The Earth Awakens to the Light - The Increasing Light Velocity, the Turbulence and the Intensity of our Passions

We are certainly going through an intense and uncertain time right now. I feel it within myself, and I get so many letters from you out there to say that you are feeling it too. The Light is just increasing and increasing, and the power of the Full Moon in Sagittarius as it approaches, together with the effects of Comet Holmes as it explodes in the heavens, is creating a powerful energetic mix.

I have been feeling an increase of “symptoms” recently, my body has not felt this way since I started the “ascension” journey in 2001. As I was lying in bed last night, I could feel my Light Body vibrating like a jet engine just before take-off. It is not that pleasant, I feel over-energized and exhausted at the same time. I know a close friend having trouble with sleeping right now.

The Earth herself is feeling the Light streams as turbulence. I had a letter from Claudia Garcia, who is the Starchild Team member from Chile, to express the feelings of shock that the people of Chile are feeling as they deal with aftermath of the earthquake in that country. In addition, the Cyclone that hit India and Bangladesh has caused much devastation in that area, and we cannot help but feel the pain and turmoil of those people who have lost their loved ones and their homes at this time. If you feel moved to do so, please send Love and Support to these people on the Grid of Heart Light, and know that they will receive any love that you can send as a way of supporting them at this time.

This time of rebirth and change is indeed a difficult time.

What I am feeling most is the intensity of that change. We are truly in a different place, we are different people, we are entering a New Earth. I find that my body is more sensitive and that this intense Light is just illuminating so much that it is not comfortable.

People are seeing, for the first time, beyond the illusions. They are seeing what is “real” and what is not. I had a mail from a friend in Holland whose life has “crashed” this year, and he has lost almost everything and is having to deal with deep emotional problems that have surfaced at the same time. He is able to see that his life is changing as it must and that he is having to let go of all his illusions so that he can be in this new “empty space” of “new creation”. In these situations, we can either collapse under the weight of the change, or we can just trust and know that out life is being “rebooted”.

Yes, even Starchild is being “rebooted”. Our new server was down for most of yesterday, and we were offline. Many people are having problems with crashed computers, this being a reflection of their need to “shut down” and allow themselves time to realign and re-orientate themselves to this new place.

As the Light increases, it has become a place where only total honesty and integrity with yourself will work for you. I am finding that what “worked” for me six months ago, no longer works now. I have changed, what I see and perceive has changed. I find now the intense need to be able to connect with what I am feeling and express what I am feeling. My life pattern in the past has been to suppress what I am feeling so that I do not hurt others. So I sit on what I feel so that I can keep the peace, and yes it is an old pattern. Now, I find that I just have to express what I am feeling no matter what the consequences will be. There has to be an alignment between my heart and my mind. I have to express what I feel and what I think, I can no longer just push my feelings away so that I express what I think others want to hear.

No, it is not easy, but I am finding that the “cost” to myself to do otherwise is just too much, and ultimately the “cost” to others is the same. For in this new place of Light and Intense Love, we have to Love ourselves enough to express our Truth and be in that Truth. We also need to be able to love others enough to really hear what they have to say from the Heart and to listen with compassion. The new skill we are all learning is how to express what is the truth of our Heart without falling into old emotional patterns of expressing feelings as victimhood and destructive anger and manipulation, and also not falling into patterns of cliché, but really allowing yourself to feel what is happening inside yourself and to be supportive of your own feelings and processes.

I have found that when I do this, people often respond in ways that indicate their own coping mechanism and their own inability to feel and to be in their feelings. When I express what I am feeling I have had people tell me that I am reacting from “fear” and that I am “‘not listening to my heart “. How would they know, it is my truth not theirs. It is my heart and not theirs. When someone has the courage to speak what they feel, then the Heart will be willing to listen and to accept that person’s feelings and the expression of those feelings. It may not be your truth, but the Heart will lead you to say so, and not to pass judgment on what that person is feeling.

Patricia Weber of Canada sent me a mail a few days ago saying that we, as Lightworkers, needed to perhaps rethink some of the ideas and concepts that we have been working with recently. I think that as we move into this new place, we are really going to have to think about how we can support ourselves and others, and how we can support a person and love them, even if we do not accept their view of life. Again, I had a mail from a reader in Spain to express how hard it was to live with her family because her way of seeing life was so different from theirs. Yes, indeed, but that doesn’t make it right or wrong. I guess it is only deep and unconditional love that will make it acceptable for us to be with others and to understand that what they feel is their truth and is valid for them. It need not be so for us, and we can be accepting of that and of them.

As Lightworkers, I think we need to see the Light and not the Darkness right now. Another friend wrote to me yesterday about the how we were were having to accept all that was "dark" in ourselves and not to fear it or reject it. Yes, I would just express it differently, I would say that we are having to accept what we feel and to be ok with what we feel, no matter what it is. If we are angry, there is a reason for it, it is better to accept that and to find out why, and to make the changes that we need, rather than to just “accept” that we are not being loving and that we are in “fear” and go on with life. Anger is a signal that all is not well, so don’t repress it, be with it, and find out what it is telling you. If it seeks changes in your life, then make those changes. It takes courage, it takes strength, it asks you to be in your Personal Power. It asks you to keep re-creating yourself as you learn more about yourself and who you are and what you want in life.

The intense Light is bringing intense change. One of the greatest changes is the ability to be Passionate and to connect with the Passions of the Heart. We are clearing out old coping mechanisms that say if you feel passions, then you are “bad”. So many people say to me that they cannot find their passions in life, and this is one of the main reasons why. We repress our feelings and we don’t allow ourselves to feel the depth and intensity of what happens within us. We probably learnt this when went to school and had to suppress our natural energies to sit behind a desk all day and think. After a while we shifted totally into our minds, and we learnt to think rather than feel. And so, we judge each feeling…,that is good, that is bad……,and our mind sets up a control system over the Heart and its feelings, not allowing any expressions of powerful intensity because that is ‘bad”. And so, in times when the light intensifies and we feel in an intense way, we feel “bad” literally within our bodies, because we cannot cope with the intense waves of passion and feeling that are passing through as.

We were designed by a Loving Creator to be able to hold these energies. These waves are nothing more than an expression of Divine Unconditional Love. Our recent activations of our Light Bodies, the Solar Light Body and the Galactic Light Body, mean that we are wired to carry these Cosmic waves that express Love and Joy. But, right now, we are having to re-boot our inner computers to allow us to feel and express these powerful waves in our bodies as well. The so-called “Ascension symptoms” that we feel in our bodies occur when the physical body tries to align with the Light Bodies, and feels blocked and unable to carry the energy. Right now we are “blowing out” all the blocks so that we can carry our full quotient of Light in our bodies. And these blocks are ways of being and perceiving that block the flow of passion from the Heart and Soul that seek to be expressed as Love in the World.

The stress comes in because we have become so mental and emotional, and so out of touch with our deeper feelings, that we tend to pass judgment on our passions as they arise and to respond from our mind and emotions, instead of honoring the feelings that come to us and listening to what is being said. But, it is becoming more difficult to do that as we enter into our heart- based new state as human angels. We are increasingly being confronted with “truth” in all its passionate intensity, and because we are all connected on the Grid of the Heart, we have the wisdom to recognize that “truth” is an individual expression of each person’s individual reality and that we can accept it when we do not find common ground with another and just move on. Forgive. Let Go. Create something that is more aligned with you and what you feel as your truth at that time. And honor their truth as well. We all have a right to hold our own truth and to be in our own passions, and to allow that for others in unconditional love. The Great Shift into the Fifth Dimension and our sense of “Oneness” is to be able to be in the Heart as One with another, and still honor their right to express themselves in ways that are different to yours. Different, not better or worse, just different, maybe on a different frequency of energy. For indeed, choice is the essence of Personal Power, and we should always feel that we have choices and allow that others can make different choices for themselves.

So, as the Light intensifies, and as we see and feel the power of that Radiant Light, we are indeed being “reborn” into that Light. It is a moment of Great Joy.

So here is one of my favorite songs, It is about Passion and about how we need to be able to take risks and find the courage to live our passions in their beauty and intensity. And, in this New Earth, to also feel safe and supported as we do so. We are all in the seed stage, becoming “The Rose”. So, on this Sunday, if you feel so inclined….here is Bette Midler singing “The Rose” . Please Click Here for Video.



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