Earthlog: Dreaming Peace for the Whales of Planet Earth

When I created the page for the music of "Become, Become" for the last log, I used this image of a whale that I took about a year ago, here in Cape Town:

I wondered at the time what made me choose that image. Then, today I did an Archangel Michael channel for someone in Canada, and the topic was animals. Basically, the person has physical allergy problems being with animals, and Michael said that they were picking up the suffocating feeling that animals have as we take away ther freedom to "become" all that they can be as well.

And then, I remembered something I read on CNN a few days ago, about the Japanese whaling fleet setting out to kill at least 50 Humpback whales for "research". Now, I love Humpback whales, having worked with them closely at one time, and I realized that I was getting a "heart message" on the "heart exchange". It is time for us, as humans who embrace peace and love, to start dreaming peace and freedom for the whales as well.

As we consider the discomfort that many of us who are sensitive are feeling in our physical bodies, we might like to consider the words of Archangel Michael here:

So, what happens with you is that you react to the “field” of toxic energy that the animal carries within its aura. It is a reverse reaction, if you like, you are experiencing what the animal feels, only it is not able to tell you that it feels that way. You are feeling its discomfort and suffocation in your own body. Perhaps, dearest soul, you might consider that an appropriate action would be to try to find out how you might assist the animal to feel more comfortable, and this you would need to do through being able to connect and communicate on the heart level. Ask what is the problem and what you might do to assist. In that case, if you are able to assist the animal, you will also assist in your own manifestation of “allergy”. We see that this reaction is a gift in many ways, it is showing you a way that you can help those around you to regain their balance. There is much suffering in the animal kingdom, and as humans regain their balance they will become more aware of this suffering and will seek ways to alleviate the suffering of those in animal form with whom they share the planet.

The message that you are getting is “I am suffocating…I need to be Free”. And freedom, in this case, means the freedom to be heard and to express themselves. As you learn the language of the Heart, you will once again “hear” your animal companions and they will walk with you as true equals and friends. And so we hope that you will open your heart to these “messages” of distress that come to you at this time. Perhaps, you may even consider that you are being “called” to do this as your spiritual work at this time.

I think we will hear more about this story of the Humpback Whales, as Greenpeace are tracking the Japanese with the aim of disrupting their activities. What was encouraging was that both Australia and New Zealand have asked the Japanese to call off the hunt. It is not necessary. The Japanese claim that it is "research", but it is very obviously just a way of being able to resume their traditional practice of whale hunting, so that they can supply "whale burgers" to the Japanese market, no doubt.

The numbers of whales have been decimated on our planet through the wholesale slaughter of these incredible beings. Where once they roamed the oceans in large numbers, singing their "songs" and creating fields of resonant energy and harmony that kept the Oceans in balance, now their numbers are depleted and the populations are only slowly recovering since the ban on whaling was imposed in the last century.

Even those who approach this sensitive topic from a scientific point of view, acknowledge that whaling is both cruel and uneccesary. Here is a quote from Ken Findlay, who is a whale biologist here at the University of Cape Town:

I don't think that firing a harpoon at a whale and then dragging it next to the ship is ethical. You question the necessity of that. It's not research.

Yes, as we dream peace for ourselves, it is also time that we need to begin to dream peace for these beautiful beings who work with us to create the essence of our Planet. The Cetaceans are far older than humans, they were here before us, and they "held the dream" before we had even entered it.

So, as we dream peace for our planet and for its people, may we take time also to remember our other "relations" and friends with whom we share this wonderful home, and dream peace for them as well. Weave peace for them as well, and see if you cannot create a miracle for the Humpback whales at this time. Can we not create a safe home for them as well?

So, here is a song by John Denver, that expresses my feelings at this time. It's called "You say that the Battle is Over", and it comes from the Wildlife Concert:

And you say that the battle is over
Finally that war is all done
Go tell it to those
With the wind in their nose
Who run from the sound of the gun

And write it on the sides
Of the great whaling ships
Or on ice floes where conscience is tossed
With the wild in their eyes
It is they who must die
And it's we who must measure the loss

Please Click Here to Hear John Denver sing "You say that the Battle is Over".



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