Earthlog: Navigating the Chaos through Choice

So, in these last few days of the old cycle of energy, we can say that we are truly feeling the pressure of the new energy that arrives.

In many ways, as I look back, I can feel a sadness for all that has gone and all that we have been through, and at the same time, I can feel a great joy as we perceive the new energy about to open out and manifest for us.

The channel that Archangel Michael gave for January helped me to really understand how we have grown and changed, and how we are making new choices. I always used to wonder why, when we reached an important moment of energy change, there seemed to be an outbreak of chaotic and negative energy. Well, in the old dualistic third-dimensional way of thinking, it was easy to blame "the dark" and their plots to overthrow the light. When you move into Unity Consciousness and you perceive that you need to begin to think in new ways, you take a higher dimensional perspective, a Fifth-dimensional perspective. From here, you can see that when a powerful energy gate is reached, the "Possibility Field" of pure potential opens up. All the various possibilities that are held on the planet by individuals and groups are up for renewal and new choices. And so it does indeed appear chaotic and difficult, as we try to navigate through this field of simaltaneous and powerful potential. Everyone is making choices....Those who are out of balance are also given the opportunity to make choices, and their choices tend to be unbalanced and chaotic and to produce violence and hysteria. How we respond to those choices is indeed up to us. We can become equally unbalanced and fall into the hysteria, or we can hold the balance and seek to remain peaceful and calm, while making our own choices.

I think that the aftermath of 9/11 taught us this lesson. After the anger and the violence and the hysteria had cleared, we saw that the "great danger" was mostly an illusion, and we were left with more violence and more war. The choices of the unbalanced, motivated by anger, were stronger than the choices for peace. Not a good choice to make as a planet. Now, at this time, hopefully more of us will be able to see through the illusions and make different choices this time. Maybe we can Dream Peace and truly Choose for Peace, by making that choice in our lives. That does not mean we are weak, and that the unbalanced can just push us around as they choose. A Choice for Peace and Love is a Powerful Choice, if you can hold that Choice and live that choice in your own lives.

Yes, the skill here is that your mind and your emotions will support the choice of your heart. It is no good to choose Peace and then to live out anger and aggression and fear. Then your choice is not consistent with the reality that you are creating. So, to train your mind and your emotions to support the choices of your Heart, you need the self-discipline to be aware of how your life needs to be created, in order to support your choices, and to make more choices to live in such a way that your life supports the unfolding of the Reality that you have chosen.

Yes....Choose, Choose and Choose again...seems to be the name of the game! Indeed, this is the true meaning of "Free Choice"....the Freedom to choose how and what you will create in your life as an individual and as a group or planet.

I have found, in my own life as well, that I am being given the chance to make new choices very rapidly right now. It is strange how old situations have come up, again, things that I thought I had dealt with effectively. But, at this time, they are coming up quickly and powerfully, and I am having to make my choices with speed and precision. I am having to rely on the heart and the feelings, because in the chaos of all potential, I don't have the time to go with the linear thinking of the mind. We have to go with the flow of feeling and intuition, and make our choices. But, we have been given this last cycle of light to learn to know our hearts, and to be confident that the choices we make from our hearts will be the right choices for us.

So, as Archangel Michael says, the exercise of Choice is so important right now. The Choices that we make in this time of pure potential will activate the spirals of light called "Probability Fields", and they in turn will manifest a new reality in 2008. May we choose with the wisdom of the heart, and with knowledge of Who We Are. If we choose in this way, we can be sure that we will receive abundant blessings in the year that comes!

 Here at Starchild, one of the choices that we have made and is about to manifest in the the creation of our new website "Starchild Iberoamerica", for the Spanish-speaking peoples of the planet. We are really looking forwar to the arrival of this new "baby". In the past years, the Spanish channels and Earth Logs were carried by "El Manantiel Caduceo" in Argentina, and they will continue to do so, and we do thank them for all the wonderful support they have given us. But, from the 1st of January, the material will also be available here on Starchild, with all the other Starchild energies and fun!

So....we are ready to welcome and manifest our new "arrival" as part of the new energy of the new cycle : 1:1:1.




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