Earthlog: Peace and Miracles now more than ever

Wooops, it seems like someone just ramped up the energy levels again in the last few days. When I feel this kind of acceleration, I usually look for a connection with the energies in the Solar system. A quick check with revealed no sunspots and no solar winds! So this energy must be coming directly from the Great Central Sun to us through our new Galactic/Cosmic connection. I will not be surprised if there is some kind of Solar activity in the next few days!

What I have noticed is that Moon! As we approach the Wesak Full Moon on the 20th, I have noticed that the waxing moon has been fully visible even in the daytime where I live. Here is an image that I took yesterday afternoon:


So, maybe some of these powerful energies have been reflected and amplified by this Wesak Moon! While we are on the subject, here is an image from, of the Aurora that was taken earlier in the month:


Look at those beautiful colors. The pink is apparently unusual, and there is a scientific explanation to do with nitrogen, but I just see the beautiful pinks and greens of the activated Sacred Heart of the Planet, and the radiant rose pink, with a touch of gold, of the Divine Feminine, lighting up the skies of our planet!

Also, as the month advances, I am feeling excitement as I prepare for my trip to Argentina and Brazil, where I will be working with Family of Light in those countries. As I prepare, I have been working with Quantum Theory and Water, and learning, with Archangel Michael,how Light and Water, or Cosmic Fire and Water, combine to create the flow of Abundance through a state known as "Superradiance".

In Quantum Theory, when a system achieves a state of Coherence it becomes Radiant and Transparent. I like to think of this state of "Coherence" as the state of Unity Consciosness and Oneness that is the nature of the Fifth Dimension. In this state of Oneness, the flow of the "Codes" of Divine Abundance and Love are transmitted without disturbance and can manifest as material blessings.

In this "non-local" state of Oneness, within this flow of Abundance, Miracles are possible. Our consciousness interacts with this pure flow to create and manifest. I had my own little "Course in Miracles" this week, as the Flow of Love delivered Abundance to me. This also showed me how Spirit works when the channels of manifestation are clear and open. I had asked people to donate to the "Children of Africa" project, because we had experienced difficulties with our donations portal because of the nature of our financial system here in South Africa. I was just overwhelmed with the flow of abundant love that came to me as people just opened their hearts and donated. Our needs were met in 3 days! That was part one of the Miracle.

Part Two goes like this. We have the use of a building that used to be the old Post Office. We use it for workshops and art classes and other community related activities. But, it belongs to the Tourism Initiative in the Community, and we know that they will want it back at some point for their own purposes. So, Wilma and I talked about the possibility of purchasing our own small property so that we could have our own base for our work. Property is not that expensive in this township. However, we did not have the money, and I made a mental note to think about it, maybe later in the year. But, the Flow of Abundance was listening in, and in the last days, the money we needed was donated by a wonderful person in Belgium. He opened his heart to our needs, and the second miracle was accomplished, before I had even stated the need! It just felt so absolutely awesone to be a part of this clear and transparent flow of Unconditional Love that manifested what the children needed even before it was stated. The desire was enough for the "non local" angelic network to make the necessary connections!

I have always felt too, as Archangel Michael has also said to me, that the flow of energy between the wealthy North and the developing South, is what will help to create balance and prosperity for All on the Planet. So, receiving this gift of Love for us here in the South from a Lightworker in the North, was not only a miracle but a part of creating balance so that the "flow" can find everyone and manifest their dreams of love!

So, at this time, creating Peace and Love is so important! It is violence and fear that creates the "pertubations" or disturbances in the "system" that breaks down the ability of the "flow" to deliver the prosperity that is there to be shared by all. That is why, in this year, I am joining with other Lightworkers to help to create a "Field of Peace" so that this flow of Abundance and Love can be shared by everyone on the Planet. Together we are going to hold the energy of Peace through opening our Hearts to each other and to the people of Planet Earth! We can create Abundance through the Field of Peace!

At this time, as we read of people who do not have enough to eat, and of food riots, and spiralling food prices in developing countries as well as the more affluent nations, we need more than ever before to create this system of Peace so that the Abundance can flow to all. There is enough, we have just forgotten. We have handed over our power to agri-business, and we have forgotten that we can grow our own food from the Earth. Part of the work I do with the Children's Project is to run a Food Garden, so that the children can learn how to grow food, and to understand that even a poor community can grow food to help them to survive and flourish. All that is needed is soil, seeds, water and sunlight, and abundant food can be produced. But it is only in Peace that these gentle arts can be shared and cultivated.

So, dearest Family of Light, at this time, as we have activated the Grail Codes and we prepare to Serve, may we be the Ones who remember how to empower ourselves, and to guide others to remember that they are powerful too!

And the answer is always You and Me.....the Choices that we make and the way that we choose to serve!


ava414 18th April 2008 2:05 am

18/04/2008 8:55AM which give an 8 and 10 or 1 or 81, the inverse of 18.

Thank you for spelling it out. I am feeling terrible at the moment and for some or other reason, tried to see what is going on on Michelle Eloff's website, but landed on yours. All are busy with Quantum Physics, while on Free Spirit 2 weeks ago they spoke to a astro physicist that can show how Newton and Einstein's theories actually clash, if it was not for mathematics. And I have worked with the basic principle in mathematics which I found to give a paradox, leaving us with the implication that Newton and Einstein clash. What does that mean. I have been asking myself that question for a long time now as I have discovered this in 2003 already. I have a total different point of view than any other spiritual guided person. And my information came from somewhere, but it is mostly based on logic.
My second last entry on my blog, was all about how long does Newton and Einstein still have? And if Newton fails, Einstein fail as well and so does Quantum Physics. What else will be failing with that I don't know, but it seems spiritual leaders think of a fantastic road ahead with Quantum Physics, well, I've got news for you. Blog: (no www).


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