Living in a World of Energy and Vibration: Dealing with Turmoil and Chaos

In the last week we have certainly seen a fair amount of chaos on the Planet, from Hurricane Ike hitting Houston to the financial collapses on Wall Street today. Looking at all this, it may seem pretty grim, until you remember that the Old Energy is on the way out and that in order to bring in a new way of life that is more focussed on Abundance and Peace, we need to be prepared to let go of the old and not to feel shaken and shattered when the old energy does fall apart in very obvious ways.It was interesting for me that when I was doing the work and research for the Great Lakes Water Ceremonies, I did read that the water from the Great Lakes does find its way into the Gulf of Mexico, and maybe working with the energy of the Lakes will help to bring peace to the Gulf area as well.

It is so important, at these times, to be able to hold onto the Inner Peace in your own center and to know that All is Well and that there is Divine Order within this apparent chaos. It is important to focus on Trust and to know that you will be safe. It is important to remember that we are now in the Fifth Dimension with a new way of Being and Perceiving. We are in a world of rapid Creation and Manifestation, a World of Energy and Vibration, where the quality of Consciousness determines what is created and what will manifest.

Aligning your Consciousness with Family of Light and with the flow of Sacred Light from Source is a wonderful way to hold to the peace that lives in your Heart and the center of your Being. Here is a beautiful image that was sent to me from my friend Paschalis in Greece. Paschalis is the organizer of the annual Spiritual Awakening Festival in Greece, and he sent me this image that was taken at one of the Ceremonies of Light in Sounio in Greece in August of 2008. I love the image, because the candles that are being held by the participants look as though they are Hearts of Light!hearts2

So, what are the coping skills for September? For, we are in a phase of adjusting to the "backwash" of the powerful energies that came in to the Planet in August. We crossed a threshold into a New Space, and the major skill for coping here is Choice. The New Earth is a Free Will zone, and you have absolute choice in your life, no matter how it may seem to you. In this New Earth of the Fifth Dimension, Energy vibrates at a very high level and that means that consciousness coalesces into manifestation and action extremely rapidly. What you hold in your consciousness is what you will manifest if it is in alignment with your I AM and Higher presence. If it is not, then you will probably feel stuck and feel as though you are not moving. Don't worry too much. Relax, take a deep breathe, and begin to explore what it is that your I AM wants you to experience and create. You can be quite sure that whatever your I Am wants for you, it will be a wonderful adventure filled with fun and joy, for that is why you are here on the Planet. Your I Am has no interest in creating dramas of illusion and pain, and is just not going to take you there. It will wait patiently until you decide to begin to live the life that you were meant to live.

And, so what is that? Well, Archangel Michael keeps telling us, and many other Spirit sources and channels. We were meant to live here in Peace and Abundance and to grow through expanding in Unconditional Love and Service to the Light.

So, how can we do that? Well, Archangel Michael advises us to look for old patterns and old addictions and habits, and to see where we keep trying to create lack and suffering and pain. Then, when we have identified these patterns, which may come from many past lifetimes, then we can choose another pattern of Being that is more aligned with our present mission of Joy and Peace and Abundance. For, every person on the planet right now has been charged with this mission, to carry the new energies of Peace and Love and Abundance, and we are all learning the best ways to get to this point. The first step is letting go of what is old and what no longer works, and the next step is creating a radiant new life of Joy that matches the higher frequencies of the New Earth.

So, dream of what you want and know it is possible. Know that you are loved and supported by the world of Spirit and that you will always have what you need. There is no lack and no shortage, there is enough for everyone. The illusion of lack and fear has been created to keep people trapped in a systen that limits and controls, and as you break free you will see how limitless is the love and grace of God in your lives at all times.

So, in this time of change and transition, be the Light and know that you as you hold the Light you are showing the way to a new reality.

Those of you who feel called to work with the water and to send Love and Gratitude into the waters to create the purity of the New Earth will love this image as much as I did. It comes from Patty in Indiana in the United States, and she says that this is a Beaver Dam that was built in the canal at back of her house. She is working with these creatures to return this water to its pristine state so that nature can thrive here. So, if anyone wants to send Love and Gratitude here, she would be most grateful for the assistance....and I am sure that the Beavers will be too!



dick 16th September 2008 5:53 am

There is no new energy.

The banking elite are orchestrating a worldwide financial crash.

Take cash out of your bank accounts.

Martial law is coming!

Cathy 16th September 2008 9:11 am


You are the perfect example of someone coming from a place of FEAR! We all must be responsible for "our own choices" and we are all entitled to our "own belief systems". If this information does not resonate with you -- why are you reading it?? Why not put your energy into something that works for you?!

dick 16th September 2008 9:45 am

You new agers crack me up!

You'll be in fear once you can't get money out of the ATM and you can't buy food etc.

You new agers have been fooled!

There is no new energy and noone is gonna change the world for you!

Those that control the monetary system are intentionally collapsing it and martial law will follow.

Mark my words!

I have no fear because I'm prepared for this. You are not!


joshua 16th September 2008 1:02 pm

dear dick,
god bless you. i transmute your fear with love.

dick 16th September 2008 1:20 pm

You don't have any special powers so your transmutation is a failure.

It's not fear - it's common sense.

I feel no fear and have no fear - why? Because I'm prepared - All my cash is out of the bank!

Talk to people who have gone through the Bosnian experience.

Talk with people who have gone through the Great Depression.

What was lacking was cash. People hid it all over their homes.

Those that didn't went hungry and homeless.

The "tooth fairies" aren't gonna save your ass. This global financial collapse is being orchestrated by those behind the federal reserve and the central banks. They have planned it for years. The US government will announce bankruptcy very soon. I knew that once the government announced taking over FNM and FRE. That doubled the US debt to $10 trillion. The US government is bankrupt! This will be a global financial collapse.

If you knew the financial system as I do then you would be bunkered down already with money and such.

Who do you think will save you? Lord Ashtar. ROFL!

The only FEAR you're feeling is YOUR OWN!

Iesha 16th September 2008 5:07 pm

I was in Moscow when on one day money was good and the next day the previous day's money was not worth the paper it was printed on as the Gov't had printed new bills. I saw scores of people lined up at the banks to cash in the old money for the new, so all that was squirreled away in the mattress or elsewhere, guess what? I noticed when we got there that all the people were wanting American dollars for the items we we were purchasing, dollars were all you could hear, as I'm sure they had lost much confidence in their Government's ability to thrive/survive, yet the government was simply reflecting what their consciousness was reflecting. So whomever thinks that pulling their money out of the banks or wherever is the answer is a person in serious Fear, pain in need of healing. Do skirt back and read about the confederate dollars, they made some serious paper for a great bonfire in the end didn't they?

dick 16th September 2008 5:43 pm

There is fear and then there is being sensible.

You don't know the difference because let's face it new agers just have learned stuff they've read and they believe it. That's it.

You're just saying stuff you've read and now you are regurgitating.

Your beliefs don't make it the way that it IS.

Beliefs are utterly meaningless.

Just remember my post when you're trying to get some food and the guy selling it says he'll take paper money.

The New Age movement is a scam. You all have been fooled. Watch and learn!

Our consciousness didn't create this financial meltdown. Those in power did.

There will be no "tooth fairies" to save you. You are on your own.

Maybe if you meditate for abundance by the 1000s suddenly food will fly out of the sky.

Nope. That's another fairytale. Your meditating does nothing. You have "left your brain at the door" a long time ago. That is the scam of the new age movement. Those in power did very well. ROFL!

dick 16th September 2008 5:59 pm

You are assuming that the "government reflects the collective consciousness" because that is YOUR BELIEF

Now where did you get that belief that what is around you comes from within? Now where did you get that belief that the government reflects the "people's consciousness"

You got it by reading new age writings. From the new age writings you formed YOUR BELIEFS.

Problem for you is that that is all your statement ("government reflects the consciousness...") is - YOUR BELIEF

It doesn't mean YOUR BELIEF is the way that IT IS.

Maybe the way that it is is as follows. Maybe you are in a mind-control matrix with a "fixed program or storyline". Maybe you have limited creating abilities within the storyline. Maybe the financial collapse has to do with the storyline also?

Maybe even your beliefs or the collective's belief don't even change the story no matter how much you want to change the story.

So whose belief is correct? Yours or mine? Tough one there huh? You don't know and neither do I.

For all you know you've been fooled. GOTCHA! ROFL!

fuzzylogix 16th September 2008 7:18 pm

If there were to be a monetary collapse, paper would be worthless. You would need to convert your money to gold.

Decended Master 16th September 2008 7:42 pm

lol, Dick... you have spent enough of your energy, and enough of ours///

Please, wait and see, as we will wait and see.. deal..,?

(My only advice is, build your cosmic energy count,
or else you will not step forth, my dear naive friend)

Light Workers, soon we move !!!

Cris 16th September 2008 11:58 pm

who let bryan's kindergarden gate open? soon we will be reading:

Hey Dick... google for bryain's forum, or may be his 'new' webpage. You belong there. What you do, you copy and paste the articles that you read here and use as homework/debate on dear-bryan's forum. He will love you!

Why you care so much about money and crisis. Planet 12 is coming! Worry about nothing! It's all fun and games.

Be good!

dick 17th September 2008 4:00 am


Actually that is a mistake people make all the time.

Problem is after the collapse who do you sell the gold to? Who is gonna buy it? How many gold bars for a loaf of bread? Get my point.

The paper never became worthless during the 1930s depression. In Bosnia people hid Deutsche Marks and $US in their homes.

Look at every depression or country crisis in this century and ask anyone involved and ask them what was lacking?

The paper currency - usually $US.

I'm guessing also the Deutsche Mark will be coming back - bye bye Euro!

dick 17th September 2008 4:04 am

No energy spent here. I feel completely fresh and ready to "rock and roll".

The only naive people on this planet are new agers.

There is NO new energy. In fact the energy is an illusion also. ROFL!

The arrogance calling yourself a Lightworker.

You are just like everyone else. A character in a mind-control matrix.

They threw out the Lightworker terminology because they knew it would feed your ego and get you trapped in the new storyline "the illusionary ascension" story.

Nothing is happening. There is no ascension. Just a modification of the matrix storyline. That's it!

dick 17th September 2008 4:11 am

Very true what you said Cris - You know Nothing and I know nothing.

Beliefs are irrelevant or meaningless because what matters is WHAT IS.

What do new agers do? They read some new age writings and adopted beliefs based on the writings. They then learn to repeat and regurgitate but "left their brains at the door" instead of actually thinking critically whether any of the stuff they read was true or not?

NOONE KNOWS ANYTHING. Your beliefs are meaningless. WHAT IS is what is important.

Well I believe everyone cares about money. Isn't that what the new age movement is about?

My roommate has spent a fortune in her "subprime mortgage welfare" paying fraudsters money to do channelings and the like. Celia Fenn gets paid to do her bogus channelings also.

So I guess money is important huh cris?

Matter of fact cris I'd venture to guess that if you lost all your money tomorrow you'd be "up shit's creek" wouldn't you?

What would you do cris without money?

Where would you get food?

How would you pay the landlord?

Where would you put your sleepy head at night?

Cris 17th September 2008 4:43 am

I am fine...I used to be a 'homo', living on streets, grabbing food from the back of restaurants and sleeping in tunnels where the warm air from office's air con units use to blow and keep me warm. If you see around, the wild birds are fed by who? Where they find their shelters? I would love to be free, living in a cave somewhere, anywhere (!) and grazing from any tucker, nature would offer me. However, because I am a LIGHTWORKER (he-llo-ow!) the magic of the Universe provided me with some luxury. But I am not attached to anything. I love challenges and I go with the flow. Life is too short to live like a scary cat and negative. Have fun with everything that is happening. Really enjoy it! Which matrix and regurgitating you are talking about? You are regurgitating other short-sighted people's thoughts. You also want to be a guru with your deep knowledge of this world greatest conspiracy. You are not different than any new ager. Just tell me: will your coffin be built with drawers? if so, would you stack your glorious, valuable money with your dead carcasses? What is the use? :-\\\\

dick 17th September 2008 4:55 am

You are nothing other than a character in a bad "B Movie".

The Lightworker part is a "figment of your delusionary imagination"

There is no magic because the Universe is illusion.

You are afraid of your "dark side" cris. It will come and "bite you in the ass". You can run but you can't hide from it.

New agers like you are want positivity and fluff because you are so weak that you can't handle anything "dark"

Well soon you'll be able to face the "dark side" cris. Watch and learn!

The illuminati are gonna make all you new agers face your dark side.

No more hiding in love and light. Time to face your demons.

ROFL! :thumbs:

Cris 17th September 2008 5:01 am

...and why don't you create a forum topic instead using Celia's article to be under the shade of her words? you act like a little rodent, feeding yourself on other people's crumbs. Be original. Be clever if cannot be intelligent and fight your own battle where the war is happening: within yourself.
Btw, do some studies about people living on this planet that go about WITHOUT money.
(why full moon get these people out?)and please, send regards to bryan.

Cris 17th September 2008 5:07 am

LOL (you are such an idiot!)

I have an approach to 'beings' like you... I agree with you entirely. You are right. It's all an illusion. uh? what? you said it's not an illusion? No!!!! of course not! everything that you say, master.
hahahahah doctor said to not to disagree hahahah it aggravates your condition hahhahaha how is bryan? hahahahah

dick 17th September 2008 5:15 am

Haven't you learned from the new age teachings yourself that when you call me an idiot you are calling yourself an idiot.

According to new age teachings you are rejecting an aspect of yourself that you see in me.

There are no masters cris. There are no lightworkers. Yes it is ALL ILLUSION.

Ohhhh - so you are going to doctors huh? You might wanna tell your doctor to up your lithium. Now this is cris:tickedoff: and this is moi :2funny

dick 17th September 2008 5:16 am

Now this is cris


dick 17th September 2008 5:33 am

You are nothing more or less than a character in a bad "B movie"

You are delusional believing you are anything more than that.

Based on your reaction I guess lightworkers are very emotional and like name-calling.

Embrace your dark side cris. :D

Cris 17th September 2008 5:41 am

what is for dinner, dick?

dick 17th September 2008 6:03 am

Well I know it's difficult for delusional people but cris it is morning time. Dinner was yesterday and I had triscuits and cheese - yummy!

Once again you are in fantasy land. All you are is a new ager. You are no lightworker. You are no great soul. That is your BIG new age EGO talking. And when you say "little brother" in your condescending way that is because of your EGO. Why do you respond with EGO? Because EGO is to cover up for feeling small as you do.

I believe cris you are very angry because I challenge your shaky belief systems.

Your belief systems are irrelevant cris. What matters is WHAT IS!

dick 17th September 2008 6:25 am

I thank you for giving me a laugh while i sat taking a dump. You new agers are entertainment-value!

I don't listen to radio. Haven't since probably 1992. I dumped it with the TV and the rest.

I'm not "plugged in" as you are.

Gotta watch out for mind-control cris. That includes the new age fraud as well as radio nonsense!

Franky 17th September 2008 6:33 am

Hey Dick!
Why you hitting the Lightworkers so hard?
I was into the illuminate freemason thing as well, because truth was all that mattered, I went all out, read every book, visited every website, talked to some of them, did it all, because nothing can stand in the way of truth… I never stopped questioning… see that’s where most people give in they stop questioning… but if you keep going the universe does provide answers. I am for the Lightworkers now but being a scientist, I couldn’t take all of it at face value… so I questioned… and so you get to Quantum physics,the Global Consciousness Project of Princeton University ,Dr. Maseru Emoto… you are presented with facts you can not deny, so I really do suggest that you question further… but know that there are some truths here, as there are truths in your views as well! Being so defensive of your views is no way to see what really is, be open minded! The law of relativity states: My way is not your way, what works for you does not necessarily work for me, but that does not mean that I dont respect it!
Go well hey

dick 17th September 2008 9:58 am

The new age movement has been created by those in power - the illuminati. It's part of the storyline in this illusion and it serves their purpose. Unity and a New World Order.

Science is bullocks because anything in illusion can be disproven and proven. You see in illusion the instruments are illusionary also. You could look for the smallest particle and you'll keep finding smaller particles infinitum.

The Lightworker b.s. is solely to trap people by using EGO - this being a mind-control matrix. You see any matrix is designed to keep people in the illusion - so you alter the storyline and come up with an illusionary ascension and voila..people are hooked.

In illusion there are no "facts" or "truths".

The only fact or truth is that YOU KNOW NOTHING and I KNOW NOTHING and NOONE KNOWS ANYTHING.

Obviously every new ager believes this reality is illusion. Using deduction, that being the case, makes science absolete.

In illusion the truth are lies and lies are the truth.

dick 17th September 2008 10:03 am

You don't get it do you? You can't be a scientist ROFL!

All new agers would agree that this reality is an illusion.

That being the case you won't find answers in illusion. There are no answers to be found in illusion ROFL!

Your beliefs are meaningless. Your truths are meaningless. Your "facts" are meaningless. Why?


I'll repeat again. The only fact is YOU KNOW NOTHING and I KNOW NOTHING!

The rest are beliefs which are meaningless because WHAT IS is what is important and you'll never know for sure. :2funny

lisa 17th September 2008 7:58 pm

dear dick...i feel sorry for you,youre a very sad angry person,and no im not a new agey flakey type..i just feel you have nothing to believe in and youre a scared little boy..hope one day that you actually experience something that may make you realise that negativity DOES have a huge effect on your not into these chat thingys but was amazed that you could give something you disagree with soooo much energy & time,go out and smeell some roses,(although youll probably get a prickle stuck up your nose LOL)..this just feels to me that this whole thing may have struck a chord somewhere deep within you..take care.:)

dick 18th September 2008 4:33 am

It's irrelevant what your feelings are regarding me. In fact I felt nothing from your comments.

Angry - nope. Sad - nope.

Did I say you were a new agey flakey type? Maybe you are the one that is sad and angry because you are reacting with emotion? Why is that Lisa?

I don't get "prickless in my nose". Everyone I deal with is very nice to me. EVERYONE! No issues here at all. In fact I haven't had a "negative" experience in a LONG time. So much for your theorizing.

We shall see how you people deal with the coming worldwide financial collapse. You see new agers spend their lives avoiding their "dark sides". So what happens? They grow very weak and can't handle anything at all! I've always faced my "dark side" and I feel VERY STRONG!

Let's see how you handle martial law and hunger Lisa. Watch and learn!

It's so funny how you project your own anger and sadness onto me. What you see in me Lisa is your own negativity and you reject it. I embrace all aspects of myself. That's authenticity!

Have a nice day and watch the stock market and ATM lines coming!!

dick 18th September 2008 5:40 am

:idiot2: :2funny


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