Earthlog: January13th

January13th: Here's another take on the Pole Shift story. A few people on the "World of Souls" community suggested that the Pole Shift might be an internal event rather than a literal event. Well, maybe its a bit of both.

As I was sitting working yesterday at my desk, my Guidance asked me to pick up the globe of the world that I have on my desk and turn it upside down. "Now, they said, what do you see?" Well, I saw Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and that was about it. It was like looking at a pristine water planet. They smiled: "Now are you beginning to get it?". Oh yes, I began to see. The magnetic shifts and fluctuations that we are experiencing internally are related to this shift of the planet's magnetics. The new Crystalline Grid system has "reversed" the Planet's Chakra system. Antarctica is now the Crown Chakra. The Southern Ocean, the domain of my friends the Southern Right Whales, is now the Sacred Space of the New Earth.

It made sense. I remembered two things. Firstly, this time last year, when the process began, there was an "anomaly" over the South Pole that no one could explain. I remember even seeing photos taken by NASA. Then, I remember one of the channels I did with Archangel Michael in which he mentioned great changes in the Southern Ocean that would affect the entire planet. Now, I was told, the anomaly was the beginnings of the new magnetic vortex that would form the Earth's Crown Chakra. And, I was also told that although there would be magnetic instability on the planet, there would be no great disasters in this shift. The shift was being achieved through the transformations and changes within all living beings, and especially lightworkers who were acting as "keepers" of the Earth's new grids as part of their "duties" on the 9th Dimension. Archangel Michael had spoken about this as well.

I was also shown the "ring" around the planet at 30 degrees south, and told that all the countries that fell within this ring would be part of the new "Brow Chakra" and would be responsible for "flowing" the energy that descended from the Galactic Center through the Southern Crown and into the Planet's Grids. I also remembered, in December, getting a mail from a friend in Canada who is very intuitive, insisting that working with the whales and dolphins was very important now! I didn't see the connection then, but I do now. Thanks, Gordon, for the information. The whales and dolphins of the Southern Oceans, together with all their families on the planet, are right now working to hold and direct the new energies that flow through this new chakra and into the planet. The Divine Feminine energies are streaming from the Galactic Heart through this portal and the whales and dolphins are the "priests and priestesses" who are receiving the energies in their Oceanic Temples of Light.

This light then is transmitted vis the Crystal grids to the emerging brow chakra countries - Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Chile, Argentina and South Africa.

Well, as the Earth's temperature continues to balance out and the poles melt and the global climate becomes more temperate, the continent of Antarctica will emerge from its long sleep as a continent pristine and cleansed. But, humans will not be allowed to migrate there. Our grandchildren, in whose time this will happen, will be wise enough to know that this is a sacred land, and only those who go to serve the planet and work in Spiritual communities will be allowed to live there as guardians and keepers along with the Whales and Dolphins.

Also, I was shown that the melting waters will not deluge the Earth and cause destruction, as previously thought. The Earth is an organic system able to modulate its elements, and not just a mechanical "bathtub" that will overflow. It has only just recently become known that water enters the planet all the time in the form of "cosmic ice balls" and these enter the Oceans, but this does not cause rising levels or flooding. The Earth knows how to work with the elementals to ensure that she stays balanced. It will all take place according to Divine Will and with love and care.

Of course, no one has really paid much attention to these wonderous events, we have all been fixated on the Middle East and the War in Iraq. As the media wishes us to be. The increase in violence and the desire to escalate the war is a way of ensuring that everyone is "looking the other way" and that no one really sees the miracles and the shifts. As long as people are kept in fear and uncertainty, then the forward spiritual evolution can be slowed, but not halted. If more of us wake up and see the media manipulation for what it is, we might also see the miracles that are happening in other places on the Planet.

After I was shown this information, I tried consciously aligning my crown chakra with Antarctica, and I was amazed at how much better I felt. The energy flowed and I felt a sense of space and light. I think what happens with us, on a daily basis, is that we fluctuate between 3D and magnetic north, and 5D and Spiritual "North", which is now the South Pole. I think the Earth does the same. I think at some time, in the near future, maybe even before 2012, the Earth will settle into her new Spiritual Grid patterns. And we will too, and then, I guess, we will all feel much better!

Well, it is something to think about!

cometm2.jpg Here is a beautiful image of visiting Comet McNaught. I loved this image, from, because of the combination of the image of the hunting hawk at sunset with the comet. The hawk is a potent shamanic symbol of the male power of the Divine Masculine, and I like to see this image as celebrating the return of the "complete" Divine Masculine energy to the planet.

I know in the old Earth there is a tradition that sees comets as harbingers of bad news and tragedy. I don't. This is the New Earth, a place of Love and Joy, and the Comet is here as a Celestial Celebration.I read too that Comet McNaught is the brightest comet in thirty years. I remember that the Solar Flare in December was also called the brightest flare in thirty years. So, I thought back thirty years - to 1977. This was the time when the first wave of Indigos arrived, and the Earth began to prepare herself for Ascension. So, it seems like we are on the threshold of another major shift in Consciousness, maybe powered this time by the Crystal children in partnership with all those Lightworkers who are holding the energy of change for the Planet, and our Cetacean friends and allies.

And something to look forward to, again from the Spaceweather site: "In the days ahead, Comet McNaught will slice across the scene, tail in full view, making a close encounter with Mercury on Jan. 14th. When comets get close to the sun, they vaporize furiously. Sunlight illuminates gas and dust boiling off the comet, making a very bright display. Comet McNaught is now the brightest comet since Ikeya-Seki in 1965, and soon it may be visible even in broad daylight. Stay tuned! "'s to "Pole Shift" and Comet the Whales and All of Us....and to the Increasing Love and Radiance of the New Earth!

January 9th: Thank you to all of you who responded so positively to yesterday's "Earth Log" entry. A special thank you to Jeanine DuBois of the site. Jeaninine, a Biofield therapist, has noted that the symptoms associated with the shift are very similar to those of folic acid deficiency: "If we are evolving and our DNA is changing, it makes sense that, just like a pregnant mother, we need more folic acid right now! I myself tested quite low on folic acid when I asked my kinesiologist to check me for it. (I asked because my nails are still chipping and my hair is still falling out too much, but now I see a much larger connection.) Feel free to share this with others who might be having similar experiences (symptoms) and want to check into whether they, too, are needing greater quantities than usual of folic acid."

If you would like to learn more you can go to Jeanine's site at

As I was reading around the net this morning, I was struck by how "stuck" we do seem to be as a Collective when it comes to catastrophe scenarios. Most of the recent disaster theories quote either "science" or the theory of "cycles" as proof that we are entering a catastrophic cycle and that we should prepare ourselves for the worst.

Well, my response would be that most "science" still operates on the level of Newtonian physics, where the Earth and the Cosmos are seen as a grand impersonal machine with very little connection between the various components. This is the view held by my neighbour, an educated man with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering, whose father was a full university professor. I was talking to him about the scientific NASA data on the solar flares in December, and his response was that this would not affect us at all here on Earth. I remember thinking, how could it not affect us? But then, I work from a Quantum, post Einstein, approach, where everything is connected and everything affects everything else. I see the Earth as a conscious, living being that is part of us and us of her, and that she cares for us and would not want us to be harmed. We have a contract with the Earth to be here, and her contract is to support us and nurture us. True, we may not be carrying out our part of the contract to nurture her as well as we could, but I still know that the Earth will not do anything that will cause complete catastrophe. In the past, the Earth could allow quite major shifts without major harm to sentient life, because ther planet was not that heavily populated. But now, we are a planet populated by billions of life forms, and the Earth knows that we must be nurtured and supported.

The idea of "cycles" of events on Earth also draws on a mechanistic theory, in which cycles endlessly repeat themselves. I accept the idea of cycles or spirals, but I feel that they take us to higher and different levels of experience. We don't just keep going back to the same spot again and again, unless of course, we choose to keep repeating the same cycles over and over again. My feeling, based on the channels I have done with Archangel Michael, is that we just don't know what will unfold in this new cycle, in this new place and time. No one does. It will be like nothing before - and nothing in the past is any preparation for where we are going. So, to look back in fear is no real way to go into the future.

It is true that we are living in a difficult times, and the chaos and stress is great at this time. But the essence of Spirituality is learning to live in the NOW. To focus on this moment and living to the best of your ability in the present moment without expectations and demands. For, in the quantum theory of holographic time, the linear concepts of "past" and "future" are not significant. Everything is enfolded into the "now", and everything is within you at this very moment. How you live now, and the choices that you make now, will determine the unfolding of your being in that place you call the "future".

I know that everyone is different, but I have found one of the very best ways of being completely in the Now moment is to work in a garden. Just being present with the sun and the wind and the elementals and nataure spirits has a wonderful healing and grounding energy. Starchild is working with creating a "magic garden" for the children at our soup kitchen project. It is surrounded by a road on one side, squatter camps on two sides and a government clinic on the other. It is quite a challenge, but slowly we are bringing the nature spirits back. Someone who used to live in the area told me there used to be a river there, and so I can imagine that enfolded within that peice of land is a history of fairies and elementals that we can call back for the crystal children of 2007. There is something so magical about seeing the bees and the butterflies and the birds coming back to this piece of land, once again, as we care for it and nurture it.

Finally, I notice that when I draw a card for myself from the Angel Cards, I often draw a card that says EXPECT A MIRACLE. Yes, indeed, it is our choice! If we expect negative events and disasters, then we will probably create and experience them. If we expect a miracle - then these current shifts and tranformations can produce MIRACLES. I don't know about you, but I am lining up on the side of Miracles!



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