Earthlog: The Solstice Whale Meditation

As the Solstice approaches, I would like to invite you all to join us in a global meditation for the Whales and Dolphins, the creatures of the Oceans and the Oceans themselves. "Us" is a team of three people who have shared our common love for the Oceans and the Cetaceans, Anne Matheson of Australia, Kauwila of the Big Island in Hawaii USA, and myself, here in Cape Town, South Africa.

Kauwila was asked by Spirit to receive and transmit the beautiful music that you can use for the meditation. Anne has set up a site called, where you can learn more about her organization for the meditation that she is holding at 6.08 UT on the 22nd of December. Here at Starchild, I have created two meditation pages with the music, which you can use to focus a meditation on the 22nd, or at any time that you would like to spend time sending Love and Gratitude into the Oceans and to the Cetaceans and the creatures of the Oceans. You can Click Here to go the Starchild meditation pages. You can also download the music from Anne's site, or from Kauwila's site,

We are all very proud of the beautiful energy that has been created through this music, to be shared with the Cetaceans, especailly the whales who transmitted the music to Kauwila. I just love listening to these beautiful sounds from the Hawaian islands!

So, please join us in sending out Peace and Love and Dreaming Peace and Love for our Oceans, at this powerful time of the Solstice. Let it also be a time when we can go inside ourselves and find that deep Peace and Love at our Core and share that with others. Let's Open our Hearts and feel the Love and Compassion that is Who We Are at this time!

And so, we are also moving towards Christmas, so for those of you who do Christmas, I would like to wish you a Joyous and Festive and Wonderful Christmas. For those of you who don't do Christmas, and I know there are many of you around the world in the Starchild readership....well, humor us, we are having fun! The idea is Peace and Love, and that is what we aim to create.

So, also, thank you to Elizabeth in Spain for the lovely Christmas Card...and to all of you in Argentina and Chile, "Feliz Navidad para Todos", and I will be meeting you soon!

If anyone still has that wonderful card of Santa and the reindeer singing "Dreaming of a White Christmas", please send it along. I just love it, and I can't seem to find it from last year!

I spent the morning putting up my own Christmas tree, and just had so much fun and joy. So, here I would like to share with you my tree, and say:


Thank you All for being such an important and loving part of my life in the last year, and for sharing the roller coaster ride of Ascension and Transformation with me. May you have a Peaceful and Love filled Christmas. Remember...Heaven is Within You! That is where you will find the Peace and the Love!"





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