Nurturing the Flowers of Compassion and a Prayer for Zimbabwe

At this time of rapid change and transformation, as the old gives way to the new and we seek to find ways to live in this new energy while still dealing with the old, the message I get most strongly from my Higher Guidance is to seek Gentleness and Compassion.

This may not be easy, since life may seem especially harsh as we deal with the crumbling of the old economic system. But, as Archangel Michael keeps telling us, the energy of the New Earth is very gentle and soft, and the way to align with the new energy is through gentleness and softness and kindness, the qualities of the New Masculine energy. If we are still living with the old masculine energies of control and domination and pushing to get what we want, we will find ourselves frustrated and angry, because this just does not work any more. We have been taught, in the last few years, how to surrender our lives to Spirit and to allow ourselves to be guided into the Flow of Abundance and Blessings. It is a gentle path, and no amount of pushing or pulling will make things happen any faster than they are meant to. Divine Timing is all in this process, and as I have learnt in the years that I have worked with Archangel Michael, there are definite spirals of energy and creation that are linked to the Great Heart of the Cosmos, and our lives unfold in alignment with these waves of love from the Great Central Sun.

So, our role is to be gentle with ourselves and others, and to cultivate gentleness in our own lives. We are learning to be at peace with what is and to accept that all is unfolding in Divine Order and as it should. No matter what things may appear to be on the outside, we can know that the Highest Good is being served in some way that may not be clear to us right now. This requires trust and acceptance that there is a Higher Force that is guiding our lives and the unfolding of events on the Earth.

Now, this idea of gentleness is also tied in with the idea of Compassion, for Compassion in the nature of Unconditional Love and is the Essence of the Golden Flame of Ascended Love and Abundance. Several years ago Archangel Michael also taught me that Compassion means to hold a space for the Highest Good in any situation. That was interesting for me, for I had always imagined that Compassion meant to feel so moved by someone else's situation that you would want to do something for them. Well, this is called "charity" and is one level of the practice of Compassionate Love, but only one. I think that as we learn to work with Compassion and as we begin to fully understand the nature of Compassionate love, we will be able to nurture these "flowers" of Compassion in our lives.

So, if Compassion measn holding a space for the Highest Good to manifest, this means that Compassion is primarily a Spiritual Activity, in which we hold Light and focus Light so that the Highest Good may manifest in that situation. This does not mean that this is where our work ends, for we are here to bring Heaven to Earth, so we would also seek to "ground" that love into the Earth level, and this is where the idea of "charity" comes in. We would want to share what we have so that we might also bring light in terms of alleviating physical suffering. In the old energy, Charity was something that people did out of a sense of having enough so they could give to others who had less. In the New Energy, this need to give to others will be motivated by a desire to share so that the balance may be maintained. The old idea of "charity" in the past was based on the fixed concept of the "rich" and the "poor", in which those who are rich give to those who are poor. Now, as these categories crumble, this need to help others will be motivated by a need to share as an expression of Compassionate Love. As you share your Light with others, so you will seek to share what you have so that all may have enough. For we are all One, and only when we all have enough will the Earth be in Balance and will we all be able to live in Abundance. While there are still those who hold more than they need, and those who do not have what they need, then there will be imbalance and this will create suffering.

I guess I have been thinking about this, as I have been working with the children in our "Children of Africa" project with the idea of food security and "enough for everyone". This is an idea that we hold as an outcome for the Highest Good in Africa, but it is also an outcome that we work for in a very material way, with the help of the Starchild readers. We work to hold both levels of Light, through focus of intent and through sharing what we have, so that the energy can flow and abundance can be created.

That brings me to the sad topic of Zimbabwe and the absolute chaos and misery that exists in that country right now. This is an example of how the old energy is just hanging on and refuses to let go. I felt sad, for in March it looked as through change was about to happen when the Opposition party won the election, but the ruling party was not about to let go. And so the situation limps on, and we wait for the new energies that can come to life the situation into Higher Consciousness, as it must. No one really knows what is happening there right now, and although I have friends in the country, I don't wish to endanger them by sending e mails to ask what is happening. I just trust that they will be cared for and that all will be well. So, I am asking you, if you are reading this, to consider sharing Compassionate Love with the people of Zimbabwe. Hold a space of Light in your Heart for the Highest Good to be achieved in this country, for the Highest Good of all her people. Send Light and Love for their upliftment, and do not give energy to what is negative for if you focus on that it will only grow. I have included below an image of a Sacred Site in Zimbabwe. It is called Dombashowe (I think...i have only ever heard the name spoken) and it means the "place of drumming". It is a site sacred to the ancestors, and a group of us, including people in Zimbabwe, have done Lightwork to connect this site into the Global Grids. So, if you would like to send Light to Zimbabwe as a prayer of hope, you can focus on this image that was taken by a fellow Lightworker in Zimbabwe:


When it comes to demonstrating that compassionate love in real terms, there is not much that any of us can do right now except watch and hope. We have plans to take the "Children of Africa" project into Zimbabwe as soon as there is real change and the government becomes open to such assistance. Until then, I can only say, do something for the poorer people and children in your own community. Wherever you may be, there are always opportunities to nurture the Flowers of Compassion by holding a Sacred Space in your Heart for the Highest Good to unfold, and by sharing of what you have with those who do not have, and so help to create balance.

And just to finish with a smile, a story about some people who like to nurture real flowers as an act of Compassionate Love. I read a story recently about people in London and other cities who are "Green Guerillas". They risk arrest in order to carry out their random activities of greening cities and planting flowers in pieces of ground that have been left derelict in urban areas. Of course, the ground does not "belong" to them, so they can be arrested for such activities, so sometimes they have to creep out late at night for a spot of furtive gardening! But the results are good, and flower gardens are springing up in urban areas to bring the energy of Love and Joy back the cities! Let's hope that one day, real soon, everyone will be looking for places to plant flowers and create beauty in our cities! This is a way we can start to create the energy of Paradise in our Urban spaces.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela: This week our "Madiba" is in London to celebrate his 90th birthday. As a South African, I am immensely proud of Nelson Mandela and what he stands for. His "Mandela Children's Foundation" was the original inspiration for my own Starchild Children's Foundation. So I invite you to share this video by Johnny Clegg that was taken in France, and includes footage of Nelson Mandela. The song itself is called "Asimbonanga", which I think means "I do not see him" in Zulu. It was written about Nelson Mandela in the days of apartheid, and was of course banned. In those days Johnny Clegg was a brave voice that dared to say what many thought. Now, in this version, he is joined by Mandela and they express the joyous spirit of South Africa at its very best. If you watch the video, at the end you will see Mandela say to the audience : "It is music and dancing that make me at peace with the world and at peace with myself". Yebo Madiba! And then, he invites the audience to dance with him! This is so much the true Spirit of Africa, and we can only hope that this will shine in Zimbabwe one day soon. So, please enjoy "Asimbonanga", which I share with my friend Manfred in Germany who reminded me of this song last year!




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