Earthlog: The "Economy" of the Heart

Thanks once again to all who have written in to contribute to the online conversation that we are having here. I appreciate how all of you are contributing to the dialogue here on the Earth Log, as we approach the 11:11 stargate.

Two things have happened that have kind of tied together several of the threads we have been weaving here. And they made me realize that what this huge shift that we are experiencing is about is a movement from a money economy to a "heart economy" based on love. At this time, our economy is about money, our lives are about money, and if we are honest, our spirituality is often about money as well. In this New Earth Dream that arises, I am sure there will still be money, but the primary "economy" will be that of Love. Unconditional Love.

Well, some cynics may say, as did one Lightworker recently, that they work for money and not love, and that only money puts food on the table. Well, I would say that in the future, as even now, it will be love that will put food on the table and not money. It will be Love that will lift us up and keep us going, it will be love that will connect us to those who can support is when we need it. It will be the "Heart Grid", that shining connection from Heart to Heart, that will sustain us now and in the future. It is the pain of this shift that we are grappling with right now.

We do not know how to Love any longer. We have become so used to expressing ourselves with and through money, that we have lost the ability to express our Hearts in any other way, or in ways that are appropriate and supportive, even if it involves giving money. For, it is Love that is real, not money. Even though the Money illusion is so strong that it may appear otherwise.

I know in my heart that there is an abundance on the Earth, there is enough for everyone, if we were able to share it equitably in some way. I know that we can live on a beautiful and harmonious planet if we can only remember how to Love.

Well, here is the first thing that helped me to see this reality. Here is a letter from Patricia Weber in Canada, in response to our topic about those who are wanting to give up:

We are currently living in a society where only the monetary or material is perceived as having "the value” and only gifts that have been purchased with money are seen as being gifts at all. Intrinsic gifts that are also given are not even recognized as such and so their true value is not even seen as a gift at all. And so . . . To the Lightworkers, who are struggling . . . I tell "a story".

I live in the country in a house of many windows as I just love to watch the nature as it unfolds daily all around me. This for me is so special, expect however, on the occasions when the sun's light is so very bright that a bird mistakenly flies into a widow or into one of our glass doors. When this first occurred I heard the noise, just as the bird did hit, and once I came to realize just what happened as I saw the bird lying still, upon the deck. I called out to Stuart to come quick. I handed him a pair of gloves and knowing that he had such healing hands I asked him to just hold the bird cupped in his hands in the hopes that somehow the fallen bird could live. And to our surprise it did! Then one day when Stuart was away it happened again. Oh no . . . now the only hands available to hold the bird were mine. So . . . I put on the gloves, picked up the unmoving little bird as gently as I could and holding it in both of my hands I just sat and waited. I knew without a doubt that this bird was on the very edge of staying or leaving. And at first I hoped that the bird would live and knowing that every event does happen for a reason I thought that the experience just presented itself as an opportunity and perhaps the bird's life indeed would come to an end. With this in mind, I held that little bird, and silently said "To you my little friend I lovingly offer you the gift of my energy" for I knew that if my heart was open that more divine energy would be given me as I knew there is a never ending flow. "Use it as you will. I do so hope you stay but if you decide to go I will love you still." And every time this happened again and after a little while the birds would slowly begin to move, their little feet they would begin to uncurl and as the glaze of their eyes would begin to clear. And when they moved their heads from side to side I knew that they had made their choice. And it never really seemed to matter if it were a Wren, a Junco, or a Golden Crowned Kinglet, more often than not they would choose to live.

In Fifth Dimensional Reality, if All Is One, there is no distance that keeps me from being close to another. And so to every exhausted one . . . to all of you who have been hit in the head by an unforeseen obstacle, to you who have had the wind knocked right out of you . . . my hands are open. Take of this divine energy of love being offered by me and by many others. Let it be fuel to warm your hurting heart. I do hope that you decide to stay for the light of your life is most important to us all. It is not possible for me to rescue you . . . but if you accept these gifts, being offered, you will have the energy available and looking so deep inside, as Rob suggests, you can find the means to rescue yourself.

Love is Dreaming the New Way into being

What a wonderful way to understand the energy of love, and the power of that love to give life when it is shared as support. What does it mean to a being when you say "I Love You and I want you to Choose to be Here with Me and enjoy the Life the Creator Gave You". Does it not have the power to support and to give renewed desire for life to those who are tired?

Truly, animals can be our teachers on the planet at this time. They are showing us the way forward. Nature is teaching us how to live with love in our hearts once again.

The second thing that happened was that one of the small wild animals that lives in my garden, and has for a while, died. I found the small body lying in my garden next to the path yesterday. I was sad, and my first reaction was to just "clear away" the body. Then I thought, no, I need to dig a proper grave for the little body and bury it as an honored friend, for it had shared my space with me. So I did just that. Later, when I asked Spirit why this has happened at this difficult time, I was told that the little animal knew it was time to go and had chosen to die in a place where I would find its body, rather than somewhere hidden. It had wanted me to know that it was going, and to give me the chance to honor our connection and its passing. I saw, in my meditation, the Spirit of the little animal standing on the grave as if to say "good-bye", and then it went into Light.

I felt that I was being shown the need to honor all the beings that we share the planet with, all the small creatures who are our friends and relations on the planet. They too are part of the shining circle of the Heart. They carry the energy of Unconditional Love and they are so willing to teach us and to share with us.

So, whatever you have planned for the 11:11 energy, I ask that you remember Love, and that you be in your Heart. I ask that you open your Heart and extend your Love to All on this planet who are seeking the New Dream. The Time is Now. We are the Ones we have been Waiting for. It is time for us to really Be the Love and offer that to Others. It is time for us to bring back the Balance. The Balance of the Heart.



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