Moving Deeper into Love and Gratitude...the Radiance increases!

Those of you who are sensitive to energy shifts may have noticed that we are once again moving into a period of increased and intense radiance as the Earth makes her shift into the New Consciousness of Oneness. Many more people are awakening to the Dream of Harmony and Love, and this wave of pure Love and Light is moving through the Collective Consciousness. The effects for me are what I call the "speed wobble", when the electrons accelerate into the increased light and everyhting seems to move faster with the accompanying physical sensations of dizziness and anxiety and stress.

Of course, as we move deeper into the Light, we move deeper into our true selves and the core of who we Are. And we let go of anything that is preventing us from seeing who and what we truly are. This is the uncomfortable part, so some of you may have been having intense dreams like I have in the last few days. Its ok, we will adjust to the new ratios of Light and the intensity of the New Reality. We know that coming with this intense new enery is a lift into a more Peaceful and Joyous future for Humanity, and that we have the opportunity now to assist by lifting ourselves into Love and Gratitude. And to let go of whatever old energies of Fear and Illusion that may still be keeping parts of us in slower vibrating frequencies of energy.

On the 27th of November, the United States of America will celebrate Thanksgiving day, and Patricia Cota Robles has suggested that it would be a great idea for all of us around the planet to join with them in an expression of deep Gratitude for what we are given. This will have the effect of deepening the frequency of Gratitude in the Collective Consciousness. I think this is a great idea, and will help to intensify and facilitate the manifestation of positive change on the Planet.

I did a personal channel yesterday for someone, and in this Archangel Michael also pointed out that the Twin Flame energy is an important part of the shifts into Higher Consciousness. It is the unified Twin Flame within us that provides the Radiance and the Strength for this inner and outer shift. And, it those who are in Twin Flame unions that are providing the Pattern of Love that is the basis for the the shift into Unconditional Love and Gratitude. We are indeed creating this shift on the basis of the Christ Consciousness, that pattern of Unified and God-Conscious Love that is the fabric of All in the Cosmos. As we become awakened and "enlightened", we pereceive that this is what We Are. We have always been an aspect of God Consciousness, but we existed without that awareness. Now, we have moved into that open space of Full Awareness where we can see and feel that we are indeed a part of this Great Song of Harmony and Love.

The Twin Flame Teachings of Christ and Mary Magdalene were designed to awaken us to the Full Potential of the Twin Flame love and the God Consciousness within. Through the experience of Unified Love as a part of ourselves as we identify with God consciousness, and also as an experience of shared love with a partner, we are able to live the flows of the Divine Feminine and Masculine currents of energy as they unite into creative manifestiation of that Pure Love.

What that means for us and our Planet, is that we are accessing levels of Power within Higher Dimensions that will allow us to bring forth Creations of Love and Power, and that will release that Song of Gratitude from us. We are seeing the restructuring of our Collective Consciousness as a Planet, so that we may show that we wish to create a different future on the New Earth, for ourselves and our children. So, the accelerating consciousness is a blessing that is helping to "lift" the Planet to new levels of awareness and shared love and joy, so I guess we can deal with "speed wobble" for a while.

I had a mail from Jean-Luc Bozzolu about his trip to Peru this year, and as I was reading through it I was struck by his comment that he felt that his "imagination" and his creativity were forms of deep inner communication that were guiding him forward. I think as we shift fully into Fifth Dimensional life, we will become so much more aware of the importance of that "inner flow" as a form of communication and guidance. I am learning to watch my thoughts and daydreams as indicators of what is coming to me on the flow of inner awareness. It is wondefully liberating to see you dreams and fantasies as a communication from the inner intelligence about what you would like to explore. Then you also become aware of inner thoughts and dreams as communications from others about what they would like to share and create with you, and then you begin to realize that we have always had a powerful form of communication within ourselves that we are only now beginning to access once again. And then I thought about Jean Luc's wonderful DVD called "Transmuteo", where he presents a visual representation of this creative flow of inner consciousness. So, if you would like to connect with this experience, please click here:

As part of our awakening to Oneness, we are also learning how to become aware of the "Heart Grid of Love" that connects us to the Fifth Dimensional level of awareness. This was the energy that we worked with in 2008 in the "Global Field of Peace" tour. Please share with us the energy of our time in Spain in October of 2008, where we gathered together and shared in Ceremonies of Love and Gratitude for the Changes and the coming of Peace and Abundance to our Planet. You can click here to see the images of Starchild in Spain 2008.


camelman555 23rd November 2008 7:41 am

allowing the passing, shifting, gently the focus

Godfrey Bartlett 23rd November 2008 11:28 am

The suggestion that the rest of the world should join in the celebration of Thanksgiving Day is laughable. It means absolutely nothing to the rest of the world, except perhaps as a reminder of how the Native Americans were repaid by crushing their culture and rights. The USA is only 4.5% of the world's population. Perhaps it should start by embracing a little humility and celebrating truly spiritual holidays from the rest of the world's major cultures: the other 95% of the world's souls?

mirey karaso 23rd November 2008 5:20 pm

i believe turkey should be your next destination....,everything happens as it meant to be...this is my inner voice telling...COME HERE...

lrm 23rd November 2008 8:57 pm

Yes,TURKEY=Thanksgiving!!! Instead of dead turkeys,why not go to turkey?
Also,Godrey,while i get what you are saying and agree with your points,don't forget that holidays can be what we make them. I love thanksgiving,and not b/c of it's history,but it's the culture and country i've been given/chosen,so i make it into a holy day for my family and me. Same goes for Christmas;I may not attend church or worship Jesus,but I create a day of magic energy,which my young child appreciates.
All of these 'other cultures' you talk about-they all have times of the year when the energy is concentrated,when people come together-whether for a month long marriage ritual or a 3 day feast/festival.
We all work with what we are given;if Americans were to forgo all celebration b/c of the history,we'd have no holidays.
Oh yea,and you might make mention of the fact that many of these 'truly spiritual' cultures you are talking about are not 100% empowering to everyone involved. Many have harbored beliefs that undermined women/lower caste,you name it. All cultures need sacred times to get thru life.

Melina 24th November 2008 5:00 am

Lets just create our own thanks-giving celebration.... starting from the 27th of november, why not?
the energy will be intesified because of so many people focusing their intention in the US, and then by changing our focus also,from :tickedoff: to ;D , from distance to togetherness, from fear of losing, to joy of offering with love, from passive victims to active creators, then we can access our own power and remember that is our own choice to thank everyday...
for every simple thing in our lives...

why not?
arent we responsible for our reality?

Paul Lukowiak 24th November 2008 9:12 am

When we are in a state of gratitude we acknowledge a free gift given to us. Everyone in the world can thank the Creator for the sun and moon and stars and trees and oceans and mountains and wild life and just so, so much diversity and beauty in this divine mosaic creation called Earth. Americans celebrate a day called Thanksgiving once a year, but every day of the year, all across the planet, people express their gratitude in a mother's kiss, a father's hug, a whispered prayer, a shared laugh, a lover's sigh, a child's song, a friends tears, a grandmother's touch, and millions and millions of acts of affection, both large and small. This love is given freely, just as God's love has been freely and joyfully given to us all, and this love is recieved as freely and joyfully in a state of gratitude. It is a glorious dance that will never ever end: giving, receiving, love, and gratitude. On Thanksgiving Day I will send my love out to the whole planet, and I will thankful for everything.

Godfrey Bartlett 24th November 2008 10:18 am

I didn't say don't use the opportunity of a national holiday to celebrate whatever you want. What I said is that is sounds rather like the USA thinks it is the center of the world when it is suggested that the other 95% of the world's population should join with it on 27th November.

There are harvest festivals, autumn celebrations of all sorts all over the world at this time of year - the American Thanksgiving is nothing special, for most a chance to slob out in front of the TV and watch the game. The mention of cultures which are not 100% empowering to everyone seems to be trying to claim the high moral ground for US celebrations over other cultures. Thus repeating the USA-centric view from Starchild that Empowerment of the World has to be in the shape that Americans happen to espouse.

Maluhia 24th November 2008 12:58 pm

Dear Godfrey,
I would be ever so grateful, if on this day or any day, you could find it in your heart to forgive us Americans for all that "we" have done to you, personally & globally. Not all Americans agree with what our "leaders" have done not only to other nations, but also to people living here as well. You are making many assumptions about how all people spend holidays & you might want to consider that there are more options than slobbing out in front of the TV & watching a game. My daughter feels that this is her favorite holiday, because she is thankful for all of the good food,spending time with her parents & it not being a holiday with a lot of expectations & pressure, like Christmas can be, with presents & all...
My family & I have been embarrassed at times to be Americans, because of the actions of our country, which are not always reflecting the individuals desires, but their own agendas. But this is our home & we must find peace here & find a way to move on.
The more we bless and pray for each other,everywhere, perhaps the sooner love will prevail.


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