Grounding the Red-Gold Frequency on Earth

Greetings to all of you who are experiencing the turbulence as the new energies are integrated into the Earth spectrum.

Previously, we as the Crystal Children, have brought through the Indigo-Silver Frequency. A very powerful but soft and beautiful feminine energy. This was necessary, as the frequency of loving acceptance and surrender to the Divine Will was all but lost from your planet. Now that frequency has been anchored by the energy of the Crystal children and those of you who have become Crystal Elders. Even those in transition are helping to ground this new energy.

But now the planet is ready to receive the Red-Gold frequency. It is a masculine frequency and brings in the frequency codes for a new kind of masculine energy. After this transition, there will be more balance on the planet, and you will find it easier to restore the flow of abundance that has been mising from the lives of so many of you at this time.

This new energy is radiant Solar energy, and the children born with this Essence will be called Children of the Sun. The previous Crystal Children will come to be called Children of the Moon. The Children of the Sun will be radiant and powerful - light healers and magicians. They will be manifest light, teachers of manifestation and creativity. Both the children of the sun and the children of the moon will continue to be born in the years ahead. But each type of child will be readily recognised by its characteristics - and they will complement each other in their path of divine service on the Planet.

The Children of the Sun will be both male and female. There will be many female children born who will manifest this energy.

They will differ from the Children of the Moon, in that they will be physically strong and robust. They will be highly energetic and very powerful. They will have either dark hair and eyes, or light eyes with reddish brown or reddish golden hair.

Their major gift will be manifestation, and the flow of abundance, and they will anchor these gifts on Earth in the next few years.

While the energy begins to anchor, many of you will undergo detoxification and cleansing crises. But these should be brief, as you are already becoming experts at handling the new frequencies that are coming in.

We wish you well in the transition, and share the adventure of the Red-Gold frequency with you!



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Starchild Global, channeled by Celia Fenn from Cape Town - South Africa, is devoted to the empowerment of all who live on Planet Earth, through an understanding of Who You Really Are and how you can live a Creative and enjoyable life. The essence of living in the New Earth is to be Here, in the NOW moment, and to understand that life is an adventure of Creativity and Unconditional love.


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