Earthlog: The "Dreamy" Wesak Full Moon

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was in another dimension. I was dreamy and "out there", walking in the "Dream Time", and I'm not entirely sure if I am back yet. But that is ok, this is a powerful time, and Archangel Michael has been explaining to me what the energies mean, and so I can pass this on to you. But, first, here is an image that I took last year in Holland, that captures the multi-dimensional nature of the "Buddha" Moon. It ws taken into a shop window, and so the "layers" are reflections in the glass of the window, creating a layered and dynamic experience much like what today feels like:



I noticed in the days leading up the Full Moon that I felt an intense sexual energy in my body. What was that? Well, Archangel Michael explained to me that this was the creative and joyous power of the Earth being transmitted from the crystalline grids into my body. It is the energy of the Earth's bliss and joy being received by us! Wow...and was it strong! Archangel Michael explained to me that most people feel this energy as sexual excitement because that is how the body is used to dealing with the creative power of the Earth energy. It is received into the Base and Sacral chakras, and it never rises any higher. The original design for humanity was that this energy should be lifted into the Heart, and that there it would "connect" with the powerful energy of Source being transmitted from the Great Central Sun via the Crown chakra and into the Heart. In this form, the Earth's creative power would be expressed as Compassion and Unconditional Love, rather than just sexuality.

The Old Earth way of experiencing the Earth's energy is through sexual power. The New Earth's way of experiencing the Earth's energy is through the power of the Heart.

I have been following with great interest, the story of the Polygamist group in the USA who have had their children taken away because of their spiritual/sexual practices. Images of these people show women who look as though they still live in the 19th century, and are firmly "stuck" in a past energy. I think these people are being used by Spirit to make us aware of the "old" relationship between Spiritual and Sexual energy, and the emerging new relationship. This polygamous group practices "Spiritual" or "Celestial" marriages, where girls as young as 12 and 13 are married off as "wives" to much older men who already have other wives. They then proceed to produce large families of children. In this interpretation of the "spiritual marriage", the "power" is held on the sexual level, and becomes a way of abusing and exploiting women and children. Men, as well as women, are seen as nothing more than sexual beings who mate, and this is considered to be spiritual service. So, the Creative Power of the Earth is held and trapped in the lower chakras, and is used as a tool of control and domination. This is most clearly seen in this kind of group way of life, but it also holds true for most sexual relationships in the old energy in some way.

The challenge for us in the New Energy, is to take that powerful Creative Pulse from the Earth and experience it primarily at the Heart, where it was always intended to be. Then, when the energy of Compassion is activated, by Union with the Spiritual energy from Source, the sexual energy can be experienced in a beautiful and balanced way that honors both the Human Body and both individuals who enter into a true, balanced, equal and loving, sacred or spiritual marriage between two individuals as "christed" partners.

So, that also explains the nature of the Dreamy energy of the Wesak Moon. As this poweful Divine Masculine energy of the Buddha encircles the Earth, it feels as though the Higher Dimensions come right down into the Heart. This morning, I felt like you do when you receive Reiki, dreamy and floaty and very relaxed. The powerful pulses of Divine Masculine energy from the central Sun are entering into the Heart and connecting with the Divine Bliss of the Earth, in a true spiritual marriage. So, when I feel a bit irritated because I "need to work", Archangel Michael reminds me that I am "working"!

The energy that flows into our bodies, as awakened Lightworkers, is then transmitted into the Human Collective. It contains both the "original blueprint" for human life on Earth, and the New Codes for the New Earth, which Michael has callled the Grail Codes. At this time, we are transmitting these codes to others because our bodies and our light bodies are now clear enough to be the receivers and transmitters of these new codes. We are indeed like Human Crystals, receiving and transmitting Divine Light!

The key is the Water in our bodies. The Light transmits the codes into the Water matrix in our cells, and it is then transmitted to the Water matrix in the cells of others, so that if they wish to "entrain" then they can.

The same process is happening with the Earth as a planetary body. The Light pulses are trasnmitting the New Codes for the New Earth along the "River of Life" and this is being received into the Oceans and Rivers and Lakes of the Planet. These codes are being activated very strongly at this time, to assist the Earth in her Voyage of Transformation into a Paradise Planet.

So, if you feel a bit out of things today, just know that you are indeed being part of the powerful transmission of Light energy. Be kind to yourself, rest, drink lots of water, and imagine yourself beaming out Love from your Heart to Create that Field of Peace that will manifest the New Earth through Unconditional Love and Joy and Service!

16th April : Peace and more than ever.... : Wooops, it seems like someone just ramped up the energy levels again in the last few days. When I feel this kind of acceleration, I usually look for a connection with the energies in the Solar system. A quick check with revealed no sunspots and no solar winds! So this energy must be coming directly from the Great Central Sun to us through our new Galactic/Cosmic connection. I will not be surprised if there is some kind of Solar activity in the next few days!

What I have noticed is that Moon! As we approach the Wesak Full Moon on the 20th, I have noticed that the waxing moon has been fully visible even in the daytime where I live. Here is an image that I took yesterday afternoon:



So, maybe some of these powerful energies have been reflected and amplified by this Wesak Moon! While we are on the subject, here is an image from, of the Aurora that was taken earlier in the month:



Look at those beautiful colors. The pink is apparently unusual, and there is a scientific explanation to do with nitrogen, but I just see the beautiful pinks and greens of the activated Sacred Heart of the Planet, and the radiant rose pink, with a touch of gold, of the Divine Feminine, lighting up the skies of our planet!

Also, as the month advances, I am feeling excitement as I prepare for my trip to Argentina and Brazil, where I will be working with Family of Light in those countries. As I prepare, I have been working with Quantum Theory and Water, and learning, with Archangel Michael,how Light and Water, or Cosmic Fire and Water, combine to create the flow of Abundance through a state known as "Superradiance".

In Quantum Theory, when a system achieves a state of Coherence it becomes Radiant and Transparent. I like to think of this state of "Coherence" as the state of Unity Consciousness and Oneness that is the nature of the Fifth Dimension. In this state of Oneness, the flow of the "Codes" of Divine Abundance and Love are transmitted without disturbance and can manifest as material blessings.

In this "non-local" state of Oneness, within this flow of Abundance, Miracles are possible. Our consciousness interacts with this pure flow to create and manifest. I had my own little "Course in Miracles" this week, as the Flow of Love delivered Abundance to me. This also showed me how Spirit works when the channels of manifestation are clear and open. I had asked people to donate to the "Children of Africa" project, because we had experienced difficulties with our donations portal because of the nature of our financial system here in South Africa. I was just overwhelmed with the flow of abundant love that came to me as people just opened their hearts and donated. Our needs were met in 3 days! That was part one of the Miracle.

Part Two goes like this. We have the use of a building that used to be the old Post Office. We use it for workshops and art classes and other community related activities. But, it belongs to the Tourism Initiative in the Community, and we know that they will want it back at some point for their own purposes. So, Wilma and I talked about the possibility of purchasing our own small property so that we could have our own base for our work. Property is not that expensive in this township. However, we did not have the money, and I made a mental note to think about it, maybe later in the year. But, the Flow of Abundance was listening in, and in the last days, the money we needed was donated by a wonderful person in Belgium. He opened his heart to our needs, and the second miracle was accomplished, before I had even stated the need! It just felt so absolutely awesone to be a part of this clear and transparent flow of Unconditional Love that manifested what the children needed even before it was stated. The desire was enough for the "non local" angelic network to make the necessary connections!

I have always felt too, as Archangel Michael has also said to me, that the flow of energy between the wealthy North and the developing South, is what will help to create balance and prosperity for All on the Planet. So, receiving this gift of Love for us here in the South from a Lightworker in the North, was not only a miracle but a part of creating balance so that the "flow" can find everyone and manifest their dreams of love!

So, at this time, creating Peace and Love is so important! It is violence and fear that creates the "pertubations" or disturbances in the "system" that breaks down the ability of the "flow" to deliver the prosperity that is there to be shared by all. That is why, in this year, I am joining with other Lightworkers to help to create a "Field of Peace" so that this flow of Abundance and Love can be shared by everyone on the Planet. Together we are going to hold the energy of Peace through opening our Hearts to each other and to the people of Planet Earth! We can create Abundance through the Field of Peace!

At this time, as we read of people who do not have enough to eat, and of food riots, and spiralling food prices in developing countries as well as the more affluent nations, we need more than ever before to create this system of Peace so that the Abundance can flow to all. There is enough, we have just forgotten. We have handed over our power to agri-business, and we have forgotten that we can grow our own food from the Earth. Part of the work I do with the Children's Project is to run a Food Garden, so that the children can learn how to grow food, and to understand that even a poor community can grow food to help them to survive and flourish. All that is needed is soil, seeds, water and sunlight, and abundant food can be produced. But it is only in Peace that these gentle arts can be shared and cultivated.

So, dearest Family of Light, at this time, as we have activated the Grail Codes and we prepare to Serve, may we be the Ones who remember how to empower ourselves, and to guide others to remember that they are powerful too!

And the answer is always You and Me.....the Choices that we make and the way that we choose to serve!


ava414 22nd April 2008 12:22 am

22/04/2008 7:13AM - and all these numbers has got a very special meaning in my work

Dear Celia

What I would like to know is I had a huge energy that was from my Solar Plexus upward right around my head. It was so powerful I nearly could not bear it. It was there still till yesterday afternoon. And with those 60 000 men that got together for that guy of "Faith Like Potatoes" at Graytown in KZN and with the Pope doing his speech in the Yankee Stadium in America, I thought I was going to loose my mind. But the energy was mostly coming - what feel like, some kind of "chakra on my back that is spheric and goes around my shoulders and the top of my arms as well". As everytime my top arms got cold, I knew, oh, its coming again. Believe me, it was a most powerful energy. And only my love for animals could keep me to control this energy (if it was controlable at all?) This morning I am feeling better again a bit - don't know yet what would come the rest of the day, but a Reiki friend of mine said it was an energy of higher vibration and he never before picked up something like it at all - and he has seen odd things in his time being a healer. Do you perhaps have an explanation? ava414


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