Earthlog for June 2nd

Well, I don't know about you, but I am still struggling a bit to stabilize my energies after the intensity of the recent Full Moon. It was a powerful one, with the fiery energies of Sagittarius being amplified by the volatile air energies of Gemini.

But now, after a long period of quiet, the sun is once more becoming active. Here is sunspot 560, which is apparently sending out M class flares. The image is from

sunspot960.jpg - 22367 Bytes

Well, when the sun becomes active it usually means that we are receiving new solar codes into our solar or light bodies. And, since there has been little solar activity since the mega flare in December, we can expect that this will probably mean some significant adjustments to the solar body codes at this time.

My feeling is that, hot on the heels of the powerful lunar energies, this solar adjustment will be a really big one. We have reached a balance point within ourselves and the planet with the solar and lunar energies, and we are ready for the implementation of the Infinity Codes that Archangel Michael has been talking about. My feeling is that this is THE big shift in consciousness that we have been working towards. It will not happen overnight. My feeling is that we will experience several months of transition, starting now and only culminating in the next Solstice in December.

All I can say is, well, we have asked for this and now we are at the door. The door is about to open and we can step through. I feel that the most wonderful and luminous gifts are awaiting us if we have the courage to move through. And I know that we will. We have come this far as Lightworkers due to our tremendous courage, and we will take the opportunity to move into this new realm of consciousness.

So.... here we go. I'm just taking a deep breathe and jumping.......into the new energies.

The message from Archangel Michael is, to love and support each other in these times of change and transition. Do not hold back if you can do something loving and supportive for a fellow Lightworker and for those around you. Now is the time when your love and support is needed!



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