Earthlog: Fires, Full Moon and Point Zero....the point of the Great Shift

It is with sadness that I have seen images of the huge fires sweeping southern California. I feel sadness for the people and animals who have lost their lives, and for all those who have been displaced from their homes or have lost their homes in this disaster. We need to send Light to those areas to ask for assistance for our fellow humans in distress.

I can understand how these people feel, as I live in an area that has similar problems with fire. We have long hot summers that dry out the vegetation, and strong south easterly winds that fan huge out of control blazes. In addition, the increase of housing developments in the area means that more and more people are at risk in this traditional fire area. But, interestingly, we have a plant kingdom here called "fynbos" that relies on burning, because the fires are part of our ecosystem and part of their reproductive cycle. The seeds of some plants only germinate after a fire. So, we are learning to respect that ecosystem while also finding housing for people. We do this by removing alien vegetation which fuels runaway fires. The local vegetation burns very fast, and there is minimal loss of life and property. The aliens burn hot and long and cause all the damage. We work with controlled burns, and creating fire blocks. Of course, this is not always totally effective. There was a fire on "my" mountain, the Helderberg, the day after I got home, and now there is a big burnt black patch. But no lives or homes were lost. It is a problem that we all face, how to live on the planet and still to respect the forces of nature and the ecosystems of our home planet. It is one of the choices that we must make, how to live here in harmony with nature so that we can live in mutual respect, and can avoid these so-called "natural disasters", which are often no more than our disprespect for the forces of nature as we build and create our communties. It is time to change and to make new choices. It is time to hold our governments and our leaders accountable for the choices they make. They need to make choices that respect and honor the planet.

Here at Starchild, we are having to make some new choices too. Those of you who read the site regularly might have noticed that we have been suspended a few times, apparently for using too much of the server resources. We have grown to the extent that we need our own server. So, in the next 24 hours we will be migrating to our new server. We hope this will enable us to be more efficient, and we will have more bandwidth to do interesting things for the site.

Also, as we approach Full Moon on the 26th, I am sure most of you can feel the energy and the excitiement rising. At this time, Pluto, the planet of change and transformation is approaching the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. The last time it was in this position was in December 2006, and it was the impetus for the Great Shift in Consciousness that we have been experieincing this year. And now, at this time, as we move through the Diamond Doorway into the Radiant Light, we are ready to embrace the full meaning of the "Great Shift".

We have, as a Collective, agreed to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension and expanded consciousness. We have agreed to embrace our Oneness and our Inter-connectedness. We Are All One. What happens to One, happens to All. We have agreed to open our Hearts and to embrace each other with Unconditional Love and Compassion. We have agreed to create Peace, here on our Beloved Planet.

This is what we have come here to do, to create a New Earth and a new society, and we begin with ourselves. We begin by being the change that we want to see on the Planet. We begin by opening our Hearts to ourselves, to our families and friends, and to those in our communities. And, as we shine the Light of our Radiant Hearts, we create a network of Light that shines around the Planet.

Now, at this time, this moment we can call "Zero Point", when the Full Radiance of the Great central Sun in Sagittarius encounters the transforming power of Pluto - now we are ready to see the shifts and to work for a New Planet. And yes, there is work to do. No one will do it for us. As the Hopi say " "We are the ones we have been waiting for." So, at this very special time of the Full Moon, a Fire Moon in Aries, may we make that step forward to respect and love our planet, to respect and love each other, to respect and love the elemental energies, and to strive to live in harmony with them through the choices that we, as individuals, make in our daily lives.

May we choose also for Joy and Compassion and Unconditional Love and Peace!

And so, at this special time I would like to share two creative works with you. The first is an image that I took this week-end of one of the children at the Project where I work. It was a special evening for the children, and this one child was too poor to afford a special outfit. So, someone had given her a purple scarf to put in her hair so that she could feel special as well. Like John Denver, I believe that this one child of the ghetto is all of our children, and that we need to create a planet where we can live with "no regret". We are doing it for all the children to whom we will hand over the planet when we leave:



The second is a song by John Denver himself. I meant to put something on the site on the 10 year anniversary of his death, but I was in the Netherlands at the time and involved in workshops of my own. So, in memory of John Denver, here is one of his last songs called "Amazon". It was part of the "Wildlife Concert" that was his last public performance. I was unable to find the song on the internet, so I have included it here from the CD. It was a special song for John, and I am sure he would approve. Here are the words of the Song....for Full Moon on the 26th of October...and onto the 11:11 Stargate. May we take our power to Create a World of No Regret....only Shining Radiant Love. It is up to each one of us as Lightworkers to be that Light and Love.

Click here to play "Amazon" by John Denver.


There is a river that runs from the mountains
That one river is all rivers
All rivers are that one

There is a tree that stands in the forest
That one tree is all forests
All trees are that one

There is a flower that blooms in the desert
That one blossom is all flowers
All flowers are that one

There is a bird that sings in the jungle
That one song is all music
All songs are that one

It is the song of life
It is the flower of faith
It is the tree of temptation
It is the river of no regret

There is a child that cries in the ghetto
That one child is all of our children
All of our children are that one

There is a vision that shines in the darkness
That one vision is all of our dreams
All of our dreams are that one

It is a vision of heaven
It is a child of promise
It is the tree of temptation
It is the river of no regret

Let this be a voice for the mountains
Let this be a voice for the river
Let this be a voice for the forest
Let this be a voice for the flowers
Let this be a voice for the desert
Let this be a voice for the ocean
Let this be a voice for the children
Let this be a voice for the dreamers
Let this be the voice of no regret.



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