The Big Slow Down and Reconnecting with the Light

Well, I received quite a few letters after the last log, and so I thought I would share some of them with you, plus some new information from the Michael energy about the shifts and changes we are currently experiencing and what they might mean for us.

Firstly, here is an extract from a letter from Carol in the USA: "You often write lovingly to cheer the people who are writing with concerns and questions about why things are taking so long to shift for them. I'm not sure you receive enough mail from those of us around the world who find ourselves blessedly at the other end of the spectrum. I am one of these fortunate ones....2008 was an incredible year of transformation and filled with amazing experiences of the Light entering my life in great abundance and helping me to access ever deeper, more vibrant resources both within and without. I feel in particular the growing sense of the Global Community of Lightworkers and how it is we're ever more connected through our Heart Energies and shared love of this Beloved Planet......".

Yes, thank you Carol. I also feel that the emergence of a very visible and vocal Global community of Lightworkers has been one of the biggest miracles of this last ten year cycle. I sat and thought about my own life. Ten years ago I was a happy and "successful" healer, but a very "local" one, living in a small community but close enough to a big city to build a good practice. But, even in those days I had a liking for the internet, and when I started my first website back in the late 90s, it was directed at the community I lived in. Actually I used to write a newsletter that I printed out and distributed, and I thought it would be a great idea to put it on the internet so people could print it out themselves. But, then I started to get letters from people from all over, and I realized that it wasn't just the people down the road who were reading the newsletter. And then, in 2003 I teamed up with Kate and Jose and we started Starchild! And we soon discovered that there was indeed a Global community out there and that they were eager to be brought together and to share ideas! And then, in the last two years I have had the privilege to be able to travel all over the world to work with some of these communties of Lightworkers!

And part of the "adventure" of this Global community has been to share our experiences with this Global experience of Transformation and Change. Which brings me to the topic of the "BIG slow down". You might have noticed that despite the tension and expectation we talked about in the last log, things are a bit, well kind of flat right now. There seems to be lots of buzz, but very little seems to be happening. Hmmmmm, according to Michael, this is the tension between our ego minds which say things must move forward, and our Higher Consciousness, which is in a phase of recalibration and reconnection at a very exciting and momentous level.

In December, after the Solstice shift, Michael talked about the re-calibration of the Chakra system, starting with the Heart and moving on to the Pineal and the Pituitary, or the Crown and Brow Chakras. This recalibration has enabled the FULL reconnection of the Higher Self with the Physical Being. We have spent years activating the Light Body and clearing and activating the DNA in preparation for this moment when the I AM could project the radiant Light of its Being into our Physical Being through the Light Body, and be enabled to make a clear connection.

There has been so much else going on, that this incredible miracle has gone almost unnoticed. People have felt the change on a deep level, and many of us are feeling very tired and wanting to sleep and rest. Here is an extract from a letter from Tim in the USA: "Thanks for your posts lately. There indeed for me has been a heightening of the awareness of the holographic nature of this reality. And the new energies are... I don't really even know how to describe them. I've been feeling more and more consistently enveloped by this love and deep peace. Of course the times when it's not there feel all the more harsh and grating... like stepping out of a car onto the freeway at 100kmh or something and the ground feels more jagged and the impact greater... but those moments of that peace and of that love are so amazing. Like I said I just don't even have the words for it.......

The other day I was sitting in a restaurant and there was an eastern tapestry with Buddha on it and he just started talking to me. I felt myself lifted into this plane that was very very bright with lots of colors and more distinct shapes, lots of circles and orbs with bright golds and pinks and yellows... just beautiful vibrant colors and he began to say that I was entering into a new phase of my spiritual development and moving into an energy that I've never felt before. It was a couple three days ago or so and it's stayed with me fairly consistently. The only way I can describe the energy is solar. Like before I would find a desire in myself and send the signal and then it would show up... like a magnetic signature but this new energy feels like being inside the sun. I feel a desire and instead of pulling something to me "out there" it rises up from within me and greets me within myself. And I feel as if I'm surrounded by this beautiful rose and gold light, like a cloud or bubble and yet it goes with me and moves with me, supports me. Not to mention that I've been sleeping up to 14 hours a night, just wrecked all the time lots of zappy-ness etc... and yet it all feels good somehow."

Oh yes, as Tim says, this new energy experience feels Solar in nature, like being "inside the sun". Indeed, you are dear brother, you are inside your Solar Light Body, it has embraced you, and your physical being is now a projection of your Light body. You are a fully embodied Being of Light! And the exciting news, according to Michael, is that as you become more accustomed to this new place or space, you will start to see the other Beings of Light all around you, both those in bodies and those that are not. In fact, after a while you won't be able to notice the difference to any great extent! You will "see" the Light as well as the physical light that you care so accustomed to now.

The reason for the tiredness and the physical "symptoms" is that the recalibration needed to accomplish this shift into pure Light consciousness has created a temporary effect of Slow Down. Higher Consciousness is Slower. It vibrates faster and moves slower. Lower consciousness vibrates more slowly and seems to move very quickly through time and space. So right now we have this tension between the old slow vibrating reality wanting something to happen now....and the new higher vibrating Solar or Stellar or Cosmic reality that is allowing us the time to become accustomed to the BIG SHIFT that we have just experienced.

And then, we will start to see and perceive at a very different frequency, and we will start to live at a different frequency. Slower and more peaceful and with less "drama" but more depth and intimacy and fun and love and abundance. We will truly enter into the multi-dimensional expereince of Being here on Planet Earth, enclothed in Radiant Solar Light and radiating this through into the physical realms. We will begin to fully align our mental/emotional being with our Solar I Am presence until our physical being is a pure extension of our Solar Being!

Funny thing...when I was writing the piece for the Children's Foundation for Christmas, I used a picture with the children that was taken on my birthday. I remember saying to my assistant that the light effect in the image made me look as if I was wearing sunlight! The things we say!

Also, I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have been writing in. Sharing your experiences makes it easier for me to share with all of you what I am experiencing and receiving from the Michael energy through the channels

10th January earthlog additional: An SOS from the Animal World

We are all aware of the huge electro-magnetic changes that are happening on our planet right now. We are aware of what this means to us as humans. But now, I am becoming aware that the animal world is in some distress and is asking for assistance.

The story goes like this. On Thursday I was bitten, or rather nipped, by a dog. Now, this was a startling event for me, because animals are drawn to my energy in love, and I was really shaken. I know the dog in question, a pet of a friend of mine, and the incident happened while we were walking in her garden. There was no malicious or aggressive energy. When I looked back at the incident I felt the animal was just over-excited and wanted to get my attention for some reason.

So, I went home and thought about what reason. I have also recently aquired a cat, whose owner, one of my neighbours, went away for the Christmas holidays without making adequate provision for her pet. I realized around Christmas time that the animal was living in my garden, and when I looked closer saw that she was covered in ticks and fleas and was very thin. So I took her in and took care of her. But I was aware of the trauma that she went through as she was abandonned and had to come to my garden for help. After I had fed her and she started to feel better, she cleared out all the spiders from the house and the rats from the roof, so that was her way of saying thank you.

Then, I started to get mails from people who were picking up distress from the Marine animal world....two of them in a few I thought I would publish them here so that you can make up your own minds about what is going on.

The first is from Almuth in Germany. This message came to her from a sea creature in a meditation. The sea creature said to her that..."he was speaking for the animals in the ocean. As we were activating light matrix everywhere they had the feeling we as mankind would still not be aware of them, the oceanlife and we should please connect and keep sending love and light, as they needed that these days. and then he said- please tell the other people... that is, why i am sending this to you. after digesting the experience, i feel it worth to set aside a time for the recognition of the animals in the oceans, as the waters of earth have something to do with our emotions. connecting there, appreciating the life in the sea and sending love and light to them might open us a new perspective of mother earths and our development right now."

Then, I also received this message from Elsa in Barcelona in Spain : "Due to the ongoing energetic fields adjustments, we are called to send green and blue Light to the shores in order to prevent the misguiding of the sea animals, who use the streams and electromagnetic impulses for their orientation; as now we have so many changes of the Ocean streams, they need protection and a clear guide for not finding themselves on the shore. Mary Magdalene made a call for us to visualize the shores surrounded by blue light and then a green layer all around the Planet, that way they will perceive the limits. They have to stay on deep waters as the changes are happening." So, it seems like we are not the only ones who are feeling the stress as the Earth goes through her transformations, Remember that we are "One" with All Creatures on the Planet, not just the Humans. I think our "relatives" , as the Native Americans would call them, are asking for our help at this time.

I would like to suggest that if you decide that you would like to asisst in this way, that you use the beautiful music written in Hawaii by Kauwila for the Solstice Meditation in 2008, especially for the Marine Animals, but also remember all the animals with whome we share our Planet. Here is the Link, please Click Here. If you cant pick up the music here, you cal also go the Starchild Music Room where the music is listed as Track 14!


ohmi 10th January 2009 8:34 am

For all lightworkers:
Change is taking place... a rearranging of my face from the inside!
in love and light

Candace Alexis 10th January 2009 9:52 am


Just a thank you in appreciation for your words and the reports from others. I have felt things but am reassured and directed by the similar experiences. I have recently acquired a small farm and we are experiencing a severe drought. I was hitting dead ends and actual opposition until I turned the coordination of things over to the trees here. Avenues of healing and balancing have immediately opened up and one of the things I am encouraged to focus on is the connection between the trees and the cosmos (applied biodynamics, anthroposophy, R Steiner).


Rita 10th January 2009 11:40 am

I also thank you for sharing the experience of others. This past summer I began visualizing light glittering off the ocean as my interior--the water as spirit flowing and reflecting the sun's light, even while absorbing it. This vision evolved into total light within myself, with each cell of my body a crystal of light emitting harmonic notes chiming inside me in praise to the Creator. I have come to feel so totally at peace with the cosmos and fully present in my own skin (and happy to be there!) for the first time in this lifetime. I am happily going with the flow of things. What you said about the brow and crown chakras was also interesting to me, as I feel that they're open most of the time these days, with light energy flowing in and through me.

Thanks so much for your messages.

k 10th January 2009 8:20 pm

Thank you so much for remembering the animals and please remember all of nature. My greatest and best lessons have been from nature. We humans can not exits without her. She patiently waits for us humans to correct our ways, but she is becomeing more impatient. We need to connect with our spiritual base in nature the way the Native Americans did before their world was torn apart. They were a part of nature they understood her and her cycles. They moved in rythum to her beat. As spiritual beings we all should try to understand the sacredness of nature and come to know her personnally. This is in my opinion very important at this time.

Uma Gautam 3rd February 2009 12:54 pm

Thank you so much, Celia, for all the warm and illuminating words.Reassures me, in a way I cannot describe.
I have been initiated by my Master,a Himalayan yogi,10 years ago. Have been teaching Yoga,as taught by him, for 7 yrs now,also writing articles,training other teachers,setting up new studios....I know my Master makes me work in all aspects; service, devotion,awareness,all of it. My 10 years journey with him has been intense, very frightening at times(looking at the deep,dark corners of oneself can be daunting at times)and very joyous and elevating too.I feel such an immense gratitude to him,it cannot be said in words.
I am now feeling so very tired. Tired of working,tired of action... I just long to go "home" now. Tears spring up the moment I think of Him. The separation feels like a wound now... just waiting for this 'dark night' to get over...
lots of love,
(From India)


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