Farewell to 2008 and Welcome to 2009

I am sure that most of you felt the wollop of Light that surged through the Collective Consciousness on the week-end. I know that I am still buzzing with the energy. I spent most of Sunday just being very quiet and very still and working to integrate the powerful Light. From now on, we will be "collective transmitters" of the Christ Light and the Christ Consciousness to others.

A reader in the United Kingdom sent me this beautiful invocation to the Christ Light after he read the channel from Archangel Michael. He designed the invocation himself earlier in the year, based on the ideas and imagery of Patricia Cota Robles work. Those of you who know her work will recognize the imagery. It is a beautiful invocation, and one that can be used in these times to assist the flow of the new energy. 

Masculine polarity of my Father God blaze, blaze, blaze your sapphire blue Light into my left brain hemisphere activating my logical and rational mind.
Sapphire blue Light expand into every cell and organ of my body through the power centre of my Throat Chakra.
Feminine polarity of my Mother God, blaze, blaze, blaze, your crystalline pink Light into my right brain hemisphere activating my creative and intuitive mind.
Crystalline pink Light expand into every cell and organ of my body through the love centre of my Heart Chakra.
My left and right brain hemispheres are now active and balanced.
The Masculine Power of my Father God in my Throat Chakra is now balanced with the Feminine Love of my Mother God in my Heart Chakra.
The Pink and Blue Lights now merge and become one magnificent Violet Flame.
Violet Flame activate my Spiritual Brain Centre, my pituitory, pineal and hypothalamus glands and my ganglionic centres at the base of my brain.
My Spiritual Brain Centre is now activated and balanced.
My Crown Chakra of enlightenment is open.
I am Christ Consciousness.
Christ Self, True Planetary Child of God, blaze, blaze, blaze, your Yellow Gold Light into every cell and organ of my body through my Crown Chakra of Enlightenment.
The balance of my Father God's Power, my Mother God's Love and the Son of God's Wisdom in my Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame is now pulsating in perfect balance.
Father Mother God, I thank You, I thank You, I thank You.

So, here we are in the last days and the closing moments of the year of 2008. It was a year of great and momentous change on our Planet. I always find it difficult to work with this idea of the New Year at this time, because the Spiritual or Evolutionary New Year begins in late July and early August, with the energy of the Lion's Gate. This energy continues to rise until the Solstice that we have just experienced, and then the manifestation and changes continue until late May and early June of the next year. The new energy begins to rise as early as March, and so by the time we reach the next Lion's Gate stargate, we can already feel the nature of the new energies that we can work with in our ongoing process of manifestation and creation. So, at this point, the New Year will see a continuation of the energies that we have worked with since August, and then a rising of new energies again in August of 2009.

I have seen several articles about how 2009 is an "11" year, and in numerology that is probably true, since 2009 added together produces 11. Eleven is the number of Initiation into Higher Consciousness, and we can expect that this process will continue and be accelerated in 2009. Along with that Higher Consciousness will go a new Joy in the Magical and Miraculous aspects of our lives on Earth, as we learn how to express our Mastery in these New Dimensions of Light and Love.

But, the 11 must be added together to produce 2 in true numerology, so in effect we are entering a number 2 year. The key numbers for 2009 will be 2 and 9 and 0. I like to use the archetypal keys of the Tarot to express the wisdom of these numbers as they vibrate in our consciousness. The number zero is the number of the "The Fool" and expresses a new beginning and deep trust as we take a step forward into the unknown and a new cycle, with the knowledge that we will be supported and cared for. The number 2 represents the "High Priestess", the Spiritual expression of the Divine Feminine and the Shekinah Light. I like to see her also as Mary Magdalene, the High Priestess of the Grail and the Mysteries of the Twin Flame that will become increasingly important in the coming year. The number 9 represents the "Hermit" or the Inner Wisdom, and this will indeed be the year when we will come to know our Inner Wisdom as the Light that will guide us forward. So, using this archetypal wisdom system, we can expect that 2009 will represent a new cycle of experience at a Higher Level of Consciousness, where we will come to work with our inner Divine Feminine energy, the Power of the Twin Flame, and the Wisdom of our own inner Mastery or Christ Light.

But, time first to say farewell to 2008. It was an exciting year for me, in which I travelled on four continents and met Family of Light all over the World. And what I learnt was that we are indeed One, One Family and One Planet, and that we are learning to live as One. And that will be my own personal theme for the coming year....The Harmony of One... and how we express that Higher Essence in the life that we live here on Earth as we create Heaven on Earth.

When I thought of all the new experiences and fun things that I did and enjoyed this past year, I thought maybe I would share with you the most fun and unique thing that I did in 2008. So, here it is....a picture of me having a Card Reading in the middle of a Crop Circle in August at Alton Barnes in Wiltshire in the UK. It was the 8:8 Crop Circle that manifested on the 8th of August and which I visited on the 8th of August. Here I met Marie Christine from Austria, with the red hair, who researches Crop Circles and who has created a set of cards using the symbols of the Crop Circle energy as they are revealed to her! 



Christia 30th December 2008 10:50 am

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!
Again you are right on!!!! Bright Blessings, Christia

iris rose 30th December 2008 11:17 pm

You are one of the most consistently unique Shining Stars!
Just felt the urge to express how much I (we) truly appreciate You and your messages Celia.
May infinite energy and blessings be yours now and in 2009! ~**~
Iris Rose (Washington State, USA)

Indigo Crystal Angel Jerica Lee 31st December 2008 4:31 am

many thanks for sharing this =) there are many beings of love and light and i believe the pleiadians who send the energy which forms the crop circles for a higher consciousness, vibration, frequency and or at times a positive sign for us spirits here on earth having a human experience.

peace, ONE love in light & sound,
lead with love.
indigo angel


celeste creel 1st January 2009 1:05 am

Very nice piece thank you.
I have one thing I wanted to share regarding the numerology of 2009. In" true" numerology, 11, 22, and 33 are master number- not to be reduced. To reduce them is to lower the potential vibration To Hermit ourselves and sit alone between the pillars of positive and negative vibration such as the High Priestess in the tarot, is a fine choice, but the potential with the 11 is far greater. Leadership of the double 1's is a response-ability that I hope we will step into in 2009.



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