Earthlog: The "Sacred Heart" of Buenos Aires and Sowing the Seeds of Peace

As we move into this month of May with all its changes and transformations, I find myself here in Argentina, in Buenos Aires. I am here to do workshops and channels, and to work with the "Field of Peace" on the South American continent. It has been a busy time for me. I arrived here on Sunday, and have been getting adjusted to being in a new city and with new people, most of whom are Spanish speaking. And, as I make the adjustments, I was also sad to see that there had been a massive Cyclone storm in Myanmar, with great loss of life. This tragic occurence on a planet out of balance just urges us to acknowledge that we need to create a Field of Peace right now and work to bring back the balance.

The "Field of Peace" plants the seeds not just for an absence of war, although that is desired, but also for bringing the planet back into balance so that people do not lose their lives in "natural" disasters. The way that each one of us can assist in bringing back the Global balance is to bring that balance into our lives. We have to realize that we are not "passive" victims of an out of control system, but that we are powerful, and that we have the power to make changes, starting with our own lives and our communities, and as we make these small changes of consciousness, we can change and raise the consciousness on the planet through reaching a "critical mass" of people who seek to create balance and abundance.

The "Field of Peace" is an energy and a consciousness associated with the Golden Flame of Abundance that creates Peace through respecting and loving the Earth. This means finding sustainable ways to live on the Earth and to support each other as communities. This begins with how we, as Lightworkers, can love and sustain each other. So, that is why, in this trip to South America, we are seeking to work with groups of people to create the seed energies for this higher state of consciousness, so that people may create sacred geometries of light in their own cities that will be the fifth-dimensional support structure for the emerging New Earth of Peace and Abundance.

I have been charmed by Argentina and the busy city of Buenos Aires and its people. Archangel Michael tells me that Argentina is due to pass through a turbulent time of change and then to emerge as one of the leading nations in the new energy. I see that it is poised to do just that, even though it is passing through some stressful times. The country is led by a woman President, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner, and there is hope that she will be able to bring changes to this country. But, what impressed me most, was the high level of spiritual awareness among Lightworkers in this country and in the capital city. There are some really exciting energies emerging here, and the city stands poised to be a leader in the new global consciousness that is emerging in this new cycle.

Of course, being here at the time of the New Moon, on the 5th of May, was an ideal time to activate the "seeds" of this emerging consciousness and to work with this community in expressing an energy of Global Peace and Love. So, here are some images from my first days in Buenos Aires.

The first image is some street art from close by to where I am staying in the Palermo district of the city. The theme of the my first workshop is "The Sacred Heart" and "Heartweaving" to create a new consciousness, so I was attracted to these beautiful hearts made of roses, symbolic of the energy of the Divine Feminine and Mary Magdalene.



And, speaking of the energy of the Divine Feminine, here is an image from a church in Buenos Aires. It is "The Virgen of Carmen". What attracted me about this depiction of the traditional Mary as mother, is the Golden energy that surrounds her. She is the first "Virgin" that I have seen that is "clothed with the sun", or surrounded with the Golden Light of Ascended Solar Consciousness.



Of course, much of the gold and silver that adorns Catholic churches in the "old world" of Europe was taken from South America by the conquistadors and sent home. The gold was mined in Peru and Bolivia by the Incas, the Indigenous peoples, who saw themselves as "hijos del Sol" or "Children of the Sun". So the use of Gold in ritual icons is an idea that was already here in South America when the Spanish arrived. So, in this image of the Virgin in Buenos Aires, I see a combination of the Divine Feminine energy of the European tradition combined with the Golden Solar energy that was sacred to the Indigenous peoples of the continent.

This combination of energies is what characterizes Argentina and Latin America. The original peoples have blended their energy and culture with that of the people who came to the land as colonizers. As Archangel Michael said in the "Grail Codes" transmission, it is time that we begin to see how each has contributed to the emergence of a unique modern culture. It is time for us to acknowledge each other and to release the ideas that the European energy was "superior" and that the Indigenous peoples were "inferior". It is only by seeing how each culture and each individual contributes to the whole that we can begin to honor what we have created in the past, together, and that we can move forward into the creation of a New Earth that honors and supports all equally. It is time to forgive the past, in the sense of "letting go" of old patterns of "difference", and to see how we have come together to create from our common human energy and for the benefit of our common home, the Planet Earth. For, the "New World" and the "Old World" of Europe and Latin America no longer exist, and what is emerging is a Global Culture of people who are connected and inter-connected on a daily basis. It is a Fifth-dimensional Planetary culture, where we can see quite clearly that we are "One", part of the One Heart and the One Creator. We are all Children of the Sun, clothed with the Golden Flame of Divine Love, if we can only allow ourselves to embrace this consciousness.

Here is an image of fellow Lightworkers in Buenos Aires. On the left is Paloma Fernandez, who is the Spanish Translator for Starchild and who is organizing my work in Argentina and Brazil. On the left is Maria Lombana who is producing the Spanish translation of my book "The Indigo Crystal Adventure", and who is also helping with organization for the "Field of Peace" workshops.



And, lastly, here is an image of some of the magical and fun energy of Buenos Aires, the Tango dancers in the Caminito district. The Caminito is the "birthplace" of the Tango, and you can see the graceful Tango dancers showing off their skills on a daily basis.


It is a very sensual and passionate dance, and the professionals develop a high level of skill and agility. Paloma tells me that she is organizing some Tango lessons for me...well, you know, when in Buenos Aires..... So watch this space for the adventures of Celia in Tango Land!



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