Earthlog: January 20th The Comet and "Atlantis Syndrome"

January 20th Well, with the Sun moving into Aquarius today, and opposing Saturn in Leo, things are becoming a little turbulent and unsettled. Add to that volatile mixture, Comet McNaught entering the Southern hemisphere after its transit of the Sun...and well....whew....did any of you notice?

cometsouth.jpg Here is an absolutely beautiful image of the comet over Auckland, New Zealand, taken by Jamie Newman. Well, as I mentioned earlier in this Log, the Southern hemisphere is now a powerful place, focussed directly towards the Galactic Center and streaming in powerful energies from the Great Central sun. What I am told by my guidance is ocurring right now, is a kind of magnetic "push and shove" as the old magnetic energies are bumped around by the tremendous flow of highly charged particles and atoms flowing from the Sun into the new crystalline grids,( a recent Solar wind), and the turbulent energy set off by the passing Comet.

If we, as a planetary culture, were more "in tune" with the importance of the energetic shifts and movements in our galaxy and our Solar system, we would have a better understanding of the Spiritual and Emotional effects such events have on us. It is not "business as usual" and "oh, gee, what a nice comet!". There are powerful forces out there that are moving and shifting our world and how we perceive it right now.

Now, as I mentioned before, these are not negative, as was thought before in our history. But they will be turbulent. Have you ever seen the backwash from a jet engine? Well, imagine that magnified billions of times, and the Earth is experiencing that backwash and will be, now, and in the months to come.

Yes, that means that it will become even more turbulent and chaotic, and yes, we will need to hold our center and not go into panic and anxiety. Now, more than ever before, the Collective Consciousness is relying on us to be the anchor of Peace and Calm in the storm. The storm will buffet all around us. Our choice is to either be buffeted around by the storm, or to be that place of strength and quiet calm that we have been trained for. All that "work" that we have done on ourselves that we called "healing", was actually to make us strong and clear enough to carry the Collective Consciousness through this great "birthing" and into the New Earth. The work was not for us alone, but for us to be those who serve humanity and, through our own quiet strength and focus, are able to keep the energies of the Collective Consciousness focussed and on track for the the next step.

But, in order to do this, we need to be aware of what I call "Atlantis Syndrome". Whenever the magnetic energies become unstable and erratic, as they are now, your inner being, let's call it the "subconscious" picks up "danger signals" and does a quick check through the DNA library to see what this is all about. It goes BACKWARDS into the past and encounters the fall of Atlantis and violent change caused by climate change and rising oceans. And so, panic sets in on many levels, some conscious, some unconscious. And I believe this applies to all living beings, not just humans, animals and birds and insects feel it too.

The way I deal with "Atlantis syndrome" is not to go into fear and panic, but to calmly tell my subconscious that we are moving forward into a new future. That what will come will be glorious and beautiful and miraculous. On no account, do I allow myself to join the old energy stream of consciousness that is indeed going backwards and trying to drag humanity backwards into war, chaos and destruction. When you understand that so much of the violence and fear on the Planet today is just a manifestation of very old fears arising in the psyche, then we can quietly release those fears and move into the calm and loving future being manifested by the Crystal Beings, children and adults, Lightworkers and those of the Angelic and Celstial realms whose work is to guide the FORWARD evolution on human consciousness.

So, remember every day that you are Masters of Light and that you are trained Spiritual Warriors. You are moving even now into your chosen Communties of Light and Groups of Mastery and Power. Use these nodes of Light as places of Calm and Power. Support each other and Love each other and notice when one of you falls over or becomes weak. You are a "tribe", and each one must care for and love and support all the others. Those who are strong must carry those who are weaker, and when you feel weak, reach out and let those who are strong carry you for a while. This is the way forward for all of you. Love and Support. Unconditionally and with purity of Heart.

And so, back to the Comet. Well, its clearly visible here in Cape Town. People are talking about it. I feel like the only person who hasn't seen it yet.I live at sea level, in a house surrounded by trees. The sun goes down behind the trees, and so I cannot see either the sunset or the comet. I am going to have to make an effort to be somewhere higher up to be able to actually see it clearly. I am told it is spectacular - a real "show" from the Heavens!



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