Patterns, Geometries, Energies and Choices

Thank you to all the people who wrote in yesterday, expressing their ideas and sending in questions for the Archangel Michael channel. There were so many questions that I will be opening a file and keeping them, as I certainly cannot answer them all at once. But thank you so much!

Now, about the topic of the Collective Consciousness and the violence in India...when I wrote this I was thinking in terms of quantum physics and sacred geometries. I consider that Consciousness is Light and in other words.....and that this energy flows into geometric designs and patterns as it expresses itself into manifestation. One of the mathematical models used to express this idea is called a "fractal". This is a pattern or design that goes on repeating itself according to the original model. However, if the model is changed even slightly, then the entire mathematical design is changed, and obviously also the manifestation that flows from that design or template.

So, looking at the current events in this light, it would seem as though the design is just being reinforced, and as we enter into this new cycle there is a danger that the old pattern will be overlaid and the same energies will continue. Of course, with all the vast changes that have happened in the Spiritual and Material realms, there is no doubt that the New Earth will manifest, but it is up to us to choose what pattern we lay down in our consciousness, whether we as a Collective choose the new model, or whether we choose to limp along for another ten years playing out the ashes of the old model that is being presented to us now.

So, here are some of the responses that came in. The first one, which is really good, came from a reader in Germany:

"I have a slightly different view of the events in India. I think to speak of negative energy is exactly that going back into duality. Going back into the mind. Judging. Sure these are very sad events. But we don't know what they are meant to be. A German news channel wrote these events are the same for India as 9/11 was for America. So 9/11 caused much suffering - and much love and compassion.

If you ask, why now, the question comes from the mind (like every question). It is to give security to the ego. I think it is important to see that our real nature is beyond the mind and beyond time and space, it is love and compassion and the wisdom that everything is perfect at any time including these sad events in India.

So it would be an illusion to expect paradise on earth by 2012 or so. Like you always say paradise is in us. Here and now, beyond time and space."

Thank you...that seems like a really good consideration. Archangel Michael has always emphasized the need to trust, and to allow that we are being guided into the best possible path for us, even though it may not look like it at the time. So, often the detours are given so that we may have time to learn, adjust or make new discoveries about ourselves and our path. Of course, being impatient, I always want to go straight to where I want to be, without any detours. A friend of mine calls reality a "master game", and of course the "master player" knows about detours and how to deal with them so that they do eventually lead to the desired goal of the game.

So, of course, as the reader says, Paradise is within us, and it is just a matter of allowing the detours, whether collective of personal, that will lead us to the full expression and manifestation of our desires. I often wonder, in retrospect, where we would have been today if Al Gore had become President of the USA instead of George Bush. The path not taken....would we have grown any faster than we have. I would probably have had to say no, for if nothing else, the Bush years have seen an enormous acceleration of consciousness that probably would not have happened otherwise, and indeed the growth of Compassion and Love and a huge "awakening" among ordinary people.

Here is another letter from a reader in the USA, expressing this kind of new awakening:

"I just saw your posting re: the violence in India. I too had felt it the energy building before it came into being... Wednesday and yesterday it was all over the news... but instead of getting caught up in it (this time), I chose to bless the people of India and visualize that part of the world surrounded in pink light...and then I moved on. I'd like to think of this event as spiritual backwash in a time of great energetic uplifting. The positive energy in the States feels stronger (despite the economic instability) now than it has in the past 8 years. I believe that we and the people of the world can move beyond this almost predictable kind of violence that appears just when we need to focus on peaceful change. You're right; it's not a coincidence. I don't think people will "fall for" this kind maneuvering anymore. "

Several people wrote to say that they were also aware of the energy shifts and the volatility of the moment that we are in right now. But this reader also shows that as awakened beings we are mature enough not to reinforce the pattern of fear and anger within ourselves, and to stay on track with the manifestation of change. This reader is able to move into the position of the "observer" and to bless all that she sees with love. This is what enlightened beings are able to do, for they trust and understand the workings of Higher Wisdom.

Here is another point of view, from a reader in Japan:

"I think things are going to get a great deal "darker" before things get "Lighter." We are still no-where near the critical mass needed to initiate the New Age/Earth, (please reference Eckhart Tolle), however the present paradigm is crumbling and I think people need to be guided to turn inwards to re-discover their own inner guidance ."

In this reader's view, we are a long way from the needed "critical mass" that is required to change the pattern and so change the manifestation. This is an echo of the first reader who thinks that we are not going to have Paradise by 2012.

Well, here I would tend to disagree. I believe we have already passed Critical Mass, and that the New Earth is already fully established in the Higher Dimensions as a template. This cycle of manifestation, the next ten years, is given for us to draw down that template into manifestation. That is why I am so not interested in taking another detour into the old pattern, and I am hoping that this will not be the choice of the Collective. We have been given the "gift" of our inner divinity and the possibility of practically instant manifestation and the creation of Miracles. We are in a Fifth Dimensional Geometrical matrix and we have the ability to make the changes. We are Human Angels, we are powerful, we are Leaders and Avatars of the New Energy. If we can't believe in our abilities, then I guess no one else will!

So, at this time, we can choose to continue to live as though we were in the Third Dimension and hobbling along with the old pattern of fear and lack, or we can remember Who we Are and why we are here, and that we are Human Angels. As we emerge into this consciousness, we will see more and more how a few awakened and conscious beings holding the Light in a clear way can make an incredible difference. As we hold that Light we become channels for the manifestation of the New Earth into material form. It is there already, and we are here to receive it as it flows from the Higher Dimensions of Consciousness into our material world. We can put it off for another time, or we can be the avatars and wayshowers we are meant to be and allow the manifestation of that which we carry within ourselves. If the Paradise is within us and we can hear the Inner Guidance, then there is no reason why that Paradise cannot manifest in the outer world as well. And soon. If we make the choices that allow us to change the pattern and choose for the New Earth.

In the work that I have done in the last year, I have also come to believe that the new "fractal" or the new pattern of consciousness that will determine the manifestation of the New Earth is what I call the "Sacred Rose", the energy of the Twin Flame. The polar forces of Divine Energy held in perfect balance, the Consciousness of God made manifest within us and in Human Angelic Form. When I was in southern France in October, I was shown how the power of the Twin Flame can heal and move past the old energies of violence and separation and create the Harmony of Oneness. But that is another topic......


michael mayer 30th November 2008 10:39 am

if i may speak from a "non-spiritual" point of view here for a sec re:India, politics and terrorists?...doing one harm, no matter the reason or desired outcome, obviously is not purely loving (though it does carry a certain amount of visceral upfrontness and honesty)...most definately the creative energy of activism as in that of the love of Ghandi or Martin Luther King Jr. is what's most said this...there is a severe dsconnect, economically/politically speaking in the world from the "have's" and the "have nots"...certainly spiritually all Have and Are...and yet until this realization comes to pass tere are governments, like that of the us of a, that having money and power use that influence for gain throughout the world...polluting the water, raping the land, putting less advantaged countries and their peoples in debt by that of the world bank/corporations/, this isn't a blame game thing...nor is it any reason for "an eye for an eye" mentality...yet it does speak to the balance between spiritual awareness and being physically aware...thnx, mike

Mirinthia 30th November 2008 1:46 pm

This reader believes that if Humanity thinks ..."things are going to get a great deal darker before things get Lighter" then that template could be the overlay. What is Humanity chose to realease the clinging to the old template of of duality "darker vs lighter"? What if Humanity chose to be open to a new template of oneness... holding only the conscious vibration of love?

c 30th November 2008 4:27 pm

in respect of the massacre in india and the human beings there, affected by this experience for 'real', maybe 'lightworkers'could consider with utter respect and indeed with as much detachment to out-come as possible, to sit and be for 20mins with what is actually 'happening ' and arrising right now. to embrace as best one can the varied emotions of fear and anger or otherwise for a few moments,(which may arise emotionally, visually or physically over the 20min period)by accepting, unconditionally whats actually happening within oneself as opposed to doing- (talking incesently regarding the future- ie 2012) etc may have a more loving, healing effect to the situation. simply acknowleding the truth of the matter as opposed to looking from ones own narrow perspective-theorising. by truely experiencing the fear, anger and sheer terror without judgement it may infact be more healing and en lightening to those possibly lost in the experience-as with the self . talk regarding the future is just that- talk, this is not the future this is being fully with now the future will unfold


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