Earthlog for 30th July

Nicoletta Gottardo of Italy wrote to me this morning to alert me to the latest crop circle, which you can see here:

Here is an image of the circle:

Nicoletta observed, correctly, that the geometry in this latest circle was the same as that in the image that I published earlier in the month by my artist friend Christina Bryer. Looks like the Beings who make the Crop Circles also read Starchild Global and liked Christina's art:

Seriously though, what is being depicted in this latest crop circle that appeared in England at a place called Fosbury Manor, is the Fifth Dimensional Paradise Grid of the New Earth. Christina called her work "A Slice through 5th Dimensional Hyperspace", and that is indeed what this is. This is the reality of the "Infinity Codes", the place where we are now working with new perceptions, new understandings and new creations.

I call it the "stars and flowers" grid, for the geometries tend to generate stars and flowers. But, if you work with the grid closely, you will see that it is based on a Diamond pattern, and that is why Archangel Michael called it the Diamond Paradise Grid.

This was a kind of synchronicity for me, since I am preparing a presentation on the Diamond grid, with its Stars and Flowers, for my work at the Congress of Illumination in Tucson which will be next month. I look forward to sharing more adventures on the Grid with all of you!



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