Keeping your Balance and not Falling into Fear

There are certainly some very strange energies out there in the Collective consciousness right now. The old Atlantean codes are coming up and out at quite a rate. We are in a phase of massive healing and balancing as a Collective, as we let go of our old Atlantean programs and fears. I use the word "programs" on purpose, because what I see emerging is a mixture of media manipulation and spin, overlaid on reality, used to create fear in people in general. And I see many Lightworkers walking right into it, so I am writing this today.

When I wrote a paragraph on the Jane Burgermeister interview, it was out of concern that any program of mass immunization would be basically detrimental to people's health and wellbeing. The previous experiences with Swine Flu vaccine were not good, and it is well known that vaccines have a negative effect on children. My concerns are with the right to make health choices. People should have the right to accept vaccination if they wish, or to refuse if they so wish. I have no doubt that the mass immunization idea is to make money for the big corporations, since the money is no longer coming from the finance sector. So, instead of economic survival fear we now have health survival fear, or a combination of both.

I do not believe, as is asserted, that there is a plot to eliminate large numbers of people and that we are all going to be either tagged or sent to concentration camp. There are just too many of us for that to be a feasible option. I am also a South African, and we learnt long ago that if we don't like what the government tries to do, then we have ways of making this known very clearly. As a nation, we don't get spooked by this kind of thing, mostly because we know that even the army is made up of people who have families and friends in the communities. However, in the North there seems to be a culture of fear about authority and what it can do to you that is even taken on by Lightworkers.

I have watched several of the videos being put out by the people urging us to be in fear, and have noticed several things. The people involved always claim to be "christians", although the one woman I just watched claimed to be making the video because of something she read in the Bible, yet could not remember what is was, because her bible was "in the other room". She also showed visual material of a co-called "tracking device" that was going to be used to track people by satellite, which in actual fact was an infra-red device used for nightime tracking of vehicles. It these kinds of errors that make the whole things visible as a spin and an attempt to influence public feeling and opinion through fear.

So what for? Well, there is no doubt that there are all sorts of things in the USA that are dark and dubious, like the 9/11 events for example. But, the rumours and fear stories being put out are causing stress and anxiety that is not justified. So the question is why? And , I did realize that in past years, these kinds of stories were used against the Bush administration and they were largely politically motivated, to the point where there were calls for anarchy and impeachment. Now, the so-called "christians" are gathering to use this same energy against the Obama administration, and again I would see this as politically motivated.

So, my observation would be, there are genuine issues here, like the right to make choices about our health and what goes into our bodies. But this is being manipulated and distorted by those seeking to make political capital out of people who are being led by their fears. And these fears come from the Atlantean past. It is time we cleared them and empowered ourselves. It is time that we did take back the right to choose our own forms of health care, and to free ourselves from the manipulation of pharmaceutical corporations. But let's see what the real issues are here, and don't be led into creating fear and panic that will be manipulated for political gain by the master manipulators. Master Manipulators don't really care about "sides", their only interest is to create fear and anxiety that can be manipulated for their own gain.

Manipulators always like to create this fear by playing on the "victim" energy that is a result of the Atlantean negative codes. Humans fall into disempowered victim energies very quickly if they are led into duality against them. In this case, this is being set up as an issue of good and evil, in which the sides seem to be clear. But...if you are "taking sides" in fear, then you know that this is coming from somewhere that is not clear. As we move into Oneness and Unity Consciousness, we acknowledge that we are all One, and that the movements of energy within the collective are part of us as well. To understand this is to be responsible for how we use our energy and the choices we make, and what we say. If what we say produces fear, or is used to produce fear, then we have have the responsibility to ensure that the energy of Balance and Unity is maintained. That is what it means to be a Lightworker, to ensure that Light and Harmony and balance are maintained even within ourselves. For what we perceive "out there" is but a reflection of what is inside us. And we are, at last, releasing fear and duality as we begin to see how we have been manipulated by those who understand the deep psychology of fear within post-Atlantean humans, and seek to exploit it for their own gain.

If we can finally clear the Atlantean Negative codes from our DNA and the fears and anxieties that go with them, those who seek to control through mass programs of fear will not succeed, and we will begin to see the true manifestation of the Golden Age on Earth.


KeithB7862 19th September 2009 10:27 am

Here! Here!

Excellent post!

angelk 19th September 2009 1:05 pm

clear the fear. got it! is there a special way to help us with this clearing when we become so fearful ourselves that we are too confused to do it without guidance? Namaste

Bright Sorcerer 19th September 2009 5:19 pm

The manipulation of public fear is becoming very noticable - as is the desperation of the ringleaders of this so-called epidemic - and it amazes me that people are not actively seeking alternative holistic methods to alleviate this newest man- made virus. I understand on some level but come on... when there are things like colloidal silver that kills viruses on contact why are they not being presented as viable options? These remedies have been used for 1,000's of years by indiginous peoples. As you mention in this post, it does revolve around greed and manipulation of the US gov. especially because so many of these elected senators are receiving funding from these pharma companies and in some cases, stock options that will pay huge dividends. I've listened in on several shows on Blog Talk Radio and could see and feel the negative energy continuing to circulate in the chat conversation. A LOT of these people are doing little more than promoting disinformation which adds to the confusion. Anyway, just my observations. Thanks for posting this, Sister. Blessings, Nick

Ciel 19th September 2009 9:09 pm

WOW Thanks! :)

Prosper503935 19th September 2009 10:52 pm

No. There is reliable evidence out there you have not considered mentioning. 911 has been proven to be an inside job. And if your so arrogant in portraying your stupidity to the public and basing your opinion off a single video without the considereation of further research!

History does repeat, so stop doubting the possibilities and reality, and know what can happen. We have seen it before, and can see it again: the holocaust. Ask me this: how did such large mass die off through the GOVERNMENT?

The public did not fear what could happen. Instead they went on with this program, and denied all accusation of mass slaughter of humans.

HOW RUDE OF YOU! You cannot state the possible as a fairytale, and announce it to the public! HISTORY REPEATS!

chandra 20th September 2009 12:56 am

Thank you Celia,

I would like to add and remind us all that we are powerful human beings...
There is somuch Lightwork being done..all over the planet,
channelings,healings,mediatation,prayer..and it's working...
we should not under estimate its effect...there are our intergalactic brothers and sisters holding space.....
The Light is getting brighter and brighter revealing all that is of shadow...
Let's keep living from our hearts..send loving energy there where it is most needed..feeding the energy as mentioned above
with love and light for that is our most powerful healing tool
That is the essence of life and that is who we are and all that matters....

One Love in Oneness

wsbur 20th September 2009 9:02 am

<b>Thank you Celia,
In celebrating our feminine energy and allowing the intuitive to sing forth, to fill the sails of bold trust and spirit driven intention. This new light helps to rebalance the potential for each of us, anchoring the dominant frequency or hum of our Central Sun, Alcione, and the dawn of Our New Age . Within our polarity system and "all rights or choice" up for grabs or negotiation (often given up unknowingly /freely), follow your heart, your inner voice (!and Listen!). Our ultimate choice of which holographic experience we chose to experience and which future will always be perfect. nothing new, just all new.
Your Love Is Reflected In Us All Celia... OneLove

Rumi's saying... (someone help me here),
"Somewhere out beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. Will you meet me there?


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