Earthlog: The Ongoing Energies....and a New Adventure for all of Us

The energies continue to rather turbulent and difficult. I have had many people write and tell me that they are finding this period especially difficult. I can understand that, this is a moment of major transition and change on the Inner levels, and nothing much seems to be "moving" on the outer levels for some people. Those who are used to making their lives "move" may find this period distressing, as they are guided to learn to wait and be patient as the inner changes are made. Also, the physical reactions many are experiencing at this time may seem to be extreme, and I will explain the reasons for that a little later in this log.

Well, let me begin with the adventure part, and then I will explain a little about the reasons why we are feeling such pressure right now. Life is meant to be be a joyous adventure of experiencing and becoming. There will be quiet times of integration and active times of exploring. And there will be times of balance. Now, when we reach the Equinox, on Sunday, the energies should reach a point of balance that will make things a little easier for all us. I have embarked on my own adventure this week. I changed hemispheres in the last few days, and I am now in the Netherlands. I love being in this country....I am here to work, of course, but I am also pursuing my own adventure - an exploration of the "Magdalena Matrix or Grid". This Grid is one of the reasons why the energy is so turbulent right now.

Let me explain. A few months ago I had a dream that I was in a house, it was my house, and I was opening up a section that had been closed up for a very long time. The rooms were dusty, the windows boarded up and the furniture was broken. But, I was in the process of making that room light and beautiful again. I did not really fully understand that dream until now. For, what is happening right now is the we are re-opening a "room" in our hearts to accomodate the full flow of the Solar Divine Fenminine energy, or the Magdalena energy, and to do that we are being once again "re-wired" on the level of the Light Body and new channels and meridians are opening up. These are channels and light meridians have been closed for many many years, more than a thousand. And now we are once again in the opening process.

It has been a physically painful process, I can vouch for that. There has been a great deal of clearing and activating on the left side of the body, and in the Heart/Chest area as we open up this new "chamber" of the Heart.

Why is it painful? Well, I have come to understand that the so-called "Ascension Symptoms" are caused by our deep resistance and fear of the changes in our bodies and our DNA. This is also because the process involves the return of the Divine Feminine energy and the activation of the Magdalena Codes and the Magdalena matrix within us. Now, this is a fearful process, because about a thousand years ago there was an event called the Albigensian Crusade in which the Catholic church destroyed a group of people called the Cathars. They were a group who honored the Divine Feminine and the energy of the Magdalene and her role on the Earth. When they were finally destroyed, at Montsegur in France, the way was opened for the dominance of the patriarchal Masculine energy, and many years of persecution and torture of those who embraced the Divine Feminine in their body and their lives. The Magdalena grid was "closed down" and destroyed, for that "grid" exists in the Earth and in our bodies. So, by killing all those who carried this "grid", the grid was destroyed. This was coded into the human DNA, and since then we have carried a deep subconscious survival fear around the energy of the Magdalena grid in our bodies.

magdalena But, now is the time that we are re-opening the Magdalena grid in our bodies on on the Planet. The Divine Feminine energy is flowing once again, and we are gradually activating those codes within us that will allow us to once again embrace Creative Joy and Lightness - the energies of the Cosmic Creative Feminine.

As part of this adventure, I will be going to France to visit Montsegur, and other sites associated with the energy of Mary Magdalene in France, and I will of course be sharing this with you on the Earth Logs, as we all go through this adventure of re-opening a "chamber" in our High Heart for the flow of the Magdalena energy, and in our Light Bodies for the beauty of the Magdalena Matrix.

Our first stop, after the Equinox, will be at Mont St Michel, to visit one of the "etheric homes" of Archangel Michael on the planet. And I will be sharing this adventure with you as well. So, together we can honor the return of ther Magdalena Matrix.

So, to get back to the feelings and experiences of this moment, and I can say is relax, be patient, and allow this process of "re-wiring" and "re-opening" that is happening both in the Planetary Collective and within the bodies of each one of us. Try not to get too caught up in the wild and fanatastic stories that keep coming out as people try to find an explanation for the unfamiliar energies and anxieties. The world will not end, no disasters are coming. All that is happening is that your DNA is recognizing the feelings of anxiety, fear and pain associated with the destruction of the Magdalena Matrix, and is doing what it has been taught to do, warning you that there is a "danger" here. But, in reality that is no longer true. The Witch burnings are over, and we are now free to express our Divine Feminine Creativity on the Earth. We don't need to escape to another planet, we don't need to hide and be anxious. We are given permission to live our Creative Joy and Bliss right here on Planet Earth, right now. It will just take us a little time to really believe that we are safe, and that we can let go of the fear and begin living our dreams and joys and creating the reality that we desire.

So, as I travel in France I hope to assist in some small way in re-activating the Magadalena grid, both for the Earth and for each one of us. So, I invite you to join me on this adventure, here on the Earth Logs. If you are in the Netherlands, you can join me and my friend, Janosh, at the workshop we will be giving at the Almere Muziekwijk. It will be all about the Magdalena grid, and will also feature some of the beautiful work that Janosh has done with the Grail Codes and the Magdalena energy.


willow 20th September 2007 7:13 pm

Yes, Mary Magdalene is finally getting her strenght back. It is about time. For all the women of the world, too. And men. :laugh: My left side of the body is like bunch of electric wires going on and off and giving me shocks. Very uncomfortable at times. But the energies in general are... amazing.

Thank you, Archangel Michael and Celia.

Mariù 21st September 2007 6:33 am

Now I do understand lots of things!! Thank you Celia for bringing more clarity! I've been feeling uncomfortable in my left side of the body too and heart area plus my period has been unusually painful in the last months and somehow different! Ahhhh this feminine energy!!I hope all will be in balance soon!! :roll:


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