Earthlog: The New Moon and Lunar Eclipse,some Whale News and a Great Soul passes into Light

Yesterday was a very special day, as we experiened the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse. The New Energy Codes are being implemented on the Planet! And, I find that after the chaos and the turbulent energy of the past few weeks, it seems that the Peace had returned. Everything has gently "clicked" back into place again.

Here is a beautiful image that was sent to me by Tammie Stair, of a Crystal lay-out that she did for the New Moon and the Lunar Water Energy. I felt that her image transmits the energy with great beauty, and that I would like to share it with you.













I think that what we have been passing through in the last few weeks has been, as noted earlier, the opportunity to make new choices. That can be a very tense time, because you are asked to review where you are and what you want, and then to choose again, or renew your choices. This brings up sadness and a fear of loss, for what if you make the wrong choice? But, at this time, as fearless co-creators, we can be sure that our I AM will lead us into the right choices for us. I know I made my choice yesterday, and that is why I feel so peaceful and clear today. And I know in my heart that it was the right choice for me and my future, because I really had to think about it and go through all the feelings that were tied up in this choice. Anyway, whether we were aware of it, or not, we have all made the choices that will carry us forward into this new phase of the Planet's Transformation. And, I am sure that you have all made the perfect choices for you.

The Whale energy has come back into my consciousness today, and I am so aware of how this beautiful beings are serving the Tranformation of the Planet. Firstly, I received a long mail from Ram Su in Argentina, in which she enclosed also copies of the logs from the Greenpeace ships that are following the Japanese Whale Hunters in the Southern Oceans. So, I sat and read those this morning. Then, as I went through the CNN news, I saw that the Australian government has taken some very distressing images that it intends to use in its legal case against Japan to halt whaling in the Southern Oceans.

So, while this news is distressing, it also lets us know that things are happening. I said in November that I believed that this would be the last whale hunt, and I still believe that. I think the Whales are offering themselves in our service, so that we can wake up and stop destroying our Planet and causing suffering to other sentient beings. For the first time, this has become an issue where a government is prepared to make a legal case to protect the Whale Sanctuary in the Southern Oceans. This means that the issue of Whale slaughter in not just something that can any longer be dismissed as the concerns a few fringe environmentalists, but it has become a matter of Global concern among governments that have the welfare of the Planet at Heart. So, congratulations to the Australians for leading the way!

I also had a mail from Anne in Houston in the USA, to say that a Federal Court in the USA had enforced an environmental law that would prohibit the USA Navy from using Sonar that could damage whales and marine environments in its training. So, that is a small victory for the whales, and we hope that this ruling will be upheld at Higher Courts as well.

I would like to think that all the Global Love that we put into the Solstice Meditation for the Whales, in December, is helping to create these shifts in consciousness on our Planet.









And now, at this time of Shift and Change, it is also time to say good-bye to a Great Soul who devoted much of his life to the work of Global Transformation. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi pased into Light at his home in the Netherlands, just before the New Moon and the Eclipse.

Maharishi was a controversial figure, because of his relationship with the Beatles and other figures from the Pop music scene in the sixties and seventies, and the opposition amongst fundamentalist christians to his Transcendental meditation (TM) technique. But, whatever you may read about him in the media, there can be no doubt that he devoted his life to the work of Planetary Enlightenment.

I never knew him personally, but around 2001 and 2002 I worked closely with several people who had been close personal associates and were familiar with the yogic tradition. What I learnt from them was the Focus and Discipline needed to undertake Global Spiritual Work. Up until that time, I had worked with the ideas of being a psychic and a healer, and doing those well. But, it had never occured to me that this work might go beyond me and my clients at that time, to being a Global Movement for Enlightenment. And so, the energy of Maharishi worked with me for a while to show me how to focus and how to hold energy for Global Peace and Love.

It was not an easy process for me as a western and christian educated person. There was resistance to the openess and the power of the radiance that he brought into my life. That was the first time I vibrated and shook and thought I was dying of something terrible! I had never known that a human being could carry that much radiance in their body. I remember also, when he showed me that in order to carry this radiance you have to be completely in touch with your sexuality and its energy flows, your own personal inner "flame". This was a hard one for me, since I had been taught the separation of sexuality and spirituality that is the "problem" with traditional christianity. This was also where John Lennon was unable to go any further with Maharishi. But, as I have come to understand, unless we can connect with our Spiritual and Sexual energy in complete harmony and clarity, we will never be able to enter into any form of Sacred Union. For Sexuality must be seen as a Sacred God Force, before it can be part of Sacred life. That, of course, means great respect for this energy, and is not a licence for sexual promiscuity in the name of Love, as it was misunderstood in the Hippie "free love" era.

So, it is with great respect and love that I say farewell to Maharishi. I know that, as with every Great Soul, his energy will become part of that which he sought to create....Global Peace and Freedom from Poverty...and an Enlightened Earth.

For those of you who would like to pay a last tribute to Maharishi, here is a video taken at his birthday celebrations in Holland in January 2008, when he turned 91. The singer is Donovan, whom some of you might remember from the sixties and seventies. Donovan was part of the group that included the Beatles that visited Maharishi in India, and I always smile when I see him in the photographs in his yellow outfit as "Sunshine Superman". Donovan continued to work with Maharishi, and here you can see him talking about his work and experiences.

Click here for Video.



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