The energies for April 2007

Dearest Lightworkers, this is a powerful and miraculous time, and we know that you are feeling the intensity of the new energies that are reaching your planet.  These fiery and creative energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine are burning away all that is illusion and “not love”, and revealing to you the love that lies at the core of all things.

Those of you who have taken the opportunity to raise your consciousness in the process of ascension and to move into higher dimensions of thought and action, will certainly feel the energetic challenges that will be presented in this month.  The energy will forge new patterns of feeling and being, and you will find that your lives changing rapidly and subtly, as you begin to manifest the love that will bring forth your heart’s desire.

For know, dearest Lightworkers, that it is only Love that will create and manifest the desires of your heart. It is only love that will create the New Earth that you desire.

So, let us speak a little about the energetic shifts and changes that you are experiencing right now.  As we have mentioned in our earlier channels for this year, you are embracing within yourselves the powerful energy of the Twin Flame consciousness, as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within you integrate and become One.

These energies are passionate and turbulent and move very quickly.  You will find that many challenges and changes will arise in your lives, and that you will not be able to solve these with your mind.  Only your heart and your feelings will lead you forward.  If you try to think and reason, you will fall out of the flow of Divine Creative Intelligence, and nothing will seem to work out.  But, if you allow yourself to just b e open and receptive and to move with the flow, without analyzing, just trusting where you are being led, you will find that miracles will open out before you.  For, you will find that the key is to trust that your Higher Aspect, your soul and your heart know better what is in your highest good, and that these decisions can be made in the speed of holographic time and do not require the slow linear workings of the ego mind in order to succeed.  You are learning to operate as multi-dimensional and holographic beings, living in the split-second moment of the NOW and making choices with the Heart in that NOW moment.

The Challenges of April

In April,  Venus will move into Gemini, opposite the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.  Gemini is the house that carries the energy of the Twins, or the Twin Flames, and Sagittarius represents higher consciousness or spirituality.  It is an optimum time for the Divine Feminine energy to move to the higher levels of consciousness and unite with the energy of the Divine Masculine.

Indeed, the month of April will be a seed time for the energy of the Twin Flames, and the energy of this transit will support the awakening and opening of many people to the potential and passion of these unions.

The Full Moon on the 2nd of April will be in Libra, with the Sun in Aries.  The energy of Mars, which rules Aries, and the energy of the Feminine or Venus, which rules Libra, will come into conjunction in a powerful way in the heavens at this time.

This powerful transit will peak between the the 7th  and the 9th  of April, when the Moon will move into Sagittarius and will transit Jupiter and the  Galactic Center.  At this point, the Galactic Center or Great Mother will unite and integrate with the Divine Masculine in the Cosmic Dance of Light.  And, as above, so below.  The period from the Full Moon to the 9th of April will be an optimum moment for the personal balancing of the Inner Twin Flame energies, as well as for activating and integrating an external Twin Flame union, if you are ready at this time.

What will add to the challenges of this time is that in this transit, Mars, the planet of male energies will be in Pisces, together with Uranus, and they will be in square to Sagittarius.  This means that the energy will be highly electrical, unpredictable and surprising.  It is indeed a time when love and passion will strike unexpectedly and with surprising  energy.  For those of you who are still in the process of inner Twin Flame balancing, you may find the energy very intense and electrical, to the point of being uncomfortable.  The intensity may cause anxiety and stress as the inner and outer integrations are accelerated under the influence of these transits.

The Gift of April: Love made Manifest

In this month of April you will find that you will begin to redefine what Love means in your lives.  You will learn to open yourselves to the language of the Heart, which is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION and GRATITUDE.  These are the energies that express love on the Higher Dimensions.

You will finally understand and release all dramas of emotional dependence and pain, for you will understand that these are not love and never were.  They were games or illusions that you played out as you experimented with the nature of Love on the material and physical levels.  But, now as you return to Oneness and Wholeness, you will once again return to an understanding of the true nature of Love and Passion and how they are expressed at their highest level through the archetypal marriage of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, or God and Goddess.  When this is understood and re-enacted on the material level, then humans are able to experience and express the pure and sacred flame of the Divine Source energy within a relationship based on unconditional love.

So, dearest ones, the way to raise your consciousness to this level is to make a conscious choice to express these qualities.  Unconditional love is empowered and strong and all-embracing.  It forgives all and accepts all, while yet remaining empowered and centered.  It will not accept and play out dramas, but remains firm in its own center of peacefulness and beauty and self-worth.

Compassion feels all and honors all for what they are.  To experience compassion is to feel deeply the path of another within your own being and to be able to honor that path even if it is not your own.  For those that see with the eyes of compassion understand the true principle of Oneness, that whatever is experienced by another is also your experience, for all are One.  To be able to accept this, no matter how deep and painful the illusions of another may be, and to embrace them with love, is to honor the principle of Divine Compassion in all things.

Gratitude expresses the wisdom of the Heart, for the Heart knows that all things and all experiences are created for the Highest Good.  So, to be able to accept whatever comes in life with gratitude is to honor the wisdom of the Heart. For the Heart has no judgment, it is the mind that judges and creates anger and rejection and other states of illusion that have no reality in the higher dimensional world of Love and Acceptance.

Once these changes and choices have been internalized on the higher level, you are then ready to truly begin to manifest love on the material levels.  Now, you are ready to express the energy of the Divine Source as  thoughts emotions and feelings that are mediated through the heart first as pure feelings.  For, once you have experienced the higher energies of Unconditional love, Compassion and Gratitude,  then you are ready to translate these feelings into thoughts, emotions and actions.  Then you will know that whatever you need to express in the world will be the true expression of your soul and spirit aligned with Source and then expressed on the physical plane in the material world.

And here you will find a realm of playfulness and creativity and laughter, for Spirit loves to play and to create in innocence and joy.  You need only think of the purity of children to understand the flow of Spirit.  For, in truth, a soul has no age, and a child is merely expressing the innate joy and love and innocence of the soul before it learns patterns of behavior and addictions on Earth that take it away from the original joy and into heaviness and sadness and depressions.

So, dearest Lightworkers, as you feel the powerful surges of energy in this month, remember to center yourself in the Heart.  Remember to feel the great Heart of Unconditional Love that pulses at the center of the Cosmos, and know that that same Heart energy pulses in you.  Know that you are greatly loved and honored for your role and your work here on Earth, and allow yourself to feel that love supporting you in all that you do.

And then allow yourself to feel the playfulness and the joy and the creativity arising in your heart.  For you are indeed home, and you are ready to create heaven on earth.  It is time to begin, and we can say that the first step is playfulness and joy.  For, it is the innocence of the joyous and magical child that will lift your personal frequency into that natural expression of the deep love and joy of Spirit.

The Moons in April

The Full Moon falls on the 2nd of April.  As we have already mentioned the moon falls in Libra, with the Sun in Aries. 

A Libra moon is a powerful moment of balancing and harmony, especially within relationships and marriages.  It is a powerful time for sacred marriages, both within and in the external world.

The New Moon will be on the 17th of April and will be in Aries.  This is a time to seed and begin your manifestations for the new cycle.  Use the energy of the Aries Warrior to set your intention and focus on what you want and need to create in your life.  Use the energy of the magical child to play and create with joy and with fun.  It is the way of the new energy.

And so we leave you now, wishing you grace and joy and beauty on your path forward.



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