Earthlog: The Mysteries of Death and Birth and Resurrection

Today is the day celebrated by the Christian church in the memory of the Resurrection of Jesus, from the state known as "death" to the life of Spirit. It is interesting to me that at this time, we are also experiencing the "shock waves" or after effect of the "death" of a Star.

Many people have reported feeling strange energy symptoms, and I have been feeling very sad, and thinking about death in the last few days. It turns out that on Wednesday the 19th of March, the light from an exploding star, called a Supernova, reached Earth, ans was so bright that it was visible to the naked eye. It was accompanied by gamma rays and x rays as well. It was transmitting its "information" to the Earth at this crucial time.

It is a crucial time for us on this Planet, for as we activate the Grail Codes within ourselves and on the Planet, we become receivers of Cosmic Light from the Great Central Sun. We become Stars....we live on a Planet that is now an "Earth Star"....a Planetary body that receives its Light Codes directly from the Great Central Sun. We are birthing as a Star!

So, what then is the "death" of a Star? It is merely a Stellar Being that has finished its given purpose and moved to another level of Evolution. As it leaves it "explodes" and transmits the "information" of its life and death into the "matrix" of the Cosmos, so that All may share in what has been experienced and learnt in that Star and in its lifetime.

So, as the Earth Star births, it takes into its Memory Codes or Information banks, all that was known and experienced in that Stellar system so far away. The Galactic Codes have been stored in Earth's newly re-activated Galactic DNA. And so, according to quantum theory, we may be feeling some "pertubation" in the "system" as this information is projected across the Cosmos as a gift from the Star that is moving into its next level of Being in its own continued evolution.

Yes, it was a bit chaotic for me the last few days, apart from the sadness I felt as the dying star said its farewells, I also had a few bizarre experiences. I nearly got run over by a little old lady on Saturday....yes really....and then I rescued two young budgies from the street, so now my budgie family has two new members. And yes, I have a huge cage for them to fly and spread their wings and chirp and do bird things!

So, on this day of the Resurrection of Christ, we can feel also how our Galactic Awareness is allowing us to experience Life and Death and on a much larger scale. For, the star that dies transmits its codes to us before it transitions. This is, in effect, what happens here on Earth when a Being dies. When Jesus died, and Mary Magdalen, the Information codes that contained their joint experiences were transmitted into the DNA of the Human Species. It took two thousand years before we, as a Collective, were ready to embrace and fully embody the Grail Codes that would allow us to become Cosmic Humans and to experience our Divinity through a Human Body and through our relationships with others who would also carry the Grail Codes and would open to the flow of their Divine Essence.

So, on this Easter Sunday, may we always remember the Divine Mystery of Birth and Death....that life is Infinite and always evolving...and that nothing is ever lost in this ongoing spiral journey called Life. And that we are entering into the "gift" of the next phase of our own evolution as The Blue Star or the Earth Star. As we receive and transmit the Light Codes from the Galactic center, we are, like individual stars, radiating the Divine Light of Source.

So, celebrate the gifts of our "death" and "rebirth" in this process that we have called "Ascension". We have been resurrected to a new form of life in the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and Unconditional Love.

And now, for some Easter energy of a different kind! Today, we held our Easter Egg Hunt for the children of our Starchild Children's Project here in Sir Lowry's Pass in Cape Town. We had always...and thank you to those who donated to make this event possible. It is always a joy for me to be able to bring joy into the lives of these children from impoverished backgrounds here in South Africa...with your help. First image is Ian, a member of my Friday children's group, showing the rest how the dance is done!:



hmmmmm...not sure about that...maybe when my hair is done.....


The Easter Bunny's little helper...the Easter Bunny was Wilma and little Natino just wanted to help...I think.....



isolde 23rd March 2008 7:44 pm

Thank you for sharing love and wisdom today in beautiful humanistic terms. Personally, I always enjoy your connection, consistent truth from the heart and vulnerability. When pictures are attached, we can all experience the quality of the universal soul which engages us in more love. Bless you for your vibrancy; I am sending you infinite bandwidths of love. Your work is refreshing and gentle. Blessings...


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