Releasing the Last Illusions and Dreaming in the "Now"

This has been a particularly hard week for me, and when the energies get this tough it usually means that something is up or moving in the energetic realms. I see that Pluto has moved back into Sagittarius for a last go around, and will be there until the end of the year! What this means is that we are being given a last opportunity to face our illusions and then redefine who we are and what we want, before we fully enter into the new consciousness. Of course, the new energies are also streaming in, and so the tension arises as we have to deal with the last vestiges of the old while trying to adapt to the new. No wonder it feels difficult!

We have been dealing with illusions and releasing them for quite a while now. This time we are passing through now is that time when we get to finally confront those illusions that were most dear to us, those that we resisted letting go because they somehow defined who we were in the old energy on a deep level. And now, we are forced to confront these deep illusions, and it can be quite painful to now release these illusions in order to be free to create in the New Earth energy.

Archangel Michael has spoken about how we need to define ourselves and live our passions, in order to be able to flow with the new energies of Abundance and Unconditional Love. And part of that process is looking at your dreams and desires. It was made clear to me this week that many people are still holding onto dreams that no longer fit with who they are now. We have all changed and transformed in the last several years, and we are different. We might ask ourselves if we are still holding onto dreams that belong to who we were years ago, and that might have no relevance to who we are now.

This is one of the reasons for the "stuck" syndrome that so many of us are having to cope with right now. We have run out of dreams and have nothing to move us forward, and so we are falling back on old dreams and desires that are no longer appropriate to who we are now. In this case, your I AM cannot work with the desire as it has no connection to the Now and the Present, and the flow of abundance cannnot manifest that desire into present form.

So, Archangel Michael encourages us to define ourselves, to define who we are now and what that person would dream and desire for themselves and for the Planet. And, if we do not define ourselves and our passions, we may allow others to define us, or we may become stuck in past definitions of who we were that do not allow us to grow. It is vitally important now that we come fully into the present and accept and acknowledge who we are Now in this Present moment. As we move towards 2012 and the cessation of time as a concept, it becomes essential that all our energy and our power be in the creative flow of the present moment, and that we are able to motivate our dreams and desires from that actual place of Presence that is inhabited by our I AM.

I guess this has a lot to do with self love, and learning to love yourself fully as you are now. Many of us don't want to acknowledge that time has passed and that at 40 or 60 we are no longer the same as we were at 20. Our culture encourages us to hold onto eternal youth, and many of us get stuck at 20 and our dreams with us. What you dream and desire at 20 may not be appropriate for 40 or 60, and we may need to go deep within in order to renew our dreams and discover what will make us passionate at the time and age that we are now. To do this may require that we actually sit and down and spend some quiet time with ourselves to ask our I AM whether the dreams and desires that we currently hold are appropriate to who we are now and are fully in the present reality of who we are. For it is only when we can locate that point of our Presence in the flow of Abundant Love that we can take our power and create and manifest our dreams and desires as present realities.

When we are fully in the Present, then we are able to find that flow and to shape and mould our reality from our desires and passions in an ongoing way. Then we move forward with the flow, and we feel the flow of abundant blessings in our lives. When we are stuck in the past, then we don't flow, we feel stuck and we are at the mercy of the currents of change and we bob around, up and down and sideways, never quite knowing where we are. But, when we find that point of presence in our Heart and in our Core of Peace and Light, then we can truly begin to define ourselves and who we are, and then we can move into the flow of Grace and Blessings.

So, for those of you who are like me, and are examining the last illusions in order to let them go, know that this is the time that Spirit is giving us to go through this process. Don't be afraid to release even your most cherished illusions, for they are probably the ones that need to go and that will finally allow you to move forward in freedom and joy. Allow yourself to be strong and powerful, but also open and vulnerable. Allow yourself to see yourself as you are, a beautiful being of light, and allow that this is the point from which you create. If you see yourself as anything else, and if others see you as anything else, then that is an illusion. Define yourself, know yourself, and create from that point of Light and Wisdom.


ANAT 16th June 2008 11:12 am

At almost 60 years of age, I have come to the conclusion that "someday" is already here, and if former dreams had not been realised by this time, it is time to let go. Live now, live your dreams, those that could be realised, and let all others go. Live for today, and let your love flow. Spiritlibrary in all its parts brings together what I have been studying for the past 30 years. Thank you for the messages and the guidance, it replenishes and uplifts my spirit.


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