The Emergence of the Christed Male Energy

The Emergence of the Christed Male Energy .....or With Barack Obama in Moscow.....or Thoughts on Flying over Iran......Well, there is one thing I can say about my life, it is certainly never boring. You can see that in the indecision I felt about what to call this first Earth Log for July, so I just decided to join together all the titles that came to mind for what has been happening in the last 10 days or so in my life.

Back in April of this year, when I was in Brazil, Archangel Michael told me that thisd would be the year of the Emergence of the Christed Male energy on the Planet. Of course, with so much else going on, and the work we were doing with the Ascension vortexes and the Diamond Light Journey, I did not really have time to focus on what this might mean at the time. Then, after I worked in Moscow and then after the July channel, I began to think again about the emergence of the new male energy.

In the work I did with the Moscow Family of Light, I was impressed that there were more men in the groups then there normally is in a Lightworker gathering, and that these men were very open to spiritual work. I found this unexpected in a country that had so recently parted from a political belief system that included the suppression of spirituality and the glorification of the material. But, in fact, Family of Light in Moscow is very strong and the spiritual energies in the city are highly developed. It was a surprise for me. But I did find that the male Lightworkers were struggling with issues of Passion and finding the Passion and Focus in their hearts to be able to truly open their hearts and express Love and Compassion. But they were there to do the work, and Archangel Michael did several meditations to assist in this process with those who were open.

In the Moscow Retreat, we worked to activate the Moscow City of Light and to activate the Moscow Ascension Vortex by sharing in the Diamond Light Journey as a Group. It was a powerful experience, working together and working with the Elementals and the Angelic energies in Moscow in this process. After the work I visited the Kremlin and Red Square. A few days later, Barack Obama arrived in Moscow with his message of Global Peace and Reconciliation, and he visited the Kremlin and Red Square., I guess as a Family of Light we had helped to prepare the energies in Moscow for this momentous meeting. Of course, Steve and Barbara Rother were also working in Moscow that week, so it was pretty busy in Spiritual terms. I did meet with Steve and Barbara in their hotel, and we spent a pleasant time together, but I tend to think there was a larger spiritual purpose in our meeting in that city at a time when Obama was also on a visit.

Archangel Michael had told me that Moscow was the gateway to the east, and that powerful Spiritual energies were flowing through Moscow from the West and into the East and Middle East, and that these would bring Peace to the Middle East in a very short time.

So, after I read the channel for July, I began to think about the emergence of the Christed Male energy and how that related to the Middle East and the Peace process. It seems to me that the "story" that we live with now in political terms has its roots in the Middle East. The Christian Nations and the Muslim nations, seeking a way to live together and create peace. I thought about Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, and the true work that they came to do, to create the template for the Twin Flame energy, that perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies held within the Heart. And I thought about how the work was interrupted at the death of Yeshua and how Mary Magdalene went to France to continue her work as the Feminine Christ energy. I though about how her work was destroyed after the fall of the Cathars, and how in recent years the energy of the Christed Divine Feminine has returned and been reconnected in the Hearts of many of us.

And now, it is time for a similar reconnection within in our hearts to the Christed Male energy of Active Compassion and Peace.

And so it was, that on the night of the Full Moon on the 7th of July, when the New Codes for the Divine Masculine were being activated in our Hearts and in our DNA, I was in a plane flying over Iran. The route from Moscow to Dubai that I flew on my way home, passes directly over Iran, and we flew just east of Tehran. As we made that journey, I went into a conscious state of meditation and transmitted the energy of the Heart and the New Codes to the people and the land below me. I could feel the energy of the people, and I knew that they wanted Peace in their hearts as well. And I knew, with complete certainty, that the Christed Male energy would return to the Middle East, and to Iran specifically, and that in this way "Christ" would come again. I knew too, that as the Christed Male energy emerges in this region, that the Divine Feminine Christ energy would also be a part of the Transformation.

We are indeed living in powerful times of change. On an individual level we are opening our hearts and allowing these deep shifts of love that are empowering great change in our outer reality or World. We are becoming bearers of the Codes of the Sacred Heart, bringing Love, Balance and Compassion to the Planet. Now is certainly the time to be strong and clear and to hold our Light and Let it Shine as never before. The Dawn is Breaking and the Light is getting stronger at every moment!


majicamelman 10th July 2009 5:45 am

it is a good time to be alive, a good time to be present, it helps to remember to breathe through it , as "it" reveals itself the breath shared , inspiration, outspiration
somewhere in the middle, in that stillness

Guzar 10th July 2009 8:18 pm

Your messages seem to be more about dropping names of people you meet in a travel log. What Michael are you talking with? The Soviet Union/Russia/Asia has been far ahead in receptivity to spiritual energy than most parts of the world, they just have been quietly going about their lives living in the present.

As to the male emergence of the Christed Male Energy, that emerged 2000 + years ago. Did you miss that some place? President Obama is clearing a path for all energy to move multi-directional, but he is still operating with the humaness of the "free will" gift with him. So each move he makes/takes is not necessarily one of "a light worker".

It seems we have to be part of the in crowd to be labeled Lightworkers; however you can be doing spiritual work and still not be labeled a light worker. This label is so over used like Autism and ADHD. Either everyone is a lightworker or they are not. Was there a "Knighting Ceremony" with a "Light Saber" to "bestow" the title of light worker?

Skip the travel logs, PLEASE!

majicamelman 11th July 2009 2:27 am

guzar: a suggestion , if you don't like reading celias posts perhaps it might work better for you to avoid reading them again

Guzar 11th July 2009 8:48 pm

My guidance from Metatron is to call out these souls on this site that are misleading and misinforming. I speak for the truth to be known, for all that is sought can be found within and the stirrings of fear and spreading of ignorance keeps souls who read this from being on their own path instead of following something that is misleading them. So I will continue to speak the truth as it is given to me to speak.

Blessing to you on your path!

Rhiannon 12th July 2009 6:42 am

Everything is sacred or everything is not sacred.

Rhiannon 12th July 2009 6:44 am

Everything is sacred or everything is not sacred.

Seems I get to post in duplicate, or is that duplicity?


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