Earthlog April 25th

Well, it seems like the intense energies of the last few days are likely to persist and intensify. There is a Solar Flare rotating into the Earth's field at this time, and this will add intensity to the geomagnetic storm conditions that already exist.

So, it will be a rough ride for the next few days!

According to Archangel Michael, there will be some big energy shifts in this time. Now, I know the popular way of seeing these shifts is the "upward" model, where we are moving higher and higher. Well, for me, vertigo set in a while back...and i prefer to stay grounded and see these shifts as a process of "alignment".

We are ALIGNING with the TRUTH of WHO we ARE.

We are aligning with the template of absolute perfection and truth that exists within us.

And each time we shift closer into that alignment with the absolute truth of who we are, some old "stuff" gets knocked off, often resulting in intense emotional turbulence as old patterns are released and new ways must be embraced.

So now, the only way to really cope with these changes is to be in total TRUTH with yourself. I have found in the last week that I have had to remove myself from several groups and situations that were not in alignment with who I am. That was OK. There was no judgment. They were what they were. We were just not in alignment. And, rather than fall out of integrity with myself to please others, I chose to retain my personal integrity and inner peace. The result was creating a peaceful space around myself wherein I can align with who I am.

For the first time, I have been totally ok with being alone. I have created a home space that is peaceful and calm and loving, and I see it as a mirror for who I am. That no one can be in that space with me is OK. I have yet to find someone who wants that mirror, and is not looking for dramas or money or whatever else people look for when they are not in alignment with inner truth and need to project this on others.

When I was in Europe, an old man who came to one of my workshops told me that I was very peaceful, and that I was a mirror for others to see their own peace. At last, I thought, someone who could truly see who I am!

And yes, when we hold to that sense of who we are and live it with full integrity, then others will see who we are.

And we will be able to pass through these energies with ease, releasing all that is not in alignment with who we are. For we are Divine Unconditional Love made manifest. Anything that does not reflect that will seek to be released at this time of high intensity and increased radiance.

For the Earth is being bathed in Cosmic Light, and all that is Truth is being seen for what it is!

And all that is not Truth will be seen for the Illusion that it is!

And so, fellow Lightworkers, as we pass through this radiance, allow it to illuminate all that you are and the love that you are. Do not pass judgment and do not fall into anger. Just release with love, and you will create a smooth passage through these energies.



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