9. What will happen at this vortex will be the completion of whatever energies were activated at the 777, which was on the 7th of July 2005, two years ago. This should be interesting!

The big ones this year are the 999 - on the 9th of September 2007, and also the 18th and the 27th. These are the energies of Completion, as we finish the "transitional" cycle that began in 1999. This will be followed by the 111, on the 1st of January 2008. This will be the "new beginning" after the transitional phase. (Also 1st of October 2008).

You may be interested to know that there was no 111 cycle or vortex after the 999 in 1999. The 999 was on the 9th of September 1999. This was followed by the 112, on the 1st of January 2000. So the 111 energy or beginning cycle that we will enter at the beginning of 2008 will be the true "beginning" of the New Cycle.

Well, so much for the number games! Actually, the numbers carry strong harmonics that do affect the energies on the planet and how we experience them. For we are weaving these harmonics from our expeience of linear time. And while we are still within Linear Time, then these dates will carry meaning.

Once we have moved out of Linear time and into Holographic time, or Soul time, then these energies will cease to have meaning. We will live only in the NOW and will not need to keep moving up and down timelines to create our sense of reality. Maybe, by the time we get to that great moment, 2012, we will have reached that point and will have dispensed with the need to keep pushing ourselves down these artifical timelines.

I went back and had a look at these channels, and I can certainly see the connection between then and now. So if anyone is interested, here is Archangel Michael from two years ago:

"Dearest Lightworkers, as you begin to feel the blessed energies of the Lion's Gate, you are being prepared by the energetic activations of the 7:7:7 vortex. Many of you are feeling strong energies activating in the Crown Chakra, accompanied by feelings of spaciness and exhaustion. For yes, once again your vibrational frequency is being raised to accept the higher energies that pour through the Sirius Gate.

Many of you may also feel sadness, irritation, anger and even grief. Allow these emotions and feelings to pass through you and let them go. You are releasing all the energies of the past cycle in order to move into the first true "New Earth" cycle that commences with this year's Lion's Gate.

Yes, you will see changes in your own lives and globally. But hold your center in peace and know that what is being released must be let go of in order to allow the new energies to ground into the new planetary grids.

Do not judge yourselves and others at this time. Just understand that you are all being asked to fully activate your Twelve Chakra Multi-dimensional Energetic System in order to step into the New Reality. It is like firing all your engines prior to blast off! Wherever there are residues of old energy, these will be "blasted" free. But be kind and accepting of others at this time. You are all in this process together, and you are all needing to confront your final illusions and fear realities. For both individually and globally you will need to face your own creations and the agendas that have motivated these illusions.

This may be difficult for you, and painful, but it will be the last step you take through the barriers of illusion and into the truth of who you are on this planet. You will fully emerge as human angels, shining beings of light in material form ready to create a planet of beauty, peace and love. And you will do it together as one planetary family!


Seeing the Beauty to Create the Beauty

Dearest Ones, while you are in this state of Divine Grace and Balance, see the Earth and her people as a gift of Divine Grace. See the Earth with Love and Joy.

It is time to release the final illusion that Earth needs to be a place of suffering and pain. This is not true! But it is up to you to make the shift - for as you know where you focus your energy is what becomes your reality.

So, if you see a wounded planet on the brink of destruction, that is what you will create. If you see the transformations as punishment for sin and wrongdoing, then you will create suffering and fear.

But - if you see the gift of God's Grace in everything, that is what you will create. This is called "New Earth" and it is based in Gratitude, Love, Acceptance and Beauty. Yes, see the Beauty of your own Being and that of Others, and so It Shall Be!



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