Earthlog: "The Winds of Change" reach Gale Force

The Planet is certainly changing at high speed. The economic shifts and changes are very apparent as Humanity begins to dismantle the Old and Create the New. Of course, what most people see is the old disintegrating with nothing to apparently take its place, and there is a fair amount of stress and strain that is being felt on a deep level. This manifests as anger, despair and anxiety. I have been getting a new surge of "angry" letters, as well as those that say "why am I so unhappy, when I am doing everything "right"?

Well, when things change, the old has to be removed so that the new can arise. The Economic system on Earth is probably the largest and most "inert" or crystallized system that we have. Changing it is not easy. I remember having a long discussion with an Ecomonics Phd a few years ago, and he believed it could not be done. Of course, with the help of Spirit it can, but it will not be easy. We have asked for this change, and now we must keep our courage and strength and allow the changes to happen, and not fall into anger and despair and cynicism and lashing out at whoever is nearest to carry our confusion and anger, if that is what we feel. And, if you are a Lightworker, you may find youself having to support and receive these energies coming from others, so for goodness sake, don't hold onto them, just release and let go. Look after yourself so that you can have the strength to continue with your Light work, knowing that the new is arising.

I remember back in March, how I experienced my "mu" day, that perfect day when I felt balanced and happy and wonderful! It was as if Spirit was saying, this is where you are going, so remember, but from now on its going to be a bit rough. And yes, it has been very rough! The winds of change have reached gale force, and look to be picking up speed still.

At this time, most people are still in shock and they see only the situation getting worse and worse, so I would like to tell you a story that will show you how powerful light work can be. It is about Africa, and about Zimbabwe. I haven't said much about what is going on in Zimbabwe, because the international media is manipulated and one just doesn't know what is real and what is not. But I have a good friend and fellow Lightworker in Harare, and I wrote to him to ask. Of course being me, I just asked, and living in Zimbabwe right now, he has to be very careful. So he replied by sending me a newspaper report from Zimbabwe that makes it very clear that after 28 years of political repression, Robert Mugabe has now been ousted by a popular vote. The shattered Zimbabwe social and economic structure now has a chance to be healed and rebuilt. This to me, is a Miracle, I have worked for many years with this group of Lightworkers in Zimbabwe, to try to bring change through Light, and it always seemed as though nothing would change. But now it has...and this is where the story gets interesting for me, because when my friend wrote to me about events in March, he said that he could feel the huge influx of light that was bringing change.

Ok...Light in Africa. Last Year, when I went to the World Congress on Illumination, I did a session for Africa, and I asked all the Lightworkers there to work with me to help to raise Africa into the Fifth Dimension. A powerful outpouring of Love and Light was sent to Africa at that time. And afterwards. People continued to hold Africa in their hearts, as was obvious to me by the letters and support that I received. But, one more things. After the channel session I did with Archangel Michael, a person in the audience asked what could be done to change or bring change to Robert Mugabe. Patricia Cota Robles suggested that we hold him in our hearts in our unconditional love. This startled me a bit, as being from this part of the world, I was so used to seeing him as the personification of all that was "wrong", that it was indeed a new idea to hold him as a "wounded child" and give him all the love that was possible from the Divine Feminine of Mother aspect of God. And when this is done, it enables the person to loosen the power of attachments. For attachments are created from and through fear, and Unconditional Love allows the person to release the fear and loosen the attachment. I don't doubt that Mugabe's attachment to power has weakened, and that he is unable to hold on any longer, and that the people of Zimbabwe are ready to take back their power and to begin to create another reality. And this has been done by popular vote and through democracy, and not through war and bloodshed.

So, I have no doubt that this is an example of the power of Unconditional Love to bring light and change, and allow us to begin the process of creating something new. I have shared this story with you in the hope that it will encourage you to see how powerful Love is, and how it can be used to hold light and to bring light into any situation, no matter how dark and hopeless it seems. I am not by any means trying to take credit for the changes, please dont read that, but I am seeing how powerful the focussed creative intention of a Group of highly motivated Lightworkers can be. If we can do this more, just hold each other in the Unconditional Love of the Fifth Dimension, instead of continuing on with the Fear and the Anger of the old energy, then we will be able to shine Light in every dark corner and release the attachments that fear has created.

And it is true that much of the present global economic system is built on fear, fear of lack and fear of not having enough. And so, in our panic and lack of trust, people become angry and fearful and they attach to their old ways and to the old system ever more, believing that only money will bring them security. In the days that lie ahead, our global attachement to money as the cure for all woes will be eroded. We will release out attachments to money, and begin to see that using our Higher Creative energy to manifest is the way that we will create abundance. The money will be a result of the Manifestation process and not the agent of manifestation as it is seen now. We will learn to create through Light and Intention, and because this is the way in which we were designed to function in the Fifth Dimension, we will all share in the Abundance that is created.

So, I ask you not be become fearful as the gale force winds blow, and please don't become angry and cyncial and depressed or ungrateful, for in doing this you only block the flow of blessings that are extended to an open heart and a gratful mind. Know that you are supported and loved through all these changes, and that what you need will be provided in this time of change. You do not have to rely on your own ability to provide, but you can work with your I AM to create support and abundance. The support and abundance are always there, it is just that we have come to believe that we must do these things ourselves, and we have forgotten how to work with spirit so that the Light that is everywhere can manifest as abundant blessings for all.

One of the things that has encouraged me most recently has been my work with the Children of Africa project in our local community. The changes there in the last two years have been tangible. It is an impoverished community and it is far from perfect still, but it is changing rapidly. When I first went there, the dirt and the poverty and the degradation were very evident. These people have a history of low self worth and anger that is expressed in substance abuse and violence. Their ancestors were pushed off the land by colonialism and slavery, and more recently they were the "victims" of apartheid. But, slowly a miracle is happening here. The area is becoming cleaner as the result of a clean up campaign and more social awareness. People are taking pride in their homes and their lives, and children and being given social and educational advantages that were never available for their parents. And many of them are taking these opportunities and working with them to create better lives.

What has also been heart-warming for me is the amount of support that we are receiving for our work. When I first began the project, I used to struggle to find the money to run the food program, and if anything else came up I was never sure of where I would get the money. But, recently, people have just opened their hearts and we have been able to keep on and even expand the work that we are doing for this community. Truly, I feel blessed by the love and support that has been coming my way in the last year! I feel that we are working together to uplift those who don't have, so that we can live on a Planet where each and every living being is loved and supported. And that is the purpose of this transformation and change. So, my advice to everyone, based on my own experience, is that when you feel this pinch and you feel that you don't have enough, look around you and see how you can help others. There are always others who need help and love. In this way you "connect" to the flow of love and support, by being part of the solution or the "river of life" as it pours out its blessings of love. I always remember that I began the "Children of Africa" project when I had very little myself, because that was what I wanted to do, and I couldn't wait until I had lots of money, that time seemed to be never coming anyway, so I just went ahead and offered what I could. And we have grown together. I still take nothing from the Project, and all the money that is donated goes directly to the Children and the Community.

So, at this time of change and pressure, please open your hearts and allow the flow of Fifth Dimensional love to be the Light in your Life!


Appel Nemarundwe 27th April 2008 6:03 am

Indeed the winds of change have arrived. Gasoline prices and the threat of food shortages definitely will stir compassion in the hearts of peoples of the West and East. By feeling what Others (like in Zimbabwe) have been argonizing, the realization of Oneness becomes.
As One that descends from Zimbabwe, I feel the perception of Mugabe, though dictatorial for a group conscious reason, requires the West, to come to grips with the issue of dominance, holier than thy mental strata. The historical "seasoning" of former western colonial states, requires time & freedom-to-sort-it-out themSelves; self-determination without undue "external pressure" from corporate vampires vying for resources blind to Love. Illegal western sanctions and manipulation by the East,have brought Zimbabwe to its "knees". Though, Mugabe, symbolizes male energy out of balance; at the same time, he is also delaying polluters and plunderers from raveging mother earth, even moreso at the detriment of the indeginous peoples not coming-up with their own models of God expression.
This word democracy,(REQUIRES EVOLUTION) has worked really good for Empires extending corporate greed. I however, I pray 4 Mugabe to CHANGE and allow RENEWAL. Light shall prevail which ever.

Raj Aladed 14th June 2008 10:02 am

You make most interesting points. I have so many questions for you. I could learn so much. Is there a way I may contact you directly?

Your friend,

Appel Michael 28th September 2008 9:27 pm

Sorry, I got sucked-in with the mortgage crisis and hadn't visited the web-site for long. Anyways seems Mugabe finally gave-in to power sharing with the opposition party in Zimbabwe, that allows for balance between the forces of change in retrospect to the values of self-determination for the indegenous Zimbabweans. I, pray though that Mugabe does not succumb to the temptation of being dictatorial to the outcome.

Appel Michael 14th October 2008 9:59 pm


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