Moving towards the Solar Eclipse - Strange energies and our Health

Well, that may seem like quite a shopping list of topics for today's log, but that is just the way things have come up. We are moving towards the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse on Monday the 26th. As I mentioned in the last log, we are experiencing some really deep and profound changes on a level that we do not really understand. This is because we have moved from the cycle of "re-balancing" and into a cycle of "evolution. Those of us who made the big shifts and allowed our physical and light bodies to come back into alignment are now ready to "resume" our evolution. I use the term "resume", because our forward evolution has been blocked for so long by the limitations and enslavements that we have allowed in our reality. We became stagnated and depressed and we lost the joy in life. There seemed to be no purpose except money, power and consumerism. Now, enough of us have moved into alignment with our Higher energies to allow for, shall I call it, the "next step forward". And yes, I believe that the new Solar Codes that will be activated at the Solar Eclipse will allow us to begin our forward movement or evolution. It is as though we are starting off where we were maybe 6 or 7 thousand years ago, and the big hiatus is over.

What will that mean? I have no idea. The thing with allowing Spirit to lead is that you have to be in absolute trust that the highest good will be served, and be willing to accept whatever that may be. It may not always be what you think it should be. And that is where all the buzz and hoopla that is going on right now kinda falls short. No one actually knows what will emerge. Even the most sage and wise of channels and seers have been fairly quite the last few months. We are moving into the unknown, for us and for Spirit, we are co-creating in that most wonderful of ways....miraculously...allowing what seeks to emerge to emerge and not trying to predetermine what that will be with elaborate "plans" that are supposedly already "in place". We are the Co-Creators, and Spirit is waiting to see what we will do and what we will choose with the new energies and the new abilities and the new directions that we have already chosen. What will be out new path forward, and how will we create this new age of Peace and Abundance that we have worked so hard to lay the ground work for in the last ten years. Certainly, it is not time to retire, there is still a long path forward, but we can walk that path knowing that the ground work has been done and that the changes will come in a much easier way as we learn to walk and co-create with Spirit in the moment and without expectations. Only with gratitude for what we know will be blessings of Love for Humanity and for the Planet as a whole.

I do feel, that one of the things that we lost when we became so mind oriented as a species, was the ability to trust that Flow of life that was designed to bring us the Blessings of the Source. The Earth was designed to receive the "River of Life" from the "Throne of God" or the Great Central Sun or the Galactic Center. The Planet was designed to be a Golden Chalice of Abundance, that is the natural "physics" of the Earth, and if we relax the mind and its needs we can flow back into the receptive frame of being that allows us to receive the abundance and use it to create blessings for all on the Planet.

So, in this state of mind, I thought I would share with you an image from Africa. Yes, here we are, on the poorest continent and perhaps the "darkest" continent on the Planet. And yet, here we are celebrating the harvest in our own community vegetable garden yesterday.



This is Emile, on the left, and Sherelle, on the right, with some of the carrots that we harvested. We have been lucky, as the summer weather has been relatively cool for this time of year, and we have been able to produce a good crop of carrots, beetroot and pumpkins to come. The children work in the garden and learn about food and health. After the harvest, each child was allowed to take home a basket of carrots and beet for their parents, and we shared also with some of the adults who work in the Starchild Community garden. When I look at pictures such as this, I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I feel pride and joy, that together with you who sponsor our programs, we have been able to create this energy of hope and support for these children, and to create a Community Vegetable Garden that works, and yes it is organic too! I feel immense gratitude that people from all over the world help to make this possible for these children. And yet, I also know how much yet remains to be done, and how we are only just starting on a very long path forward. All of us...on the Planet. In this community, the suffering and the poverty and the illness is still huge, and here in this community, we are in the process of talking to another group with the aim of opening a healing center for the community where we can offer spiritual and alternative approaches to health.

So, that brings me to the topic of Health. Firstly, I would like to say that because the energy shift is so profound, there are a whole range of very strange symptoms being experienced "out there". Please don't panic, there should be a shift after the eclipse. I have been feeling very strange myself, and working with my wonderful homeopath/doctor, I have been using a "snake" remedy. I think we are struggling to integrate our "reptilian energies", and I have been getting whispers of the "Dragon" energy as an important part of our healing, balancing and reconnection right now. According to Michael, we have to reclaim our Dragon energies and heal the deep trauma that occured when the dinosaurs left the planet and our evolution took a very abrupt turn. It was this event that is responsible for much of the apocalyptic energy that is being spun out now as we prepare for another leap forward in our evolution. If anyone has any information on this, I would be happy to hear from you.

Here is another image from our harvest, Wilma, our Starchild organizer and her son, Dominic, who is now in training to be the Starchild Community Developer and an HIV/aids counseller...made possible by the support of Starchild readers.



And that brings me to the topic of Health. As Saturn moves its way through Virgo, and Pluto through Capricorn, the two issues of Health and Power will come to the forefront. We are about to learn how Power and Money has worked together to the detriment of our health. I think we are going to be horrified and shocked when we finally understand that extent to which we have undermined our wonderful bodies through the misunderstanding of what health is.

We were designed to experience radiant health and vitality while in our Earth bodies. We were not designed to degenerate and experience disease. But there are basic "ground rules" relating to the ability of the body to flow life sustaining energy and information. One of these is that the body needs to be "clear" and strong, and not filled with toxins and toxic information. Yes, the body is a hologram, everything you take into your body adds to the body's "information files" about health and well-being. And yes, if you fill your body with "information" about disease through vaccinations, and if you fill your body with aggressive energies though "anti-biotics", and if you attack your body with radiation, you can expect that the immune system will become confused and tired. And if you add toxins through recreational drugs and alcohol and cigarettes and junk food, then you can expect that your system will become sluggish and stagnate, and your blood stream will resemble a sewer after a while, despite your bodies best efforts. Now, I am not saying that medical interventions are not useful when lives are at stake, but in general, we have abused this system of health care, both as practitioners and consumers.

One of the most evident energies right now is a "sadness" and "depression" energy. I feel it is coming up because the vast majority of people are depressed about their lives, and they cope with prozac, valium, alcohol and street drugs, of which "tik" or crystal meth is the most popular here. And Alternative medicine is often also not much better, as there is a tendency to fill people with "herbs" and "supplements" and "chemical compounds" that may be of natural origin in many cases, but have the same effect of loading up the immune system with information that does not allow the body to follow its natural healing impulses. And, of course, the residues of this enter the water system, and as you may know, water "records" this information and holds it.

How do we approach this...well, as a collective, we have work to do. We are liberating ourselves from economic slavery, now we also have to liberate ourselves from the slavery to the so-called "health system", and reclaim our right to be healthy and vibrant.

In this morning's news there was a story about a 20 year old Brazilian model who died after contracting septicaemia and necrosis. Now, this kind of story induces fear, because we think, how can a 20 year old woman die like that, we must all be vulnerable to "disease" and death at any moment. Well, maybe...and maybe not. I saw in the report that she was the "breadwinner" of the family, and that suggested to me that she must come from an impoverished family and that she was under stress, and that maybe like impoverished people everywhere, she was malnourished and had been exposed to vaccinations and medical interventions that would have weakened her system. Then, as a model she was probably under pressure to be thin and to take drugs, as this is what that world is all about. And so, her system was unable to cope with the original infection that then shut down her body. How tragic! And yet.....maybe such cases are not necessary if we can develop a new way of thinking about our health and the health of our bodies.

About fifteen years ago, Michael told me to stop taking anti-biotics and vaccinations, and then 10 years ago, it was no more pharmaceuticals of any kind. So, for the last ten years, I have worked only with classic homeopathy under a trained medical doctor. She is really good. It has taken a very long time for me to clear my system of the residues of the toxins, the food allergies and addictions that plagued me even up until a year ago, to reach a point where my body is able to feel clear. And yes, I have experienced some miraculous and spontaneous healings with the golden flame of the Christ Light, because it can move through my body freely at this time. I am sharing this only because I want you to know that I try to walk my talk, and not because I want everyone to do what I am doing or to feel that they need to. Please, if you are under medical care, then work with that and don't stop, you may further compromise yourself. My "change" was done under the loving supervision of a very wise medicine woman and healer who is also medically trained, and she supported my journey towards better health. I was lucky, if you decide to take that journey as well, then you need expert support and supervision.

But, of course, it is about better health for all of us. It is about radiant health for all of us, which starts with what we eat and what we put into our bodies. The body is a strong and complex system, but it needs you to support its clarity so it can maintain its functioning at optimum health. And yes....that is our birthright, each and every one of us on the Planet! How we get there is going to part of our journey in the years that come.


camelman555 25th January 2009 8:21 am

painting today, double ended golden serpents, pyramids and quetzacoatl the mayan serpent god, lots of emerald green and orange and gold. And an anxious feeling all day that still with me, gonna feel me way, allowing the passing

Loralee 25th January 2009 2:04 pm

Wonderful insightful information Celia!
With love and gratitude,

Martha 25th January 2009 5:04 pm

Thank you for this message. It helps me understand why my body has been detoxing itself via the flu for the past week. I wondered what was coming. Peace to you.

Dorothy Lenore 26th January 2009 4:25 am

thank you for validating my intention not to take antibiotics and painkiller after today's difficult teeth extraction. i believe that my body is capable of healing itself without pharmaceuticals, especially since i have not taken any kind of medicine or vitamins for the past 9 years...indeed, the angels have led me to read your message at the precise moment when i needed validation...blessings, blessings! and oh, by the way, know that there are many of us in the philippines who are blessed by spirit library. love and light!


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