Earthlog: January 23rd

Here is a beautiful image of the Comet taken from Cape Town. I still have not managed to see it myself, despite having a look yesterday. But, well, this is what it looks like!

cometct.jpg Since I was given the information about the "spiritual pole shift" and the opening of the planetary Crown Chakra over Antarctica, and the information about "Atlantis Syndrome", I began to think and wonder. I thought about our Ascension process that has been ongoing for about ten years now, and I though about our expectations for and about Ascension. I began to wonder if, maybe, just maybe, we are all "looking the wrong way" right now.

At this point, Archangel Michael came through and we had an exchange in which he posed several questions for my consideration.

Well, he said, suppose that what you know about Atlantis and the fall of Atlantis has been distorted by the intense guilt and trauma still felt around the loss and destruction of the continent? What if, the priestly classes, or the Lightworkers of that time, had been unable to hold the Collective Consciousness stable in the grids through the period of "inner Pole Shift", much like we are experiencing now? And what if that "failure" traumatized the plantary Collective Consciousness to such an extent that it became wounded and needed to keep playing out its failures in endless wars and catastrophes and disasters. What if, humans developed religions based on fear and guilt and sin and suffering, and a "vengeful" God, as a way of coping with this deep trauma. And what if that is the energy that we are clearing now? What if the much vaunted "dark forces" are nothing more than the fear and trauma around this "failure" playing itself out over and over as humans seek a way to project blame for their failure to hold the energy in the grids steady through this shift into the next cycle? What if, before that time, only peace and love were known on Earth?

Now, these ideas, suggested by Archangel Michael, seemed to make sense to me. I have always felt Atlantis to have been a place of Light and Joy, a beautiful civilization connected to the Cetaceans. But, then , what if truly their only "fault" was that they were not strong enough or spiritually mature enough to hold the grids through the changes? What if fear entered their souls for the first time, and they faltered, and then the grids began to disintegrate? What if, we have spent a whole cycle of evolution learning to cope with the fear that enters our souls, and learning how not to fall into that fear but to hold the Light?

What if - We are Them and They are Us, and in this Quantum Universe of many possibilities, we are being given the chance to make another choice and change the path of Earth's evolution so that fear and violence and aggression will not exist, maybe will never have existed because we will carry the Collective to the next level. What if we have more maturity and wisdom right now, more strength and resilience. What if we have healed the past and are moving the Collective through this shift into a Golden future?

It seems to me that most of the channelled material that is coming out now is saying that we must be calm and strong and empowered and hold our energy no matter what. And yes, maybe this is the reason.

Then, Archangel Michael posed another question, What if Atlantis did not "sink beneath the waves", but sank to the "bottom" of the planet, figuratively speaking, as the grids fractured.

Well, what if Antarctica is Atlantis, and that in order for Atlantis to rise again, the ice must melt slowly and gradually, without any great trauma? What if "global warming" is a predetermined sequence that will allow the planet to balance, and for Atlantis to "rise" again as a magical and sacred continent, healed of its trauma. Maybe this is one of our primary Ascension miracles. What if the creation of a Global Paradise requires that we "heal" our trauma around our Atlantis "failures", and , as a Collective, cease our need to keep playing out our catastrophic "end game" over and over again. Maybe this will enable us to end our violence and aggression and accept the love and peace at our Heart Core and to live that Truth instead.

I remembered two things at that point. Firstly, about five years ago there was a book called When the Sky Fell by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, that argued pretty convincingly that Antarctica was indeed ancient Atlantis, and that Pole Shift was probably the trauma that created the ice mantle over the continent.

Secondly, when I first began serious Ascension work in 2001, I began to have vivid "aural" dreams in which I would hear the grating high pitched and discordant sounds of a planetary grid disintegrating. I would know that the grids were fracturing and that I was going to die. I would wake up in a panic state. So, what if this ancient memory lies behind much of the Collective Ascension symptoms that we are experiencing. These include deep anxiety, depression, anger, exhaustion, diarrhea, dizziness etc, all symptoms of trauma, post traumatic stress disorder on a planetary scale maybe, and electromagnetic disturbance.

And, what if the symptoms will not cease when we "get there", wherever there is, but when we can clear the trauma by bringing it into consciousness and FORGIVING ourselves for our past failure. This can strengthen us as we carry the Collective Consciousness through this shift. And, believe me, we are getting it righ this time. We have carried the Collective through almost ten years of deep and turbulent change. The worst is over. True, we are now in that very dark place just before dawn. But the dawn is there - the Light shines through on the horizon.

And so, as Atlantis rises from its ice shroud and is once more integrated into the plantary consciousness and reality, we can free ourselves of our guilt and trauma, and we can move to the next stage of our evolution without fear and violence.

We will enter a New Earth. We are birthing a new consciousness right now!

And yes - what if this is the Great Shift in the Collective Consciousness that will happen at this time? Maybe this is the message heralded by Comet McNaught?

Well, it is something to think about as we move through these changes in a powerful, calm and strong way!



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