Earthlog: Equinox...Full Moon...Easter...and the Global Peace Adventure

What a full and busy time this is right now. So much is happening on so many different levels. But, I have noticed that gradulally the chaos is lessening, and we seem to be returning to some sense of balance and flow in our lives.

Today is the Equinox, and because this is also the Easter week-end and many people are not working, it is very peaceful and quiet in my neighbourhood. I have also noticed a change in the weather at last, as the first cool fall weather moves in after a long and hot summer. I was in Johannesburg this last week for the first of my 2008 workshops. It was a small workshop, but what a wonderful group of loving and radiant South African Lightworkers! Here you can see an image that was taken of me with the group!


We had fun....we worked with the Grail Codes and with the Sacred Heart Meditation and with the Unconditional Love of Archangel Michael, and with the support of the Whales and the Dolphins off the Mozambique coast that send their energy into the Johannesburg area! We also created a Group Merkaba that anchored the Grail Codes and the Intention of Peace in Johannesburg! I would like to caption this picture "People at work (playfully) creating a Peace Field."

And that brings me to the next idea. At this time of the big shift from the old to the New..there seems to be so much turmoil on the Planet, as old ideas and ways of being clash with the new rising energies, and the old tries to assert itself. Like most of you, I find the situation in Tibet especially sad. But, we can only trust that whatever is happening there at this time will be for the highest good in the long run.

As I was thinking about what we, as Lightworkers could do, other than signing petitions, Archangel Michael gently suggested that we could work to create a Field of Peace. The acnchoring and activation of the Grail Codes means that we are now powerful Creator Beings. We have aligned our pulse with the Galactic Heart. It was interesting to me that when I did the "Sacred Heart" meditation with the group in Johannesburg, several of them reported the feeling of having another heart come in and integrate or blend with their own heart. This, to me, was an indication of the Lightbody heart integrating with the Physical, and also, the Lightbody Heart is already beating with the pulse of the Galactic Heart or Great Central Sun. So, at this time, as we integrate this energy, we access our ability to Create in powerful ways.

Now, imagine the power of the Creation of a Peace Field by those who are Conscious Creators! And would that not be so much more powerful than the creations of those who think they are still living in the Third Dimension and who feel that they need to kill and grab for what they want?

At this time, the media is filled with stories of war and violence. Would it not be wonderful if there was an equally powerful presence for Peace. And not a conflictual one where demonstraters clash with police.....but a Peace presence that was playful and joyous and beautiful and that offered a completely different kind of energy...the energy of Peace and Love.

It seems to me like Spirit is urging us along these lines. I have had several mails from people who are being guided to create such events. And, personally, I have been working with Cheryl Hutton who wrote "To Be One" to create a "Peace Event" in the Toronto area in Canada in August. This will be related to the other work that I am going to be doing this year. In May, I will be in Argentina and Brazil, with a wonderful Full Moon Ceremony at Igauzu Falls. The purpose of this is to anchor Codes for Peace and Abundance on the Planet. Then in August, it is on to London, for a "Heaven on Earth" event, and then to Calgary for the 22nd World Congress on Illumination at Lake Louise, with Patricia Cota Robles, which will anchor the Codes for Peace and Abundance Globally. After that, the event in Toronto with Cheryl...and then in October I will be in Europe with events planned for Munich and Berlin, as well as Spain and Portugal. The Global Peace Adventure!

At each point, I will be working with Lightworkers to Create a Field of Peace. Working with Archangel Michael and with the energy of the Twin Flame...we will create a Field of Energy that will create a pattern for the New Earth. And that powerful pattern will be the New Energy that will replace the conflict and violence of the old dualistic system. What a wonderful privilege for us as Lightworkers, to be the Ones that will Create the Age of Peace through our Intentions and our Joy at this time.

So...I would ask each one of you to think about how you might contribute to the "Global Field of Peace".

I had a mail from Patricia Cota Robles (read it here) a few days ago, where she talked about the intiative by Dennis Kuchinich to create a "Department of Peace" in the United States government. Imagine that! Imagine a Deparatment that was every bit as powerful as the Military or the Department of Defence! Imagine that this Department began to shape American foreign policy! It can be done...but it is up to those of you who live in the USA to start creating and supporting these initiatives where they arise. The New Earth will arise when we Create It. That is what we are here for!

So, at this powerful Equinox/Easter/Full Moon energy nexus...can we not birth this Dream of Global Peace in our Lives. Is it not time to Dream the Dream and then to share in making that Dream a Manifest Reality through our Love and Joy and Sharing.

The Dream is the Oneness of the Human Family. The Dream is the Oneness of All on the Planet. The Dream is Peace for our Planet!

So, to Celebrate this is Cheryl's song "To be One"...that will be the "theme song" for our Peace Work this Year.

Please Click Here to Hear "To Be One".

And....for special Equinox Joy...please share in our Global Meditation for the Birds of the Air. Kauwila has written the most beautiful meditation music especially for today. It is so wonderful, and I know that we will be using this music for years to come. So, please Click Here for theEquinox Meditation.

And for the Full Moon, as we anchor the Grail Codes, Please enjoy the Sacred Heart Meditation.



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