The Cosmic ReConnection and Letting Go

This is a time of the most incredible shifts and changes, and things are moving at such an accelerated pace that it seems hard to keep up at the moment! Ever since the arrival of the Diamond Light and the Reconnection of our Cosmic consciousness with the Cosmic Heart, the energy of change has been swift and relentless.

The essence of where we are now seems to be letting go. We seem to be in a "dimensional soup", where the different dimensions are in flux and change. It feels to me that since the Ascension portals were opened in April, the influx of powerful high frequency energy has just caused such turbulence on the lower levels, that the dimensions seem to be merging and separating and causing discomfort and chaos. It feels like Spaceship Earth is passing through some major turbulence and that we all need to return to our seats and put on our seatbelts while the pilot sorts it out. But of course, we are the "pilots" of our own journey, so while we put on the seatbelts we also have to enure that we navigate the dimensional turbulence.

The stress caused by the turbulence and the arrival of the high frequency Diamond Light is manifesting as physical symptoms and emotional and mental chaos in people's lives. I have found that the high frequency light is tough on the nervous system, and that I feel stressed and anxious. This also causes the mental and emotional systems to go into overdrive, and so everything seems accelerated and speeded up.

The answer to that one, is of course to slow everything down. The higher the frequency, the slower the energy moves on the physical plane. So, taking time to be quiet and peaceful, and to meditate and to find your center is a good way to deal with the chaos and the acceleration of energy on the physical plane.

Physical symptoms in the body such as joint pains, body pains, nausea and dizziness, as well as anxiety and panic attacks, are caused when the Light Body is activated and is over-energized in relation to the physical being. A good way to deal with these effects is to drink lots of water and get lots of exercise, so that the physical being is hydrated and active and the energy is moving on the physicla level as well. Although you may feel very tired, it is often an idea to get moderate physical exercise so that the energy is moving on the physical levels as well as the subtle levels.

I have also been guided to see that in this huge dimensional shift we are being led to release and let go of absolutely all attachments and dependencies that do not serve our growth and our ascension into light. This includes also all expectations of what we think we need or deserve at this time. Several of the clients I have spoken with recently have been distressed at the apparent "failure" of projects and relationships that they have worked on for some time with the support of their inner guidance. But, at this time, everything has to be released so that we can move into this New Earth space.

Archangel Michael has said to me that we even need to let go of our expectations of how the New Earth will be, and allow that to manifest according to the Higher Plan, and not according to what we want or desire. I guess that is a tough one, as we have all invested so much in what we want for ourselves and the New Earth. But, in order for the New Earth to be entirely new, we have to allow it to be born as it needs to be, and not as we think it should be. We have to be open and trusting, and accept that what is for the Highest Good is being birthed right now, even if we cannot see what it is very clearly at this time.

According to Michael, if you release and let go of all needs and expectations, you are releasing everything that might hold you back from "rising" into the higher dimensional space of the New Earth. You are being guided to your place in the New Earth, and you cannot take along your old perceptions of yourself and what you need. You are being asked to trust that what you need is given and will be provided in this New Earth that is being birthed at this time.

So, we are entering Cosmic Consciousness. What does it feel like? The Diamond Light is Pure and Radiant and filled with Profound Love and Connection. When you open your Heart so that your inner Diamond Heart core can be filled with the Love from the Cosmic Diamond Heart, then you experience the most profound sense of Connection and Oneness and Harmony. And then, you allow every connection in your life to move into alignment with that Cosmic Beauty and Harmony and Oneness. Of course, some connections may not be ready for that level of purity and connection, and so you will need to let go, in order that the connections may be reformed at a higher level of Love and Radiance. So, if you feel that you are losing people and connections from your life, allow yourself to know that you are releasing what is not needed, and making space for new connections at a higher frequency of Light.

So, for now, letting go and just going...seems to be the way to move with the flow of the energies. Accepting, trusting, and not trying to control or change anything, but knowing that all is in divine order at all here we go.....


Alexia 28th May 2009 4:10 pm

Dear Celia,

thank you for your encouraging message. Things were going "right" until today when my boss announced me that I have 3 months to improve my communications skills :-[ s and it's up to me to make it. My work is very technical btw but he couldn't say anything about it. I'm working in a big corporation and I knew there were lots of things going on. I've tried to stay away from it but it looks as I'm cought already. My boss is hunting me for several months because he knows that I know about what is going on and he was playing the blackmail game with me today. Please tell me what should I do? If I will speak up he and other people will lose their jobs. If I accept to shut up I would probably keep my job. Should I go or should I stay?

Thank you.


majicamelman 28th May 2009 7:39 pm

I AM the mountain that watches the river flow, I AM the river that watches the mountain, I see you looking at me looking at you

Ron Laswell 29th May 2009 10:25 pm

This note is to Alexia: I, too, work in a large corporation, and I have been labeled as a "troublemaker" because I speak from my heart. What I have found to work is: stop thinking so much and trust your heart. Always come from a place of love and higher spiritual awareness. To connect with my higher self, I spend my lunch time by myself. I usually just sit in my car WITH NO SOUNDS - just listening to the wind, the birds, and the silence. Much of the time I'm drifting in and out of sleep. With a relaxed mind, I can respond very spontaneously, and with creative imagination. Have a better day tomorrow. Ron

Alexia 30th May 2009 2:19 pm

Ron, thank you for your nice thoughts. It's time to have lunch by myself. I miss that. Though I spend the evenings with myself and I need a day per week to stay away from the crowded town .

Speaking from your heart in a large corporation is a sign of "weakness" and it isn't considered emotional intelligence :coolsmiley I guess I've attracted somehow these things into my life. What I know for sure is that there is a lesson I need to learn and I would like to be sure that I get the right message. I guess I need to trust myself more and to accept that all the time I've been considered a trouble maker it was because the people felt the lack of trust in myself. Regarding "the reConnection and letting go" mesagge I wonder if this moment in time is actually the moment when I face my own fears. As as you said - it's time to let it go. It's time to reconnect with myself, to step back from the mind and trust my heart. Thank you for your help and have a great weekend. A

Deborah 4th June 2009 9:19 pm

Just wanted to say thanks...i love what you are sharing and feel it on all levels also. Great to hear it from you as well as inside my heart. A validating feeling!


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