Earthlog: Circles and Spirals and the River of Life

Well, here we are in April already, and it certainly seems like time is just flying these days. As we move into a new spiral of experience at a higher vibration or frequency, we are feeling that increased rate of the passage of that which we think of as "time".

The channel that Archangel Michael gave for the month of April helped me to put some perspective on the way in which holographic time and space differs from that which we knew in the Third Dimension. The idea of a Spiral of Creation explains why so many of us feel either stuck in the same hamster wheel of experience, or we feel as if we are not moving forward. It occurs to me that if consciousness is experienced in spirals and circles, then what differentiates a circle from a spiral is only that a Spiral moves into higher levels as it circles.

Now, if we choose to stay at the same level of experience, then we will simply cycle around doing the same things over and over again until we are able to shift our experience to the next level. Now what may hold us back in old circles of experience may be simply the inability to let go of what has been, and to release old dreams and desires and move on. We make the choice to stay in that circle of experience because we lack the courage or the will to create a new dream and to allow ourselves to experience something that is new and different.

So, the key to allowing for new experiences on a different or higher level, may simply be the intention to release the past and to experience life at a higher level of consciousness. This does mean that you have to release all attachments and expectations that relate to the past and who you were in the past. I have had some people write to me in despair because it seems as if their dreams will never manifest. Well, Archangel Michael says that sometimes you need to "update" or "upgrade" your dreams to fit in with the person that you are now. If you are holding on to old dreams, you may be holding on to the "old" you and not allowing yourself to emerge into the New.

The Earth has changed so much in the last years, and we have changed so much. It is unlikely that the dreams that you held 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago, will still be adequate for the person that you are now. So, releasing all attachments to who and what you were in the past, may allow you to reframe yourself and your experiences into the reality that is NOW. From this point, you may find that what you really want it quite different to what you wanted before. Anyway...the way to allow yourself to really connect with change and your heart's true desire, is to be open to change and to embrace the need for change and new experience, instead of resisting it with fear.

It is also true that many of us do not really know the difference between what our mind wants and what our heart wants. Ideally, we will align the two into one, and they will work together. But, in this time of change and transition, we are still learning how to harmonize and balance these two aspects of self. These days, when I need to make a decision about something, I always center in my heart and ask what it is that I feel. Sometimes I find that my mind has a very strong opinion about something, and my heart has nothing to say at all. Then I know that I am being led by my mind and not my heart. When the heart speaks, then the ability to move forward and to manifest will open up as if by a miracle, things will fall into place, for the I AM is making the way clear for you. When you have to struggle to get anywhere, then you can be sure that the mind and the ego are trying to use their limited energies to achieve what is probably an illusion. When a creation is in alignment with Higher Will it falls into place with great ease, and if you make the choice to allow this creation, then you will indeed move to a higher level of experience and you will not need to circle round and round in the same set of circumstances. I have found too, that as the old dreams lose power, they become more and more chaotic and drain more and more energy from you as you seek to make them "work" for you and being them into manifestation. When something is created in alignment with the Higher and on a higher spiral of energy, then all you have to do is be open to receive and it will manifest in your life with ease.

I think we are all learning how these new energies work, and we are becoming more able to be in the 5th Dimensional New Earth and to see how these new principles of creation and manifestation work for us. Learning to flow with the energy of Creation on these new spirals will teach how effortless life can be when we activate our true creative ability and accept that we are indeed powerful creators.

Now, in this first part of the year we are definitely experiencing the New Earth energies, with Pluto moving into Capricorn and focusing the power of transformation on the Earth herself. But, in August Pluto moves back into Sagittarius and back towards the Galactic Center, and I think at this important time we are receiving New Codes which I will call the "River of Life". These will come from the Divine Feminine energy, the Solar or Fire energy that was the transformative power of the last cycle of Pluto moving through Sagittarius. These Codes are part of what Archangel Michael has called the "Grail Codes", the Codes that will activate our full connection to our Cosmic selves and will also create the flow of Abundance on Earth. I remember from my studies of the Christian Bible, being fascinated by the image from Revelations of the "River of Life" that flows from the Throne of God. All who drink from this "River" are given infinite life and abundance on a Paradise Earth. Well, so here we are, creating that Paradise Earth and ready to drink from the River of Life. Now, I remember when I was studying ancient Egyptian Cosmology, the hieroglyph for Isis was a throne. Hieroglyphs work holographically, and there is no one "meaning" on a linear one to one correspondence, and the person who "reads" has to enter into the holographic experience of the glyph and feel the meanings that are transmitted. So, one of the meanings that becomes clear is that the Divine Feminine Solar energy is represented by this throne, which is the throne of God. The hieroglyph for the male energy is the throne with an eye above it. So, the Eye of God or the Eye of Creation rests on the Throne or the Divine Feminine energy. And the Divine Feminine energy at the Galactic center is known as Ma'at, the one who holds the Cosmic Balance.

So, what is being transmitted from the Throne of God as a "River of Life" are the Codes for Cosmic balance. As the Earth receives and integrates these Codes, so the planet moves into Abundance and Infinity Consciousness.

And, these Light Codes are transmitted and received by the "water" in our Bodies and on the Planetary Body. That is why Archangel Michael has been giving us so much information about Water and the importance of water in our lives. It is the Cosmic Dance of Fire and Water that activates theses Codes....Light and Water......within our own DNA and within the DNA of Planetary records of the Earth.

So, I have found that I am being guided this year to work with the Divine Feminine Energy and with the element of Water as we receive and integrate the new Codes for Abundance and Infinite Life. Next month, I will be in South America, and we will be holding a Full Moon Water ceremony at Iguazu Falls, which is on the boundaries of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At this time, it seems probable that the ceremony will be on the Brazil side of the Falls. This should be a powerful ceremony and we invite those in the area to join us if they feel so guided.

Then, in August, I will be at Lake Louise in Canada for the 22nd Congress on Illumination with Patricia Cota Robles. Lake Louise is a body of water that is specifically connected to Archangel Michael and the Higher Dimensional Male energies. Here, we will also be working to integrate and transmit the New Codes for Abundance to the Planet.

Then, in October, I have been called back to Mary Magdalene country in the South of France, to do more work with the Sacred Heart energy and the Solar Divine Feminine. This work will help us to anchor our Fifth Dimensional Sacred Heart Codes. We are looking at doing a Spiritual Retreat in Catalunya, in Northern Spain, probably in the area of Montserrat which is the home of the "Black Madonna". Then we will move to Montsegur to connect again with the energies of the Languedoc. The Retreat will be for Spanish and English speakers, and if you are in the area, we invite you to join us. We will be giving out more information soon.

Also, as we work with these Codes we will be creating a Field of Peace and the energy of a New Level of Experience for the Planet. August I am working with Cheryl Hutton to create a Global Field of Peace event in Toronto. We think this will be absolutely wonderful, with music and performances and harmonic and integrative if you are in Toronto, please think about joining us to add your energies to this experience of the New on the River of Life! Now, if you live in the USA, here is an event that may interest you as well. Licia Berry is holding a Retreat to allow women to connect with the Divine Feminine at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. It is called "Loving your Inner Feminine" and will be facilitated by Licia Berry and Elizabeth Barbour. Here is a picture of the cliffs at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico, to allow you to feel the energies.


You can read more about this event at the following link:

And now, since we haven't had any music recently, here is a Billy Joel song that comes to me at this time. I love the song, and the words and the images in the video speak of the deep human longing for the "River of Dreams" that is known to the Soul. Surely a Fifth Dimensional experience that is expressing itself through Billy Joel in this song, which is a lot of fun as well! Enjoy!

Click here for "River of Dreams".


Jeannie 6th April 2008 9:48 pm

My dearest Celia,
It is an honor to have read your article tonight! Just knowing that the message comes through you from the upmost highest Arch Angel without hesitation... amazing.
The article rings true to everything that has affected me and people around me in the last 5 yrs, but more recently, this year! It is pure uphoria to know that this divine, freeing movement is happening to humanity and I receive it with love, for I know that my soul will sing, no matter if the transformation that will take place will be with pain at times..that is ok...for I know that over time my true path will move forward and I and the world will be in less turbulance and chaos.
I look forward to reading more and more articles. Thanks so much for your upmost inspiration and the word that comes through you through the arch angel...
Blessings and Love,


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