The "Christ Light" is Born in Us

On this radiant day that is the traditional birth date of Christ, I wish you all a Peaceful and Wonderful day, filled with the Radiance of the Golden Star:


We have indeed, in the last six months, been through a tremendous shift in consciousness. It began in August, when the Golden Light of the Golden Flame was intensified on the Earth at the Lion's Gate Portal. In October, the Collective Consciousness moved into higher octaves of Love and Compassion, assisted by the Beings of Light and the Lightworkers around the Planet who held the Light and the Focus. This paved the way for major changes on the Earth. And now, at this time of the December Solstice, as the Beaings of Light and Lightworkers work together once again, the Golden Christ Light is now anchored on the Planet and the Golden Twin Flame grid is radiating waves of Unconditional Love to support the manifestation of the New Earth in Pure Love, Joy and Abundance in 2009.

So, at this time, I would like to wish all our Readers and supporters the most wonderful and blessed time as the Christ Light fills the Earth. I would like to thank my own Twin Flame, Mohammad, for being a part of my life and for being the support and love that he has been for me. I would also like to thank my assistant, Paloma, who has been another great support for me and the Starchild work and travels. Then also, all the wonderful people who do the translations and maintain the foreign language websites for Starchild, and those who help with the technical side, my immense gratitude and love to all of you! And to all the people that I met on my wonderful travels through our beautiful planet this year, thank you for your Light and Presence, and we hope to see you again soon!

So, from me, or , rather, from "us" to you...a blessed and wondeful holiday season. Here is an image that was taken of us on the first occasion that we served the Light and worked together at Niagara Falls in Canada earlier this year. The picture was taken at night, but it still carries the radiance of our energy together!:


And, for everyone out there, a Christmas gift of music. The Twin Flame energy is, in its essence, about what I call "The Harmony of One". It is about the Inner Harmony of Heaven and Earth and Masculine and Feminine, about our relationship with our own Higher Self and the way in which we create a union between our Earth being and our Spirit being. It is this essential inner union that is mirrored in any Twin Flame union that we may create in our outer world when we blend our soul energy with another soul to become more than we could be alone. So, this song is about our relationship with our Soul and Spirit as it raises us up to experience all that we can be in our Spiritual essence, and about a Twin Flame relationship that allows us to be more than we could ever be alone!

This is the Irish group, "Celtic Woman", singing "You Raise Me Up":



Craig 25th December 2008 5:05 pm

Neat song but just want to let you know that there is a Kiwi from 'down under' singing in the 'Irish' group.

May we all allow our hopes and dreams for ourselves, our families, community and the world to manifest in 2009.

Love to all,


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