Solstice: The Energetic Acceleration and The Overwhelm Factor

The Solstice: The Energetic Acceleration and the new Wave of Cosmic Love - The Overwhelm Factor

I think many of us are dealing with the new energies by just feeling a bit dazed and disoriented. We are in a totally new place and space, which also looks like the old one but is not. The nature of illusion is becoming very apparent right now, as we FEEL the channges deep within our Being, and yet what we SEE out there seems pretty much the same as always. Gradually, we are learning that we see is what we create, and we are learning how to align FEELING with CREATION so that we can truly begin to see these huges shifts in energy as they manifest on our Planet.

When I looked back at the last six months since the last Solstice, I realized just how much things have changed in that time, and how fast the energy is moving and shifting on our Planet. We have reached an accelerated stage of our transformation process, and from now until 2012 we can expect that these waves of new Energy and Light Codes from the Great Central Sun will become more intense and will lead to ever greater shifts and changes.

These current Light Codes are related to the Twin Flame energy and the Paradise Code activations, which are, of course, closely linked. As we activate our own inner Twin Flame energy and come into inner balance, we are able to activate our Template for Perfect Health and the Paradise Codes within ourselves and on our Planet. And so, many people have shared with me that they have had dreams about their Twin Flame energy at this time. These have generally been fun dreams, in line with the playful nature of this energy. In my own case, I asked my Higher Self to send me a dream of my Twin Flame, so that I could have a "sneak preview" as it were. I dreamed about a Dolphin. Well, it looks like my Twin Flame is a big fish! But seriously, I was happy with that dream, because Michael has often said to me that the New Masculine Energy is like a Dolphin, playful, gentle and yet passionate and very sensual/sexual. That sounds good to me! So I am ready for the New Dolphin Man when he arrives!

Also, another dream that I had that was very meaningful for me, was of a bird that appeared and began to sing to me. It was early morning, and I knew that this bird was coming to sing to me of a New Dawn. I listened while it sang, and it was a very vivid dream, I could see every feather of this bird in a very intense way. Birds are special to me, I am always surrounded by birds, probably because my garden is bird friendly and I feed them as well. When I was in South America, wherever I went, there were always birds to welcome me, sometimes very obviously. Here are some pictures I took of a group of birds that came for a "chat" in Iguacu:




These birds came right up to me. The one even flew into my face to get my attention and then sat right next to me and told me about how sad he was that humans were not caring about the Forest any more. I told them that we were there to do just that! A group of his friends joined us, but then, as always happens when I talk to animals, all sorts of people arrive and want to have their photo taken with these amazing creatures and this spoils the energy. People have yet to learn to respect the sacred space that animals create with humans!

Well, in this wave of New Energy, no matter how disorienting and overwhelming its feels right now, is the Golden Light of the Flame of Ascended Compassionate love, which triggers the consciousness of the Twin Flame and the Paradise Codes. We are, at last, beginning to truly remember Who we Are! We are beginning to remember that we came here to build Paradise on our Planet and live in Unconditional Love and Joy, and not to create dramas of war and loss and suffering. We are beginning to lift our consciousness into the Fifth Dimension where we can truly live the Paradise that was alwasy planned for us, if we chose. And so, we are making that choice now. As you move through these intense days, make the choice to hold your Light and choose Light. It is, in fact, becoming easier for we are surrounded by this Golden Flame in all its beauty and intensity right now. Archangel Michael asks that you reach out and embrace this Golden Flame of Love and Abundance into your Heart. Release all the old illusions of pain and suffering and embrace the Golden Light into your Being. Paradise is within your hands right now.....if you make that choice...if we all make that choice...Now.

And so, it is so important that we make that choice and we do not allow ourselves to fall into anger and depair and states of lack and fear. For, as we feel and think now, so we are making choices about where we will be. Know that to create Harmony and Peace in the outer world, we have to start with ourselves and create that Harmony and Peace in the Inner World. And if you hold that Peace and you allow yourself to be filled with the Golden Light, you will begin to see Paradise manifest in your life.

Here is an image that I took at Iguacu. I was delighted at how many butterflies there were just flying around all the time in this Paradise place. They represented such Peace and Harmony. Here is an image I took of a butterfly that sat on my foot. They were quite happy to sit on humans. When I had lunch outside, I had to compete with the bees for my dessert, and there was always a butterfly or two that wanted to sit on me! Truly, Paradise is here if we can just Feel the Love and activate the connections that are deep within Us, still!



So, in the next few days, be at Peace within yourself, be playful, and know that Paradise is manifesting on Earth and that it needs all of us to hold this Dream so that it can manifest as our New Earth reality!



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