Earthlog: How Ugly does it need to get Before We Change

This is just a quick Earth Log based on my experiences in the last week. Yes it is rough out there....yes we are all feeling the stress and strain as the old economic system crumbles.....but why do "we" not look within and see where we can change, and not blame the situation "out there". Our knee-jerk reaction is to find someone to "blame"...and yes, I dare say I do it myself when I am not conscious of my own motivations.

I can feel the pain out there. I get so many letters from people that range from misery to anger to despair. Some of them like to blame me. "Where is it"...they say...where is the Paradise that you promised us? Hmmmm it is within you, you have to find it there before you can manifest it in the outer world.

So, while we are blaming and naming and projecting our anger outwards, we are not doing the work where it needs to be done. And I know we are all going through this, and yes it will get "worse" probably, until we start to use the spiritual skills and tools that we have been given. And the most important one is the heart. The ugliness that we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of the ugliness that we still carry as a leftover from the time when the Mental Body and the Solar Plexus ruled out lives. Unfortunately, the money or economic system was structured under that old energy and it still pulls us into our Solar Plexus and we get stuck in the old Solar Plexus energy of fear and lack and anxiety. In the last week, as I have dealt with everyone's complaints and angers, I have had intense pain in the Solar Plexus. And yes, I know how to deal with it, I was trained to be self-aware and to be able to care for my energy field. But it is not pleasant. I feel how much suffering there is as the old falls away and the new takes its place.

We asked for this. We welcomed it. Why are we not embracing it with Joy? Why are we stuck in the Mental ugliness of fear and stress? Why are we not living from our Hearts, with Trust? Why can we not see that it is up to us to create from our Hearts, we are the Lightworkers, we get to go first. It is up to us to create what we believe in. We need to walk our talk and start to live as if we believed what we embrace as Truth and Light.

Ok, so I will share with you what I have experienced in the last weeks...and I do this with humor, for what else can I do. I am not "complaining" as such, I am seeing how my creative passion together with my humor will get me through this. So, you might remember the bank story I told you...well that was only a part of it. In November I gave away a large sum of money that I earned through circumstances beyond my control. Then , the company that was managing my credit payments stopped paying my money. I think they were in financial difficulty and they just did not pay. I cancelled them and was able to set up a business acount with my bank, but owing to South Africa's financial regulations, it has taken 3 months to set up. No income for three months and major stress all round. And now, because I am so stresed I cannot cope with the workload, so I get people asking for their money back. Which of course, I do. Even though I have never received their money. So, right now, I am paying our money that I have never received. I am paying people......I am paying people to do my I ask did that is it that the flow is now reversed and I am paying our of my pocket to people "out there" who want their money "back"? It is beyond is ugly in a black humor sort of way.....

Well, the answer is that the economic system has crashed and malfunctioned badly, and despite two months of intensive effort on my part, I have been unable to turn it around. I am not supposed to. I work that out after I nearly wipe myself out working 7 days a week to try to get it all to work. So, now Michael says to me, you did what you needed to, now use your heart.

Who me? It's not's all of them, out there......did I mention that someone tried to steal my car on Friday as well and destroyed the ignition and now I have no car and expensive repairs!

hmmmmm....ugly its my fault because I am not using my heart. this needs some serious thought.

So, Michael says, think higher than the Solar Plexus, think as "One". Think from your Heart.

In the Heart...there is only love and no lack and fear. So, says Michael, why not just tell people what you are going through and ask then to understand. Well, I say, the letters they write are so well, unkind and demanding, and I feel they have a right to be angry with me.

Well, says Michael, is that how you feel about you? is, actually. I am a perfectionist and I hate to admit that I screwed up and that I was unable to cope. People will never understand. They have their own problems and I let them down. So I have struggled and struggled, and according to Michael I don't need to, if I just use my heart and connect with the hearts of others. That is the Fifth Dimensional way. But "money" is a third-dimensional medium of exchange. So, we are all needing to begin to see how we can replace money with love.

That does not mean that love can pay the bills as such, but love and trust and acceptance will. For the new flows of abundance come from the Heart and are motivated by the Heart, and money is just the token of exchange for the energy of the heart. Would we want to hurt someone for our heart energy. Would we be mean to them or angry with them for out heart energy. So, why do we do this with and for money?

When we have moved fully into the New Earth exchange energy, we will be able to flow that energy easily into our lives, from our hearts. It is the new way of living. But, while we are still "attached" to the energy of the old money system, we will continue to feel anger and stress and despair, for that is what is inherent in that system.

The new Abundance will be heart based and loving, and will take the place of the "ugly" energy of demand and fear that the departing economic system engenders.

So, I have decided to stop being a perfectionist and just admit that it is rough out there and in here....and hey....we are all learning as we go along....

With Love to You the knowledge that these are the birth pangs of a New Dawn.....



Penny Bell 4th March 2008 8:08 am


Unfortunately, I have to say I disagree. Money is just energy and I don't believe we will be moving into a "money-less" society. I believe there is unlimited abundance available for everyone, it's about finding the people and places that will help you generate it. There are some really honest, ethical people out there who want to help others manifest abundance in every sense of the word. Truly!

The real truth is, there are many people living this abundant life right now.

With the kindest respect and regards

Penny Bell :)

Jen 4th March 2008 8:50 am

Right on Celia~

I am getting the similar insights about the way I have been living and realize/remembering a time where I lived out of my heart, feeling great joy and attracting everything I was desiring into my life. Over the last few years, lessons I have chosen have taught me about all my deepest fears and childhood programs that need to be totally trashed. With my re-programming and awareness, my life is rebounding to the space out of the heart...out of love and joy of this grand dance of life.

Yes, many people have found the ways to abundance. In my view, we all have... Abundance of lessons- good and sometimes hard... of lack and learning a larger appreciation and gratitude of the Universal Laws that we live by. At least I am. It is when I took on others problems, attitudes as my own and lost my connection with my heart and the idea of why I am here... The human experience..with all the drama and joys... and remaining connection with my True heart and soul's purposes.

To you Celia... thank you for sharing your experiences and your reality... Many blessings to you.

T. May 4th March 2008 9:10 am

I applaud you for the honesty. I imagine it is tough at times to share the "channelings" you receive -- but to get angry emails from people based on their false beliefs I'm sure is sometimes tough. Especially when we "healers" go through our own stuff, too. I have to share this funny thing that happened to me about money: I, too, have had some tough financial times this past year after a few years of great abundance. Anyway, I was praying very sincerely for money to come in and doing a lot of visualization where I would just see money flowing in my house. About a week later I was outside cleaning up some debris in my driveway and I found a blank check that had been signed by the checkowner. It was dated and signed and the date was a few days prior to my finding it. I had no idea who this person was but at first I looked up to the sky and said "Well, I guess I did ask for money but a blank check?" Then, I came back to reality and realized that dishonest money doesn't count and I called the person and they came by to pick up their blank check that was obviously not for me.

lrm 4th March 2008 7:02 pm

Well,yes,there may always be a 'form of exchange',of which money/currency [current]is but one. People have used shells; the current 'fiat currency'paper money-was originally backed in value by gold/silver,something considered valuable b/c it could not be created en massage [gold silver,that is.]
However,the current matrix of money is absolutely controlled by a few.
We as individuals are meant to be market forces,not simply consumers of someone else's creations.
If we were truly market forces,then we may not have money,or have some forms of money,or some may choose to use money,or may exchange something else deemed of value.
A 'free market' is an exchange of goods and services,of which money is a symbolic holder. Money as currency was a 'certificate',so that people would not have to carry around the actual gold and silver. So money was like a 'receipt',to prove that they had the actual money.
Now,currency is printed out of thin air. It is managed by an elite the world over. Exchange rates,etc. are manipulated; there is talk of 'market forces',but that is not in reality.

lrm 4th March 2008 7:08 pm

I would also like to add: money is not an 'inherent' part of our earth system; it is something we humans have created.
So,in this sense,we could choose to 'uncreate it'.
Your knowledge of some who wish to 'fund' projects is based in the idea that others have created the definition of worth of particular goods and services.
When in fact it is we who are the market forces,who are creating this system.
Who determines value of a product,or service? It is not an abstract force,or divine force. It is us. However,we are currently not excercising this power in today's world economy-we are guided by a system that is manipulated for us.
I urge lightworkers to get more literate on this subject-financial history,etc. Edward G. Griffin; the creature of jeckyll isle,discusses the history of the federal reserve in the US,for example.
There are many more sources of information.
What is it that you/one wants to create? And why does it require 'money'? are the questions to ask. In determining that your creation needs 'X' amount of money,you agree w/present system.

Maria Olsson 5th March 2008 1:06 am

Yes, you are absolutely right. I have quit my well paid job 2 years ago, when things started to become difficult and unpleasant. Now I am living on welfare - and I have never been so happy in my life as now. I feel incredibly rich, all the energy I used to spend for worries and living standard now are there for creation. I have written hundreds of poems, made wonderful pictures and even wrote a little book. I have no debts, which I always had when I was working. It is like I have a very very rich husband who always fulfills my wishes before I even know them. I need not bother about money and I for sure dont. But I admit, I had to be kicked a bit to quit 2 years ago. But, you can only fall in gods arms.
All the best to youj

Beatrix 5th March 2008 10:51 am

I think your experiences with money this past while Celia, are
only a measure of your own deepest unworthiness, just as we all have
that within us. It is 'your time' and 'our time' for healing.
Your need to be the perfectionist point to not feeling good enough
as you are, and the angry letters, and car stealing, bank troubles
and the resultant lack of monetary abundance in your life are just getting
you to see the lack of self love in your own Being.
We are all going through the same thing, and the monetary system will
evolve when we do.
We will make it!

Andromeda 5th March 2008 4:12 pm

I think that what Archangel Michael is saying is that we have to pray with the heart. That means that when we ask for something or desire something we must feel the joy of having received it. Letting go of the outcome is the difficult bit. It really works!

Also we are living in a time in which all karmic debts and old enemies resurface to help us get over our deepest fears and come to terms that all that we are is inside and not outside.

Much love

Andromedan Ambassador

netdragon 7th March 2008 8:37 am

I think the first step will be towards a balancing of the energy of money, meaning that people who have lots of it will be forced through seeming a string of random occurrences that cause their coffers to be drained and given back to the poor people that they essentially stole it from. We're seeing that with situations that are causing mortgage companies to go under, etc. It may seem that the small individuals are being hurt by losing jobs and houses, but a lot of rich people and groups are getting knocked down to much more reasonable financial levels whereas smaller investors are getting an opportunity to buy houses at reduced costs. This will not become a disaster, but greedy ones are being punished by the gov, with all attempts to protect the little guy, albeit not always successfully.

Money is also an abstract form of vital energy of life force, and it is not healthy for a few people to hoard life force. Additionally, it is not wise to assume that people that have a large control over money exchange are the right people to be making decisions for many. That is the old way.


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