Earthlog: More on White Tigers and working with "Stuck" Syndrome

It has certainly been a difficult few days. Wow....what a powerful energy came through with the Eclipse! I call it a "sorting out" energy or an "alignment" energy. Everything that is not in alignment with the highest good is just getting "spun off" in this powerful energy. It can be difficult, since we are often ego invested in things that no longer serve us, and so it can be very difficult to let go. I have found that letting go of a certain image of myself has been the most difficult. Allowing myself to be powerful.....for we have come to associate power with nasty and greedy people, so when we have to take our Power, we become anxious about whether we are being nasty and greedy. But, as Archangel Michael tells me, it is a matter of the Heart and the Head working together. Your Heart will always tell you what you feel about a certain situation. The skill now is to listen to your heart, and allow your head, or mental self, to align with that feeling and clearly express what it is that you need and feel. That is Power. Unfortunately, in this transitional period, this is a new skill, and many people are still to afraid to connect with their hearts and really feel what is happening in their lives, or they are afraid to speak what they feel. On the other hand, those who have closed hearts are also most often afraid to listen and receive what you say, and will attempt to negate your power by ignoring what you have said, so that they can remain in their "safe" ego definition of themselves and their world for a while longer.

No, it is not an easy time, as we all change and transform, and learn to "Be" and "Do" in another way. I will say more about that, but first, let me just thank all those people who wrote in to me about the "White Tiger". When I had the dream, I thought I was seeing a "dream" image, I did not know that there were "real" White Tigers. But, my friend Nathalie from France sent me this beautiful image of a White Tiger. Nathalie has many of the same experiences as I do, and she had also dreamt of a White Tiger, a few months ago. According to mails that I received from various readers, the White Tiger is a symbol of Female Sexual Energy, as well as a Symbol for the New Divine Feminine energy of the Planet. I liked that. One of the readers also said that the White Tiger is the Protector of Twin Flame Relationships, and I liked that one too. So, I was more than happy to have this beautiful dream visitor. And, happy to know that, like White Lions and White Buffalos, there are White Tigers as well

So, now to talk about what I call "Stuck Syndrome". I receive so many mails from people who say they feel really stuck in their lives. Often these are people who have made what they see as the "right" choices in their lives, and yet they feel frustrated and angry and "stuck". The feeling that is most often expressed is despair and anger: "I just can't go on any more!"

Yes, indeed, we just can't go on any more. We have reached the end of the road. The "road" was the Third Dimensional view of life. In our Old Energy view of life, we saw ourselves on a linear journey forward, and when we did the right things, the journey was pleasant.

The linear road no longer exists. In the Fifth Dimension, the journey is a spiral into higher consciousness. It is not about "moving forward" so much as "moving inwards and upwards".

So, if you are still doing your life with the expectation that things must change in your outer reality for you to see and perceive change, then you will probably be at the end of your own particular road.

We are all there to some extent, as we learn how to lift our consciousness from the third dimensional "road" to the Fifth Dimensional Spiral. I find myself experiencing "road rage" quite often. I go and lie on my bed and get really angry, but it helps me to see what I am angry about in my life. Then I akcnowledge that this is not about other people, but about me, and about choices and changes that I need to make within myself.

I learnt this lesson quite clearly when I began to travel so much. Many people imagine that their life would be better if they could somewhere else or with someone else....or in a different job. But the truth take yourself wherever you go, and it is what is inside you that determines the quality of your life and experiences.

So...when we learn how to listen to our hearts, and hear what is being whispered to us by our souls, and when we learn to act on these feelings with power and compassion, then we will no longer be "stuck". We will grow internally, and that will allow us to move to a higher level of consciousness, and we will spiral into the next level of experience with grace and complete ease. No struggle at all.

So, being angry and stuck is the first step. Find out what makes you angry. If it is your work, then you need to change how you work. I have been doing this for the last few months, and it has not been easy. I have had to get really organized, since I found that things were just not flowing as I needed them to. I have learnt, painfully, that is up to me to create the structures that will support me and what I do, and then the abundance of Spirit can flow in my life. We are the Co-Creators, we have to do our part for Spirit to be able to work with us. Sitting around being angry and stuck does not help your I AM to work with you. Your I AM just waits until you have sorted out the angry and stuck stuff so that you can move on together into a new spiral of experience.

So, please acknoweldge that this is a difficult time. We are surrounded by a rich chaos of pure potential at every moment in our lives now. We have so many opportunities to make new choices as to how we will BE. For, it is what you Are that determines life now, not what you do. The Doing part must come after the Be-ing. For it us your Being that tells you what you need and what you need to do, and that will help you to make the choices that will allow you to flow upward in your own personal spiral of Unfolding and Grace. Easily....

So, the work now is for us to focus on what we Are, within, and not so much on what we need to change on the outside. When we can connect with our Hearts and hear our souls and the voice of our I AM as clearly as we hear the voices around us, then we will flow with grace and ease. Until then, we need to deal with our angers and frustrations with compassion. Know that everyone is in the same space, trying to find out what "works" in this new energy. We are often surprised to find that it is the opposite of what we thought.

For myself, I have found withdrawing from the "madness" of the chaos and sitting quietly with myself, no matter what the external "demands" on my life, helps me to push through the illusions and see what is truth and what needs to be done in my life. Then I can make the choices that I need to make, at a higher level and not at the linear level of the same energy that creates the stuck feeling and the problems. Maybe, in the future, we will teach our children about the importance of quiet "me" time to assist them to solve the demands and pressures of daily life. Maybe, we will even show them how to do this, instead of just showing them how we rush around madly trying to be supermen and doing everything ourselves. But that is another topic for another day......


Boudewijn 28th February 2008 4:18 am

Okay, but this is what all the other "channelers" are telling people:

"Get out of the old, get out of the old, the new will find you, just walk out, make that leap of faith and your safetynet will appear!!

We're almost there!! Almost there, just hold on you will love it!!

Most of what you are experiencing is NOT yours. Its everybody else's energies impacting you."

I was just about ready to walk out, only to find that I'll be runing away from many issues. Strange, I thought this old 3-D job and the 3-D family and people around me were the problem!! That all these "old" structures and rules and ways of thinking were making me nuts.

There are so many people who've stepped out and are having a great friggin time, or so they say. Is this real?
Its all weird.

Mariù 2nd March 2008 8:59 am

Thank you Celia for this one, was really helpful to me! :thumbsup:


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