Earthlog: The New Dream Rises

Thank you to all the people who wrote in about the last Earth Log entry. Thank you for opening your hearts and sharing your feelings with me.

The first responses were from people in other countries as diverse as Sweden and New Zealand, to say that they were also experiencing these things where they lived, and that they could feel the failure of the old dream where they were. Then there were those from inside the USA who could feel the exhaustion and the loneliness as part of their society. One of the writers, from California, made a good point when she said that "slowing down" was a good way to deal with the energies right now. If we are moving too fast we have no time to be still and to connect with the deep inner feelings and the deep inner dreams within our hearts.

It is only in that stillness that we can hear what our soul wants to communicate to us, and that we can feel the movement of the Creative energies within us. So, I have decided to include the text of a letter that I received from someone who has experienced the exhaustion and the loneliness. This is from Rob Norton in the USA:

I am one of those people who have lost their "home" and are without or have little money. This is something that has been ongoing now for just over a year, i came to the USA, from the Uk, to, i guess it is best to say to MANIFEST, my dream, along the way i have felt great ( Overwhelming ) feelings of fear, desperation, lonliness, angst, turmoil...................well, you know the drill you know how it goes.

I don't know if this will be of any help or service, i can only hope it will be, i found, just doing what felt right, no matter what, stay as clear as you can in your mind, DONT, think that you don't know what to do, as you will only act this out, as people not being there to help/assist, harsh as this may sound, they don't have to. Period, have the power and ability to keep taking the steps, kind of like taking baby steps, and over time ( this WILL COME IN TIME ). People slowly begin to start showing up, the right people, be it with a few dollars or a kind, strong, sensitive supportive word. Also, it helps to look at the true reason why you are where you are in your life, this has helped me A LOT, to basically give myself the clarity that this period, and it is just a period, will pass.

Just go deep, the answers are there within you, everything you need is right there within you, i know its hard, and i know it hurts, trust me, i have wanted to end my life more than once, but im still here, ive made it this far, just keep going, just..............when you get down, try to SEE, your dream, allow yourself to feel it, in that way it becomes a reality and know longer just a dream. If you do fall, know it is ok to do so, and don't beat yourself up about it, if you want warmth, safety and protection, it come, maybe not in an ideal form, but it will come and it will be one of the steps that help you along the way. I hope this helps, i just..............keep going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL MAKE IT ! As i say this to you, i say it to myself also. Just try to feel more, your not alone as you may think, im going through the same thing that you are, as well as many others, and its OUR dream, its here for all.

Take care of yourself, your worth it ! All the love in the world and beyond is yours too, just let go and accept it, you will get through this, feeling so much stronger and confident, as well as having an unlimited amount of knowledge, compassion and love that will help so many others who are following us.

And, so, we can create a new dream if we turn inside and draw on those deep resources that we all have. Even when we are exhausted, we can let go and surrender to the Higher Forces, and allow them to take us to a safe haven. Together, knowing we are not alone. Knowing that whatever we experience, there are others who are feeling the same way and others who have made the shift through these difficult moments. And so we begin to build a sense of community and love, and we can reach out to each other from our hearts and share the energy of our hearts as support for others.

And now, here is a delightful image that was sent to me by Gerald Kilda of the USA. I mentioned a few days ago a dream I had where I saw animals and humans living together in peace and harmony. Here is an image of a Moose mother who gave birth to her baby in the front yard of a house in suburban Michigan, USA. Obviously, the mother felt safe enough to give birth to her baby in this area. I like to think that she was feeling the warmth and love in the New Crystalline Grids of the Earth, and that she knew that she was safe there, in the presence of loving humans. I like to think that this is the New Dream rising:



andromedanambassador 9th November 2007 4:47 am

A couple of things came to my mind after I wrote to you yesterday:

1) That people may be lossing their homes beacuse we need to start thinking as a family and perhaps, it is time for the ones that can to open their homes, at least temporarily, to those that are in the pocess of clearing their fear and lost their homes.

Once down in the 90's I was homeless too. I had to put aside my feelings of inadecuacy and humiliation to ask my father to take me back in his home. I was in my 30's and with two young children. I did it for love to my children but it was a good lesson too.

At the end it turned out to be good for the whole family as I helped my father to win a court case. The money that came from that, once he died, bought the humble house that I have now and supported my brothers and sisters. So, like we say in south america, "no hay mal que por bien no venga" there is no wrong that does not have good in it, or like the English say "all clouds have a silver lining".

2) That sometimes we resist change and then we are forced to make changes. These changes may have something to do with impending natural disasters and we are being removed for our own sake.

In love


Mariù 9th November 2007 5:06 am

(((Alainoor))) :smitten:


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