The Coming of the "Great Peace" and the Christmas "star"

Well, we have just moved through a period of shift and transformation that culminated with the Solstice on the 21st of December. Of course, these shifts dont just happen on the day in question, there is a period of time in which the energies begin to change and those who are sensitive can usually feel the shifts in the Collective Consciousness. This one has been happening for about a month, beginning in late November and moving through the 12:12 gateway and on to the Solstice. And can feel the change. To me it feels as though we, as a Global Collective, have made a huge effort to shift ourselves upwards in Consciousness onto the New Earth grids. We have let go and released, and we are ready to embrace Peace and Abundance on our New Earth.

Here is an image that was sent to me by Spiritual Artist, Monique Monos in Belgium, and I think it really reflects that sense I feel of the new Earth coming into being:

new earth dream

Yesterday, on the Solstice, we also held our Starchild Children's Foundation Christmas party. As we were driving to deliver the Jumping Castle back to the firm that had we had hired it from, Wilma, our Project manager, and I were chatting. Now, Wilma doesn't follow the Spiritual information, so she doesn't "know", in her head, the things that we as Lightworkers might know, but she notices. She said to me that she couldn't understand what seemed to have happened in her community. It was so quiet and peaceful. This is a very poor community, with high levels of alcohol and drug abuse and crime, and yet this year seemed to be different. Despite Christmas being the usual peak season for violence and chaos, she said to me that it felt as though a Great Peace had descended on the community. We were speaking in Afrikaans, her language, and she used the term "groot vrede", which directly translates into "great peace". I have noticed too how things seem much quieter this year, there is less of the chaos and the frenzy, and I had attributed it to the poor economy and people having less money to spend, but I think it is more than that. I think we have moved onto the New Earth grids and the New Earth frequencies, and ordinary people are choosing the Peace for their lives. We have, so far, managed to weather the events in India without another war, and it seems like the old patterns of violence and aggression are giving way to the new Patterns of Peace, Harmony and Oneness.

Even the weather seems diferent today. After weeks of searing African summer heat, we are enjoying a gentle day of rain today, and the garden is drinking in the moisture.

So, here are some images from the Christmas party. It was a warm sumemr day, but not too hot. Thanks to all the support that we have received this year from our readers and Starchild supporters who came to our global events, we were able to create a lovely party for the children this year. We hired a Jumping Castle, which the kids just loved, we had face painting, ice cream and fruit salad, and presents from Santa.: 


Here "Mother" Christmas, Suzetta, hands out presents to the children. The "gift" of Giving and Receiving. Thank you to all who made this possible for us!


Here the children enjoy the Jumping Castle in the African summer sunshine. A diferent kind of Christmas...the sounds of children playing in the garden rather than "jingle bells", although we played that too! And, as you can see here, some water thrown on the landing platform ensures a smooth slide to the bottom!

And also, Zetta also took some time out in her role as "Mother Christmas" to paint some eager faces!


So, from all of us in is wishing you a Wonderful Holiday season filled with the "Great Peace" and with Love and Joy and Fun!

Now, I would also like to say thank you to all the people who wrote in about the Montsegur reports and the Twin Flame material. Thank you. I would like to share with you two images that were sent in that delighted me. They were about the Twin Flame Grid and the story of the Golden Eight pointed star as the symbol of the Twin Flame and the Sacred Rose. In fact...the Christmas star...for I believe that it was this star that guided the "wise men" to the knowledge of the "Christ" or the New Energy that was being seeded to the Earth.

Both of these images were created by people who had connected with the energy in the Starchild events that we had given in 2008, and so it seems like the New Grid energies are expressing themselves through what was being created by these people. The first is by Maria Miyashiro in Brazil, and it is called "Sacred Chalice, Authenticity and Self-Esteem". Maria is an EFT practitioner and a student of Silvana, who attended the event at Foz in Brazil in April 2008; 


What I like here is that you can see the "petals" of the "Sacred Rose", and emerging from that the ancient Egyptian symbol of the "Ankh". The Ankh was the symbol that was called "Life" by the Egyptians, and this suggests the connection between this Grid and the power of life...force...vitality ....well being! It was always carried by the Goddess Isis, the Great Mother, and was gifted to the King as "Sacred Breath" or Life Force, perhaps suggesting a Twin Flame relationship between the Great Goddess and the "Immortal" Pharoah.

This one was created by AnneClaire Loogman, who attended the Berlin event with her Twin Flame partner, Sjirk. It is called "Infinite Sacred Heart Symbol". At the center you can see the "Magdalene Cross" expressing the "Harmony of One", and then the eight points of the star that express the "Harmony of Two as One" or the Twin Flame Union:

sacred heart

Here is the information that AnneClaire included about this symbol:

Infinite Sacred Heart

This Holographic Light-Template establishes
a deeper connection with our

Infinite Self, All of who we Are, through our
Infinite Sacred Heart
Awakening us to the Fruit of the Rose, our
Divine Passion

Leading us to express ourselves
in a more authentic way, our voice in Spirit

Supporting us to co-create a life of
joyful harmony in a world of duality

You can read more about us and the evolvement of the symbol(s) here:


Thnak you so much, Maria in Brazil and AnneClaire in Germany!


Jae 23rd December 2008 10:11 am

I too felt the wonderful energies of peace as the New Earth arrived yesterday....Our weather here in Richmond , United Kingdom was bright,sunny and very warm for winter a day following the shortest day of the year...I wanted to share these images that I took ....that I was graced to witness these beings of light and the surreal light of our new paradigm. Heartfull and wishing you a bright Christmas and New Year.....Love n Light Jae :smitten:

Peacekat 24th December 2008 12:43 pm

It is such a blessing to sit here in my sweet little home space
and share soulfull, heartfelt, compassion-fed messages with my
sisters and brothers, my family of Light all around the world...
there used to be so many moments when i thought my heart could
no longer endure the world that seemed to ignore Love...but now
those days are behind us...we have chosen change, we have seen
the Light and decided to follow it, we have accepted that we are
the creators of the re-emerging Garden of Eden........
Peace and Namaste


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